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Writers and Editors (RSS feed)

Where journalists get their medical news and information

by Pat McNees (updated from original 2017 post)


On the "Top of the Morning" page of the Center for Health Journalism, prominent health journalists and experts write what sites, newsletters, and social media feeds they turn to first every morning and why. Here below are links to those sites and others, in alphabetical order. Feel free to comment. See also Why Bolstering Trust in Journalism Could Help Strengthen Trust in Medicine (Vineet M. Arora, David Rousseau, and Gary Schwitzer, Trust in Health Care, JAMA Network, 5-13-19) and 7 ways journalists can access academic research for free (Denise-Marie Ordway, Journalist's Resource, 9-21-18) In addition, of course, journalists get original material by interviewing experts, witnesses, victims, and other participants in world and daily events.

Ag Insider Daily (Food & Reporting Network) FERN's morning brief offering daily reporting and analysis on food, agriculture and the environment. 
• Alerts about embargoed studies from various journals and organizations, including JAMA, Pediatrics, the American Heart AssociationNewswise (a free service for journalists that offers access to embargoed papers in fields ranging from climate change science to specific medical fields.
American Heart Association newsroom.
Association of Health Care Journalists AHCJ keeps up on important health trends and offers tips on  Read More 

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