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Tom Benjey's run with print-on-demand self-publishing

February 17, 2012

Tags: print on demand, self-publishing, CreateSpace, Amazon, Lightning Source, Carlisle Indian School

Guest post by Tom Benjey

Major publishing houses have been using POD technology for some time to keep their backlist titles in print. POD technology allows books to be printed digitally one a time, thus relieving the publisher of the cost of printing a batch of books and having capital tied up in them until they sell. The small capital investment required to publish books via POD technology also makes it possible for an author to become a publisher (more…)

Tutorials from the Self-Publishing Trenches

April 11, 2011

Tags: self-publishing, Carla King, Smashwords, CreateSpace, Joel Friedlander

Digging for experts to guide us in the new worlds of self- and indie publishing I belatedly discovered some excellent resources. First, you can listen online to podcasts of three excellent panels on self-publishing presented at the Commonwealth Club of California in 2010:

Tutorials from the Trenches: 1. Options, Directions and Resources. What does it take to publish a book, (more…)

Self-publishing trailblazer Amanda Hocking shifts gears

March 30, 2011

Tags: self-publishing, Amanda Hocking, social media

Young Amanda Hocking's digitally self-published young-adult paranormal novels have sold a million copies online, making her rich at $2.99 and 99 cents a copy (some of which Amazon.com collects). So why is she about to sign a deal with St. Martin's Press?

"Hocking credits her success to aggressive self-promotion on her blog, Facebook and Twitter, word of mouth and writing in a popular (more…)

Publish or self-publish? ebook or print? Tim Ferriss's advice

October 26, 2010

Tags: publishing, self-publishing, promotion

Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich, writes about the economics and practical realities of being published in print, in e-books, and through self-publishing (vs. traditional publishing) in How Authors Really Make Money: The Rebirth of Seth Godin and Death of Traditional Publishing. (more…)

A way for authors to succeed without publishers or agents?

June 28, 2010

Tags: self-publishing, patronage

Publishers are cutting back on how much they publish, brick and mortar bookstores are declining in importance, and media companies that succeed will do so only by finding how to reach a niche audience, writes Jane Friedman in There Are No Rules:An Exciting Future for Authors (That Can Succeed Without Publishers or Agents) (more…)

Does the world want a flood of crummy self-published books?

June 24, 2010

Tags: self-publishing

How do you find something good to read in a brave new self-published world? asks Laura Miller in When anyone can be a published author (Salon, 6-22-10). Those of us who have worked in book publishing know how much really bad writing comes through slush (more…)

'Vanity' Press Goes Digital

June 3, 2010

Tags: self-publishing, print on demand

Digital Self-Publishing Shakes up Traditional Publishing. "Much as blogs have bitten into the news business and YouTube has challenged television, digital self-publishing is creating a powerful new niche in books that's threatening the traditional industry," write Geoffrey A. Fowler and Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg in the Wall Street Journal online. "Once derided as 'vanity' titles by the publishing establishment, self-published books suddenly are able to (more…)

Self-publishing success story (again, a good niche)

August 1, 2009

Tags: self-publishing

After being rejected by all the publishers to whom she sent her manuscript, a seven-year labor of love titled I Am Hutterite, Saskatchewan author Mary-Ann Kirkby self-published it under the imprint Polka Dot Press. This was NOT a print-on-demand publication (more…)

Self-publishing niche in children's books

July 13, 2009

Tags: children's books, self-publishing

On Nantucket, business journalist Peter Barnes overheard a tourist asking a bookstore owner for a children's book about the island, reports the Washington Post's Elizabeth Chang in Making It: Children's Books (more…)

Want help picking a self-publishing (print-on-demand) publisher?

June 11, 2009

Tags: self-publishing, print on demand

Dog Ear Publishing has an interesting negative-marketing approach to competition among self-publishers (subsidy publishers), which might be useful to the those considering various print-on-demand publishers. Dog Ear first lists the Self Publishing Pros & Cons, suggests a strategy for comparing various POD publishers/printers (more…)