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Is Google Buzz Invading Your Privacy?

Concerned that Google Buzz suddenly appeared on your G-mail? You should be. David Coursey, of PC World, outlines Five Reasons to Love Google Buzz, Five Reasons Not (Yahoo News, 2-11-10).3 Google Buzz Privacy Concerns. Andrew R. Hickey (ChannelWeb, 2-11-10). And Robert McMillan, of PCWorld, reports: Google Buzz Criticized for Disclosing Gmail Contacts (read the comments, too). Ian Paul, of PCWorld provides a guide to protecting yourself: Google Buzz: A Privacy Checklist(2-11-10). (Love the way PCWorld corrects their original article, showing where the erroneous sentence was deleted and the correction made.) Here's Google: Introducing Google Buzz on the Google blog.
And these just in:
a href=""target="_blank">Critics Say Google Invades Privacy With New Service by Miguel Helft ((NY Times, 2-12-10).
Buzz Drops Auto-Following, Won't Automatically Connect to Google Services, Adds Better Disable on
Lifehacker (2-13-10).
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