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Preserving original documents

January 27, 2016

Tags: preservation, archives, acid-free, archival boxes, pH pen

by Taylor Whitney

Photographs (and paper documents) suffer from inherent chemical deterioration, generally exhibited by fading (called "chemical fade"). Fluctuations in temperature and humidity accelerate that deterioration process; that's why storage is such an important conversation to have.

Most "cultural collections" (business archives, household, social clubs and institutions such as nonprofit organizations) are stored in acidic (more…)

Evernote (Productivity Tools for Writers and Editors)

March 2, 2013

Tags: productivity tools, timesavers, footnotes, endnotes, archives, organizing notes

"Once you get it, they say, you live and die by Evernote, the five-year-old, everything-in-one-place personal organization application that is hyped by its creators as your 'external brain.'" So writes Rob Walker on Bloomberg BusinessWeek (As Evernote's Cult Grows, the Business Market Beckons , 2-28-13). (more…)

Scanning photos: what resolution is best?

October 20, 2010

Tags: scanning photographs, archives, archivists

Updated 10-11-18. Helping people with their memoirs or personal histories and organizations with their histories, I am often asked at what resolution to scan photographs to get digital files good enough to print in a book. The photos on Facebook are not high enough in resolution for a quality print or for a book. Photo archivist Brina Bolanz (Restored Stories) ("Preserving family photos one memory at a time") offered a concise answer and gave me permission to share it, below. (more…)