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Revolution in academia: Copyright and open access

November 29, 2015

Tags: open access, academic journals, copyright, Elsevier, work for hire

(updated 1-29-17, 3-5-16, 3-19-16)
In academia a wide-ranging discussion about open access is weakening academic journals' monopoly on profiting from publishing research findings. Different interest groups view this differently, of course. Meanwhile, as the publishing landscape changes, are academic authors, who have long abandoned claims to copyright on many of their scholarly articles (in the "public or perish" world of university faculty-making), less docile about publishing rights, with tenured faculty positions scarcer and scarcer? This round-up of relevant pieces starts with

Elsevier Mutiny: Cracks Are Widening in the Fortress of Academic Publishing (Mathew Ingram, Forbes, 11-2-15) "All six editors and the entire editorial board of the well-respected linguistics journal Lingua have resigned to protest the company’s failure to embrace open access. (more…)

The Authors Guild Fair Contract Initiative

November 16, 2015

Tags: Authors Guild. writers' rights, book contracts

Updated 1-18-19. Book Authors: Study the contract alerts the Authors Guild has spelled out in its Fair Contract Initiative. The main contract issues are spelled out briefly below, with links to the full Authors Guild argument on each issue. Here are the main issues, once over lightly:
End the Discount Double-Cross,
Half of Net Proceeds Is the Fair Royalty Rate for E-Books,
A Manuscript’s Acceptability Should Not Be a Matter of Whim,
Publishers’ Payment and Accounting Practices Need to Keep Up with the Times,
Delete the Non-Compete,
Authors, Keep Your Copyrights--You Earned Them,
Option Clauses Shouldn't Hold Authors Hostage,
Advances Should Remain Advances,
A Publishing Contract Should Not Be Forever,
Eight Principles of Fair Contracts,
Claiming the Royalties You Deserve,
Stop Forcing Authors to Take Unlimited Financial Risks: Warranty and Indemnification Clauses,
Controlled Digital Lending Is Neither Controlled nor Legal. (Authors Guild, 6-17-15)

The Authors Guild Fair Contract Initiative: A Preview (more…)