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'Content Farms' affect Google's ranking as a search engine

January 30, 2011

Tags: content farms, Google, search engines, Demand Media

"Google's reputation for uncanny accuracy has been dulled by 'content farm' sites that game its search system to boost the visibility of pages many readers say they don't want," writes Rob Pegoraro, in How 'content farms' beat Google, and what search engines should do about it (more…)

Free online course in science journalism

January 21, 2011

Tags: online course, science journalism

First time ever: Free Online Course in Science Journalism, created by the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) in close cooperation with the Science and Development Network (SciDev.Net), for use by professional journalists, journalism students and teachers worldwide. The first eight lessons:
1) Planning and structuring your work (created by Jan Lublinkski) (more…)

Righthaven, the "copyright troll"

January 16, 2011

Tags: Righthaven, fair use, Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Righthaven, a Las Vegas firm, is making a business of suing nonprofits and individuals who reprint whole newspaper articles and images on their websites without clearing permission (Righthaven: saving the newspaper industry, one lawsuit at a time). The people Righthaven sues are often the sources for the very stories they're suing about, (more…)

KickStarter: A new way to fund & follow creativity

January 12, 2011

Tags: KickStarter, patronage, market research, fundraising

For the 9th Annual Year in Ideas, the NY Times Magazine includes Kickstarter, describing it as a form of market research for artists (see entry for Subscription Artists) (more…)

ScienceWriters: Be part of ScienceOnline

January 11, 2011

Tags: science, live-blogging, NASW

From NASW: You can participate free in the fifth annual Science Online meeting (#SciO11) this week, thanks to the National Association of Science Writers. Livestreamed topics include history of science as a writing tool, using fiction to explain science, communicating science with humor, and many others. Find the livestream and archive here beginning Saturday, Jan 15: http://scienceonline2011.com/watch /