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Writers and Editors (RSS feed)

Bad Behavior: Rights bandits on the Wild Web

In this space (updated occasionally) I'm posting links to stories about egregious violations of creators' rights (rights of writers, photographers, artists, or other original creators of original works). On this week's Bad Behavior' Roundup:
BuzzFeed announces $19.3m in funding as it transforms internet advertising (Heidi Moore, The Guardian, 1-3-13) Adding serious journalism in between the cat pictures is paying off for Jonah Peretti's popular social site – and its advertisers. However...
The problem with BuzzFeed’s sponsored posts (Andrew Beaujon, Poynter, 1-14-13). "BuzzFeed is not just upending conventional wisdom on how Internet publishers can make money with its innovative digital ads; the lists, quizzes and posts it creates with advertisers show brands they can “actually create something people will engage with." The problem: for its sponsored posts, Buzzfeed uses the photos "from other awesome, creative people" without clearing rights! ("We don't have time," is not a good excuse.)
BuzzFeed apologizes after hit-piece on popular cartoonist misses its mark (Jeff Sonderman, Poynter, 12-11-12). If Buzzfeed is going to pose as journalism, it had better learn the rules of journalism. Making sure something is authentic is right up there.

Let me know if there's something else to report here.
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