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Nonfiction--the long and the short of it

May 1, 2013

Tags: ASJA conference, narrative nonfiction, e-singles, e-books

The 2013 conference of the American Society of Journalists & Authors was discouraging in most ways, encouraging in some, and offered much to learn. Being a writer-entrepreneur is more important than ever. Some trends, in a nutshell:

• Nobody knows where things are going to shake out in book publishing, things are changing so fast and in so many ways, but self-publishing has definitely (more…)

Editors' Roundtable: Time magazine story on Tucson shootings

February 11, 2011

Tags: narrative nonfiction, Nieman

Nieman Storyboard's first-ever Editors' Roundtable (Time magazine takes on the Tucson shootings) features five journalism experts' responses to David Von Drehle's story The Real Lesson of the Tucson Tragedy.

An interesting Q&A (more…)

The detour into misery that makes a character or narrative compelling

June 27, 2009

Tags: narrative nonfiction, storytelling

"It takes a rare kind of courage to live like a character in a story, and not many real-life human beings have the nerve to try it—perhaps because the elements that make a narrative compelling also make life miserable," writes Adam M. Bright in a story for Good Magazine about Lea Thau and the Moth, (more…)