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Arguing About Process Journalism ('Beta' Journalism)

Instead of the finished story as published in a print newspaper in, say, 1980, fully researched, reported, fact-checked, and final, stories on the Web are being reported as they are investigated. Here are some pieces online about process journalism (which is apparently different from link journalism but I'm not sure how), in which we see variations on the old competition about "getting the scoop":
Product v. Process Journalism: The Myth of Perfection v. Beta Culture (Jeff Jarvis, guesting on The Huffington Post)
The Imperatives of the Link Economy (Jeff Jarvis, The Buzz Machine), who compares the content economy and the link economy. "Links are a key to efficiency. In other words: Do what you do best and link to the rest." And: "The market needs help finding the good stuff; that curation is a business opportunity."
Get the Tech Scuttlebutt! (It Might Even Be True.) (Damon Darlin, Ping, NY Times)
The Morality and Effectiveness of Process Journalism (Michael Arrington, TechCrunch)
Bloggers Defend 'Beta' Journalism (Nicole Ferraro, Internet Evolution).
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