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How to listen to audio using Chirp (Q&A)


How to enjoy Chirp audiobooks using Chirp's free mobile app!

    (an alternative to Audible)

Chirp: How It Works
Is Chirp Audiobooks Worth It? (Eline's review on LovelyAudiobooks)
Chirp Audiobooks Review: Pros, Cons, and How to Use It (Kaelyn Barron, TCK) The owners of BookBub have stepped in to change the way you shop for audiobooks with Chirp, a free service that notifies readers of limited-time deals on quality audiobooks. Read about the pros and cons of using Chirp, how it compares to Audible, and who the platform is best for.


Listen to these clear instructions (video)

Scroll down for how to download the Chirp app for Apple, Android, Bluetooth, or Alexa devices.
Getting started with Chirp Audio
How to listen to your Chirp audiobooks (YouTube video, 7.49 min)

      No subscription fees. Enter the email address to which daily offers will be sent.

Can I listen to Chirp in my car? How do I connect to my car's audio system?

   For the best experience, they recommend downloading your books for offline listening.
How do I adjust the playback speed for my book?

How can I follow my favorite authors and narrators on Chirp?
How do I add books to my Chirp wishlist?
Can I sample an audiobook before purchasing?
What payment methods does Chirp accept?
Can I buy books with the Chirp app? How do I get more books?
How do I order audiobooks from Chirp?

Finding your first Chirp audiobook (YouTube video, 5:05 min.)

    How to create your free account and start listening today.

Getting started with Chirp for audiobooks! (YouTube video, 5.06 min.)

Can I listen using Alexa? How do I use Chirp with Alexa?

How to download the Chirp app:


Link to download the app for Apple (iOS) users:


(Intro, how to download, My library, Playback)


Link to download the app for Android users:



Listening with Bluetooth devices:



Listening using the Chirp skill for Alexa devices:
Can I listen using Alexa? How do I use Chirp with Alexa?


10 of the Best Websites to Download Free Audiobooks (Kaelyn Barron, TCK Publishing)

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