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Metadata, explained, with Tweeted examples

November 17, 2011

Tags: metadata, Twitter, Dublin Core

Today, via Dublin Core, I stumbled on great explanations of the whys and wherefores of "metadata" (data about data): The Role Of Metadata In Video SEO, Part 1: The YouTube Creator Playbook, which starts: "One of the great mysteries among those who don't work inside Google headquarters is how a search engine decides who the cool kids are on the Internet." (more…)

Metadata: something else to learn about -- fast!

June 9, 2010

Tags: metadata, publishing

Metadata is the new most important thing to know about writes Mike Shatzkin, IdeaLogical, 6-8-10. A publishing professional asks: What's the best way to index an e-book? As the reader enlarges or downsizes type on the page, the paging in an e-book will change, (more…)