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Rules for Discussing the Meaning of It All

December 6, 2010

Tags: faith, storytelling, radio

"On my radio show, which covers issues of faith and moral imagination, I encourage my guests to follow a couple of ground rules: No abstractions about God, and speak in the first person, not on behalf of your group or tradition (or God)," writes radio host Krista Tippett, in a blog essay about her public radio program, (more…)

Center for Digital Storytelling

November 18, 2009

Tags: storytelling

The fall 2009 newsletter of the Center for Digital Storytelling ("listen deeply, tell stories") lists five core areas it's going to cover: Stories of Health, Silence Speaks (stories to fight gender-based violence), (more…)

The detour into misery that makes a character or narrative compelling

June 27, 2009

Tags: narrative nonfiction, storytelling

"It takes a rare kind of courage to live like a character in a story, and not many real-life human beings have the nerve to try it—perhaps because the elements that make a narrative compelling also make life miserable," writes Adam M. Bright in a story for Good Magazine about Lea Thau and the Moth, (more…)