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The Risk of Telling the Truth

May 1, 2018

Tags: Washington Biography Group, truth vs. accuracy, oral history as documentation, invasion of privacy, defamation

by Pat McNees
Ken Ackerman (www.KennethAckerman.com) led a discussion of the Washington Biography Group (4-30-12) that was interesting enough for me to resurrect, update, and rearrange items in my original e-letter. Ken began by identifying several elements of risk in writing biographies:
• The risk of lawsuits, especially if what you write is not true (more…)

Consent the best defense against invasion of privacy lawsuits

July 14, 2011

Tags: invasion of privacy, right of publicity, false light, disclosure, intrusion

Truth, the best defense against a suit for defamation.
Biographers should be concerned not only with matters of copyright, fair use, and permissions, but also with the privacy and publicity rights of those they are quoting or writing about, said entertainment lawyer Kirk Schroder on the “Can I Quote That?” panel I moderated at the Compleat Biographer conference (more…)