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Guides to scanning, digitizing, and editing for video and multimedia

June 21, 2011

Tags: scanning, digitizing, editing, multimedia, Adobe Acrobat, Audacity, Final Cut Pro

Need to scan photos for a book, slide show, or multimedia presentation, and don't know a dpi from a pixel? Luckily you can find plenty of good tutorials online about everything from scanning old photos and recording telephone interviews to mastering various pieces of software and editing tools. Learn about Adobe Acrobat, Audacity, camcorders, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, digitizing analog recordings, time coding video, editing for the Web, and other mysteries (more…)

Mike Shatzkin on bookselling's past, present, and future

June 7, 2011

Tags: Shatzkin, bookselling, book publishing, e-books, bookstores, libraries

Mike Shatzkin's predictions about what's going on in book publishing and bookselling, and his histories of the trade (from mass market paperbacks through eBooks), are both compelling and unnerving. Technology, curation, and why the era of big bookstores is coming to an end (Shatzkin Files, 6-7-11) (more…)

The frontier world of self-published e-books

June 6, 2011

Tags: ebooks

"In the winter of 2010, the cheerfully effervescent romance novelist Nyree Belleville suffered the same fate as many a scribe — she was dropped by her publisher," writes Neely Tucker in Novel rejected? There’s an e-book gold rush! (Washington Post, 5-6-11). The most any of her 12 spicy romances, penned under the name Bella Andre, had earned was $21,000." (more…)