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What makes a video viral? The Susan Boyle phenomenon

"One week after its post on YouTube (click here to watch it), over 37 million people watched a heartwarming viral video where a not-so-glamorous, yet charming, 47 year-old Scottish woman swept critics' hearts on 'Britain's Got Talent,' the UK's version of 'American Idol.'" So starts Intelligent Video Solutions' analysis, using the video of Susan Boyle as an example, of What Makes a Video Viral? This story, which went to the media on PR Newswire, analyzes the five qualities that made the video of Susan Boyle's appearance on television spread so quickly and have such a dramatic impact on the public.

The implications for others? According to Intelligent Video Solutions, "Ultimately, every professional will have a professional online video to tell their story, the same way every professional currently has a static online biography. Think about the emotional impact Susan Boyle's story had on the world, and imagine the difference if you only read the words on a page."

Stefani Twyford, who told us about this story, has posted a five-part series on Video Production Techniques for Capturing The Joy of Family Events.

Two more stories about Susan Boyle: How a Villager Became the Queen of All Media by By Jose Antonio Vargas and Suddenly Susan: Singer's Town Is Agog by Mary Jordan (both stories ran in the Washington Post)

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