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Bill Wurtz's fabulous speedy history of Japan

February 12, 2016

Tags: history, Japan, multimedia

The entire history of Japan (40,000 years) told quickly, visually, fabulously, and in a way you want to see again. Bill Wurtz, you are a genius.

Soundtrack of your life

January 5, 2012

Tags: multimedia, multimodal teaching, graphic novels, song lyrics

"Sean Connors studies the way adolescents understand and interact with graphic novels, the more sophisticated successor to comic books," writes Heidi Stambuck's in The Sights and Sounds of Literature (Research Frontiers, University of Arkansas). Chris Goering examines what happens when English teachers ask students to analyze their favorite song lyrics and relate the lyrics to their personal history (more…)

Guides to scanning, digitizing, and editing for video and multimedia

June 21, 2011

Tags: scanning, digitizing, editing, multimedia, Adobe Acrobat, Audacity, Final Cut Pro

Need to scan photos for a book, slide show, or multimedia presentation, and don't know a dpi from a pixel? Luckily you can find plenty of good tutorials online about everything from scanning old photos and recording telephone interviews to mastering various pieces of software and editing tools. Learn about Adobe Acrobat, Audacity, camcorders, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, digitizing analog recordings, time coding video, editing for the Web, and other mysteries (more…)

MediaShift: Your guide to the digital media revolution

August 31, 2010

Tags: multimedia, digital media

Since 2006 PBS MediaShift has tracked how technology and the Internet are changing our media world, which now includes weblogs, podcasts, and citizen journalism. Journalists must now master multimedia. You can learn a lot on MediaShift--see, for example, these postings:
Mediashift: Your Guide to the Digital Revolution (PBS) (more…)

Video as a powerful device for storytelling

May 12, 2009

Tags: video tributes, narrative, multimedia

Take a look at Media Storm,a powerful site for online multimedia narrative journalism. Animated video is also effective for both telling a story and getting a message across, as you can see in Annie Leonard's The Story of Stuff, (more…)