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Writers and Editors (RSS feed)

Where is Sarah Wernick's "So, You Want to Be a Writer" website?

For years writers, editors, and publishers have referred writers with questions about how to get a book published to the wonderfully helpful website of the late, great Sarah Wernick. Her old links don't work but SARAH'S WEBSITE STILL LIVES! You can find it on two pages of my Writers and Editors website:

Part 1 is here:
So You Want to Write a Book
So, You Want to Write a Book (Sarah Wernick):

Part 2 is here:
FAQ on Collaboration
Plus additional new links.

If forget that, go to the ASJA website, click on Free Resources for Writers, and scroll to the bottom. You'll find links to Sarah's useful information there:

Free Resources for Pages (scroll to bottom)
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