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Kinds of editors and levels of edit--what every writer and editor should know (updated)

March 17, 2017

Tags: editors, editing, levels of edit, line editing, copyediting, beta reader

If you want to hire (or be) an editor, it is important to know the difference between what different kinds of editors do. There are developmental or substantive editors, assignment editors, story editors, production editors, photo editors, line editors, copyeditors, and proofreaders, among other specialties? Read up on the different functions in these stories (more…)

Editing: a craft or a business?

September 18, 2013

Tags: editing, fees, rates, editing costs

The "Medievalist says editing is a business, but really means it is a craft and she is an artisan, not a business person," writes Rich Adin in his essay Medievalist or Futurist? (An American Editor, 9-18-13). We are experiencing a shift away from the (good old) "medievalist" days when editing, viewed more as a craft than a business, (more…)

Online Tutorials on Proofing and Copy Editing

March 2, 2013

Tags: editing, copy editing, copyediting, mark-ups, Adobe Acrobat Reader, trimming flab

You can learn a lot about editing online, sometimes for free. Here are good examples of what's out there:
How to use Adobe Acrobat Reader XI to mark up a PDF (more…)

Guides to scanning, digitizing, and editing for video and multimedia

June 21, 2011

Tags: scanning, digitizing, editing, multimedia, Adobe Acrobat, Audacity, Final Cut Pro

Need to scan photos for a book, slide show, or multimedia presentation, and don't know a dpi from a pixel? Luckily you can find plenty of good tutorials online about everything from scanning old photos and recording telephone interviews to mastering various pieces of software and editing tools. Learn about Adobe Acrobat, Audacity, camcorders, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, digitizing analog recordings, time coding video, editing for the Web, and other mysteries (more…)

Even Jane Austen needed an editor

October 25, 2010

Tags: editing, editors, Jane Austen

"She is the great English novelist renowned for her polished prose, of whom it was once remarked: 'Everything came finished from her pen,' writes Anita Singh, arts correspondent for the Telegraph, in Jane Austen's famous prose may not be hers after all. (more…)

Hall of Shame for Books

February 14, 2010

Tags: editing, production

Irked or appalled by a badly edited or sloppily produced book? Submit details about the book's shameful qualities to the Hall of Shame, sponsored by the blog An American Editor. Check out the first nominees. (more…)

Books for Editors and Proofreaders

May 31, 2009

Tags: editing, proofreading

By popular demand, here's my list of books for those of you who are good at spotting typos and spelling errors and wonder if there's a career for you in freelance editing or proofing. Check out your skills first, and then develop them more fully. You can do a lot with these books, after (more…)

Check out Roy Blount's Alphabet Juice (and other first chapters of books)

May 4, 2009

Tags: editing, grammar and style

"I do hope you realize that every time you use disinterested to mean uninterested, an angel dies," writes Roy Blount Jr., "and every time you write very unique, or 'We will hire whomever is more qualified,' thousands of literate people lose yet another little smidgen of hope. (more…)

Jonathan Karp puts authors center front in 12 Steps to Better Book Publishing

April 21, 2009

Tags: book publishing, authors, marketing, editing, publishing process

"We all like to believe we are essential to a book's success, but the truth is, we are a marginal factor. The author, and the book, matter most, followed by the media, booksellers and readers. We're facilitators. The most important decisions we make are at the acquisition and positioning stages. That's where sales and (more…)