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Free trial at Publishers Marketplace

Treat yourself to a deal: "To catch up on what you've missed, we have a free trial running at PublishersMarketplace through the end of 2011: Join now and sample all of our resources over the next few quiet days. (Cancel on or before January 1, 2012 if you do not want to convert into a full paid member; complete terms are posted on the registration form.)

" covers the publishing world 24/7
with news, headlines, deals, job listings and more live all the time."

Register here

This site's information on deals and agents is particularly helpful if you are seeking an agent or want to find a publisher. Here's eHow on How to Use Publishers Marketplace Website

Here are three stories by Theresa Walsh (Writer Unbound) describing how the site can be useful:
Marketing the Fuzzy-Genre Manuscript

Inside Out Agent Hunting

From the Mailbox: “How do I find an agent?”

Thanks to Anita Bartholomew for this tip.
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