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E-book fire sales: the death knell for publishers?

September 29, 2011

Tags: ebooks, Amazon, publishing economics

When Amazon.com and ebook discounts get rock-bottom low, so do returns to publishers, and even more so to authors, writes Michael Jecks in his persuasive blog post, This really is the death knell for publishers (writerlytwitterings, 9-28-11).

In a market rigged against independent bookstores (more…)

Social networking for book readers

September 4, 2011

Tags: social networking, LibraryThing

Media space for book reviews is shrinking but online communities for swapping books and sharing opinions about them are flourishing. Here are more than a dozen such sites;
BookMooch (Give books away. Get books you want.)
LibraryThing (enter what you're reading, or your whole library--and connect with people who read what you read)
GoodReads (more…)