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Unpaid internships under fire

September 25, 2012

Tags: unpaid internships, interns, magazines, media, Department of Labor

Young things aspiring to work as interns on fashion magazines or elsewhere in media might want to read Jessica Testa's story about ex-Harper's Bazaar intern Jessica Wang, (The Woman Who Could Bring Down Fashion Internships) (Buzzfeed, Sept 2012). Wang is suing Harper's Bazaar. Bottom line; interns on fashion magazines schlep expensive goods around town for little or no money, sometimes benefiting from perks such as closeness to famous names in the industry, but not (more…)

Publishers' core functions in an eBook world

September 24, 2012

Tags: book publishing, ebooks, licensing, rights

Mike Shatzkin writes this week of changing models in book publishing, in which publishers will "offload everything except the functions that are absolutely core to publishing: editorial selection and development, rights management, and marketing." Authors, pay attention! He is writing about publishers, but (more…)