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Writers and Editors (RSS feed)

Memoirs, food, great storytelling -- ideal gift books

Books are ideal gifts for those who read, and the titles on these recommended-reading lists will make someone happy:
Food Memoirs and Biographies
Style guides and other books on editing (these are the ones aspiring writers and editors often can't afford)
Books to help you write your own (or someone else's) life story
Memoirs and personal accounts of vocation, avocation, occupation, profession, "calling" (a reading list)
Books for aspiring fiction writers and editors
Outstanding narrative nonfiction (true stories with an emphasis on great storytelling)
Books for writers and editors
Top book club selections (in other words, just plain old good reading, alphabetical by title) -- or same list, alphabetical by author

Disclosure: Buy a book from Amazon after clicking on a link here and we get a small referral fee. This helps cover fees for site hosting and link-checking. Many local bookstores will carry these titles or can special order them. You can also order through Indie Bound, an association of independent book stores, or Barnes&Noble.com.
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