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Authors' options in the changing book publishing game

In January 2015, SPJ and ASJA hosted an event focused on New Options for Authors in the Changing Book Publishing Game. Nell Minow and Tom Allen spoke at the beautiful Fund for American Studies in Dupont Circle. Here, by request, is the handout, helpful links from my Writers and Editors website. Clicking on the title should take you to the right page.

Publishing and e-publishing

Self-Publishing and Print-on-Demand

Ebook basics and beyond

Ebook formats and formatting

Ebook prices and price wars

Narrative Nonfiction

Awards, grants, and fellowships for writers

Agents and book proposals

How to write a book proposal

So you want to write a book (wisdom from the late great Sarah Wernick)
Told she couldn't write, Sarah taught herself to write so well that she had a couple bestsellers.

Rights, copyright, and fair use

Fair use basics

Style, grammar, and word choice

For editors

Editing checklists

Books for writers and editors

What’s the difference between a memoir and an autobiography

Radio talk shows for listeners who think (a/k/a marketing)
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