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Catch videos from first Compleat Biographer conference

Biographers International Organization (BIO), officially founded in 2010, held its first Compleat Biographer conference March 26 (in Boston). Click here for videos from the conference --including panels on trends in biography, on selecting your subject, and on marketing your biography; Justin Kaplan, Kitty Kelley, and others speaking about permissions, copyright, and authorization; introductory remarks about BIO; and an excellent keynote address by Jean Strouse, a "biographer's biographer," author of biographies of Alice James (a women afflicted by mysterious illnesses, whose life casts light on the lives of her older brothers, the famed William and Henry James) and financier J. Pierpont Morgan. (Strouse speaks of dealing with "known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns" about the lives we study.) Full membership available only to "professional biographers" (as defined by BIO board); memoirists may join as associate members. BIO'S founding was written up in The Biographer's Craft, James McGrath Morris's newsletter, which will now be available to BIO members with their subscription (Morris is also executive director of BIO).
Click here for membership application.
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