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Librarians feel gobsmacked by HarperCollins restriction on e-book loans

HarperCollins' policy to restrict e-book use in libraries (to 26 loans per e-book) has many librarians set to boycott HarperCollins e-books, reports the NY Times As Library E-Books Live Long, Publisher Sets Expiration Date (Julie Bosman, 3-14-11). Some librarians welcome the long overdue conversation about e-books in libraries. Many consumers are still unaware they can check out e-books from libraries.

E-books "are typically available to one user at a time, often for a seven- or 14-day period," writes Bosman. "But unlike print books, library users don’t have to show up at the library to pick them up — e-books can be downloaded from home, onto mobile devices, personal computers and e-readers, including Nooks, Sony Readers, laptops and smartphones. (Library e-books cannot be read on Amazon’s Kindle e-reader.) After the designated checkout period, the e-book automatically expires from the borrower’s account."
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