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Covering health care reform

Having trouble thinking through the key issues in health care reform? A good place to start reading is Trudy Lieberman's interview with Wendell Potter, who left the health care industry because he "didn’t want to be part of another health insurance industry effort to shape reform that would benefit the industry at the expense of the public." This interview is part of a penetrating series: Excluded Voices, Trudy Lieberman's interviews on health care reform, in Columbia Journalism Review. You can also listen to Bill Moyers interview Potter (July 10) or read the transcript and Potter's testimony before Congress. [This item added to original blog post later.]

Other useful resources include
The Cost Conundrum: What a Texas town can teach us about health care (Atul Gawande's fascinating story in The New Yorker, 6-1-09. It's not the uninsured patients from across the border who are driving up costs in McAllen, Texas, a border town with the lowest household income in the country.)
Health Care Reform: What It Means for You (an interesting chart in the Washington Post), with the story In Retooled Health-Care System, Who Will Say No? questions About Cost and Limits Linger by Alec MacGillis
Health Affairs (the policy journal of the health sphere)
HELP Is on the Way (Paul Krugman on why universal health coverage is affordable)
Physicians for a National Health Program (supports single-payer national health insurance)
Guaranteed Health Care (National Nurses Organizing Committee, California Nurses Association)
Find Help (HRSA links to free and inexpensive care)
A consumer guide to handling disputes with your employer or private health plan, 2005 update, Kaiser Family Foundation
DrSteveB's blogroll (helpful Daily Kos blogger--and check his blogroll for other resources)
Thanks to Lynn Wasnak for alerting us to Trudy Lieberman's works.

More links to material about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) , often called Obamacare by its opponents
Health care reform and prevention of medical error

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