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Online: O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference

March 15, 2010

Tags: publishing, e-books

The O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference explores emerging trends in digital (ebook) publishing. You can watch and listen to many of the talks online. Here below are links for the TOC Conference) 2010. Also:
Round-up Day 1 (Mike Rankin) (more…)

Finding vintage music from a particular year or place

March 15, 2010

Tags: vintage music

The Web is wonderful for tracking down music from a certain place or period, and sometimes you can actually listen to bits of the music. Here are some good sites for finding vintage music:
Billboard’s #1 Song on Any Given Date in History (more…)

Shopping list for the aspiring writers and editors in your life

March 10, 2010

Tags: aspiring writers, recommended reading

By popular request (feel free to comment or suggest other titles), good gift books for creative people:
Books for Writers and Editors: http://bit.ly/bookswe
Books for Writers:http://bit.ly/booksw
Books for Fiction Writers or Editors: http://bit.ly/booksfiction
Books for book clubs (or good reading): http://bit.ly/clubbooks
Books of and about Narrative Nonfiction: http://bit.ly/NarrativeNonfiction

A Counter-Plagiarism Handbook

March 1, 2010

Tags: plagiarism

Check out Columbia Journalism Review's piece by Craig Silverman: The Counter-Plagiarism Handbook: Tips for writers and editors on how to avoid or detect journalistic plagiarism (Feb. 26, 2010). That's Craig Silverman of Regret the Error (Mistakes happen).
Some additional items of interest (more…)