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Amazon policy triggers Amazonfail twitter outrage

Amazonfail. Craig Seymour in his blogpost Is Amazon.com homophobic? Amazon.fail and you're done launched a spring 2009 controversy about which there has been MUCH Twittering. Amazon later explained to the press that its de-ranking of all gay and lesbian literature as "adult literature" was a "glitch," but it felt like censorship policy to most of the tweeters. Among tweets (under the hashtag #amazonfail, and apologies in advance: I don't know protocol on crediting these):

"Irony: a company named for a band of lesbian warriors considers lesbian content morally objectionable."

"Suggestion: make content filtering a selectable OPTION, much like Google does."

"Don't let Amazon decide which books you need to be 'protected' from."

"The revolution will be tweeted."

Seymour followed up on his initial post later with My AmazonFail Timeline.

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