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The old days, in book publishing

"We proudly carried manuscripts everywhere.... Decades later, I discovered that my right arm was a half-inch longer than my left," writes Joni Evans in a Preoccupations story for the New York Times.
"But it was our office archaeology that I remember the most. There was a primitive chaos to it all — the hybrid scent of tobacco and mimeograph ink, and the sounds of ringing phones, of typewriters zipping along until the warning bell pinged near the end of a line, and of the clack-clack-clack of the return handle as the carriage reset."
"... And dictionaries, atlases and all manner of reference books were propped high over file cabinets."
Read the whole delightful piece of nostalgia about the old days in book publishing: Joni Evans,
When Publishing Had Sights and Sounds (NY Times, 9-5-09)
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