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Editing: a craft or a business?

September 18, 2013

Tags: editing, fees, rates, editing costs

The "Medievalist says editing is a business, but really means it is a craft and she is an artisan, not a business person," writes Rich Adin in his essay Medievalist or Futurist? (An American Editor, 9-18-13). We are experiencing a shift away from the (good old) "medievalist" days when editing, viewed more as a craft than a business, (more…)

How to set your prices as a freelancer or consultant

April 1, 2012

Tags: fees, rates, pricing, freelance rates, per diem

(Updated 11-13-14) How much does an editor earn? What can a writer make? What is the range on proofreading fees? Should I charge by the project, by the hour or day, or by the word or page?
"How much should I charge? ask writers and editors." The answer: That depends (among other things) on
how good, how fast, and how reliable you are ("Cost. Quality. Speed. Pick any two.")
how rare or specialized your set of skills (how valued the hairdresser who knows just how to do your hair)
how deep or specialized your knowledge of the subject (and audience)
what the market will bear, which varies regionally and by industry (book publishing is dirt cheap)
how much the client can afford
how easy (more…)