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Bill Wurtz's fabulous speedy history of Japan

February 12, 2016

Tags: history, Japan, multimedia

The entire history of Japan (40,000 years) told quickly, visually, fabulously, and in a way you want to see again. Bill Wurtz, you are a genius.

History in and for a digital age

January 6, 2012

Tags: history, digital

History may be changing now as profoundly as it changed when Gutenberg introduced print, writes William Cronon, president of the American Historical Association. In a thought-provoking essay, The Public Practice of History in and for a Digital Age, Cronon writes that for "those of us in the humanities, the essence of a university consisted of (more…)

A Historian's Code by Richard W. Stewart

October 13, 2010

Tags: history, nonfiction, references

I reprint here with Richard Stewart's permission his delightful and helpful "Historian's Code."

1. I will footnote (or endnote) all my sources (none of this MLA or social science parenthetical business).

2. If I do not reference my sources accurately, I will surely perish in the fires of various real or metaphorical infernal regions and I (more…)