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BEA: Why Small Publishing Will Save the World

May 29, 2010

Tags: e-books, book publishing

Literary agent Janet Reid reports from Book Expo about the coming artistic revolution, in BEA: Why Small Publishing Will Save the World. She doesn't know what will do the trick--maybe an enhanced e-book--but it won't come from traditional book publishing, which is not set up to invent (more…)

Book Publishing: After the blockbuster, the niche

May 28, 2010

Tags: book publishing

Book Publishing 3.0, a video of Richard Eoin Nash's provocative half-hour talk on the future of book publishing. Nash's start-up, Cursor, is "a portfolio of niche social publishing communities, one of which will be called (more…)

How to Choose an Online Bookstore Selling E-Books

May 28, 2010

Tags: e-books, book publishing

Geoffrey A. Fowler's piece, The Chapter and Verse on E-Bookstores, in the Wall Street Journal (5-7-10), will confirm any suspicions you may have had that competitors fighting to capture the e-book (and e-book reader/gadget) market are making it tough for (more…)

Your elevator speech

May 19, 2010

Tags: elevator speech, marketing

Marcia Yudkin suggests this template for your elevator speech: "I specialize in helping ___ (who?) who have ___ (what problem?) get ___ (what result?)" (from (Marcia's Mantras, a nanozine) This echoes a theme in Roar! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle: A Business Fable (more…)

Ten reasons why it's better to be a docent than a writer

May 17, 2010

Tags: freelance, docent

Kathryn Lance writes: After 35 years of freelance writing, in which I produced hundreds of articles and more than fifty books, I have hung up my keyboard in favor of work as a volunteer docent at a local nature park. Now that I am "KL, Tohono Chul Docent," rather than "Kathryn Lance, Writer," I find my new identity offers many advantages over the old one (more…)

PowerPoint backlash

May 1, 2010

Tags: PowerPoint

by Pat McNees
In the war on clarity, some feel the U.S. military is spending too much time on a program some believe "stifles discussion, critical thinking and thoughtful decision-making," creating the illusion of understanding and control, writes Elisabeth Bumiller in We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint(NY Times 4-26-10). Equally interesting is (more…)