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The Art and Economics of Ghostwriting Books

December 6, 2010

Tags: books, ghost writer, ghost writing, publishing, writing

"With the rise in self-publishing and the popularity of celebrity books, demand for ghostwriters has increased dramatically," writes Joni Rodgers, ghostwriter of bestsellers, in a story for Daily Finance: The Art and Economics of Ghostwriting (11-29-2010). "And with the downturn in (more…)

Publish or self-publish? ebook or print? Tim Ferriss's advice

October 26, 2010

Tags: publishing, self-publishing, promotion

Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich, writes about the economics and practical realities of being published in print, in e-books, and through self-publishing (vs. traditional publishing) in How Authors Really Make Money: The Rebirth of Seth Godin and Death of Traditional Publishing. (more…)

Shatzkin's roadmap for book publishers' future

June 14, 2010

Tags: publishing, Shatzkin

Publishers have to change the way they do business, because digital delivery increases supply even more than it increases demand, so prices have to go down, blogs Mike Shatzkin. He writes that "getting from today (selling content) to tomorrow (selling audiences) depends on using today’s asset to build tomorrow’s." Doing this will require using "content as bait," monetizing "the eyeballs you own," not "the copyrights you own." In A roadmap for the future: 6 suggestions for today’s publishers that many can’t follow he recommends that publishers (more…)

Metadata: something else to learn about -- fast!

June 9, 2010

Tags: metadata, publishing

Metadata is the new most important thing to know about writes Mike Shatzkin, IdeaLogical, 6-8-10. A publishing professional asks: What's the best way to index an e-book? As the reader enlarges or downsizes type on the page, the paging in an e-book will change, (more…)

Where things are going in book publishing (the latest Shatzkin report)

April 26, 2010

Tags: publishing

"[A]ll of us, to function, must have a view of how we think things in publishing will change," writes the always-interesting Mike Shatzkin in Part 1 of What I Would Have Done in London, a long blog entry that would have been his talk if an Iceland volcano blowing hadn't cancelled his trip to the London Book Fair. That blog entry is a follow-up to his major Stay Ahead of The Shift (more…)

Yale course on magazine and book publishing

April 14, 2010

Tags: publishing

Yale launches course for the magazine and book publishing industry (to fill the gap left by closure of the renowned Stanford Professional Publishing Course that was offered from 1978 to 2009). First session to be offered July 18–23, 2010, with subsequent sessions held annually, says Publishing Executive 4-12-10.

Online: O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference

March 15, 2010

Tags: publishing, e-books

The O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference explores emerging trends in digital (ebook) publishing. You can watch and listen to many of the talks online. Here below are links for the TOC Conference) 2010. Also:
Round-up Day 1 (Mike Rankin) (more…)

Book Publishing Today

September 17, 2009

Tags: publishing

In a terrific albeit not cheerful essay about book publishing today, former Random House exec Daniel Menaker, in Redactor Agonistes, talks about insecurity and unhappiness in the book biz, but also explains why and how it has changed so much, and (more…)

"$35,000 is the new $75,000," quotes Harper president

May 27, 2009

Tags: advances, publishing

"...Crains notes that last week's auction for the story of Capt. Richard Phillips, the man who saved his crew from pirates and was rescued from his kidnappers by the Navy, "drew top bids of around $500,000--half the seven-figure advance it had been expected to fetch." There has been no deal for the Britney Spears' (more…)