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Writers and Editors (RSS feed)

Naomi Dunford: Marketing with Humor and Common Sense

Belatedly, I've discovered IttyBiz: marketing for businesses without marketing departments. With posts like Identifying Your Target Market, Or Why I Don’t Want A Monster In My Pants, Word Nerd Naomi Dunford makes sense, entertains, and has voice. Check out some of her posts and study at this DIY marketing school:
Marketing School, Day One: What Is A USP and Why Should I Care?
Marketing School, Day Two: DIY USP
Writers: How Not to Suck at Marketing a guest blog for Freelance Folder
Marketing School: How to Be a Spammy Pants
What The Hell Is Branding and that's only the beginning. (There's a whole IttyBiz archive. This refreshing writer is a one-stop source for getting the big picture on marketing little companies. Thanks, Naomi.
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