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Writers and Editors (RSS feed)

What do editors and copy editors do?

Do you want to hire (or be) a developmental editor, substantive editor, copy editor, production editor, assignment editor, or proofreader (to name some choices)? Read up on the differences and different levels of edit:

Becoming an Editor (from the blog, This Crazy Industry)
Black day for the blue pencil (Blake Morrison, Guardian)
Developing New Levels of Edit (Judyth Prono, Martha DeLanoy, Robert Deupree, Jeffrey Skiby, and Brian Thompson, STC, revising levels of edit for technical editing, as originally spelled out by Van Buren and Buehler), PDF
Editing: What? (Delores Farmer and Sherry Southard on levels of editing)
An Evolving Model for Editing (Deborah Howell, Ombudsman, WaPo, on the changing role of the editor as newspaper staffs are cut)
How (Freelance) Editors Operate (San Diego Professional Editors Network)
How to Become a Developmental Editor (Scott Norton)
Levels of Edit (San Diego Professional Editors Network)
Showcasing the Work Editors Do (Bay Area Editors' Forum), links to many useful articles
Stop Editing Me (Scott Norton on the editor's natural bent)
Unraveling the Mysteries of the Editing Process (Erin Brenner, The Writing Resource)
What Editors Do (Lynette Smith's useful chart, San Diego Professional Editors Network), PDF
What exactly does a newspaper copy editor do? (Bill Walsh, The Slot, and check his other entries, too)
Your Copy Sucks: You Don't Even Know What "Edit" Means (TJ Dietderich, PRBreakfastClub)
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