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Writers and Editors (RSS feed)

Center for Digital Storytelling

The fall 2009 newsletter of the Center for Digital Storytelling ("listen deeply, tell stories") lists five core areas it's going to cover: Stories of Health, Silence Speaks (stories to fight gender-based violence), Witness Tree (stories of place and environmental change),Immigrant Voices, and Women, Girls, and Leadership

The Center for Digital Storytelling is an international not-for-profit community arts organization rooted in the craft of personal storytelling. "We assist youth and adults around the world in using media tools to share, record, and value stories from their lives, in ways that promote artistic expression, health and well being, and justice," says the center. "While the term 'digital storytelling' has been used to describe a wide variety of new media practices, what best describes our approach is its emphasis on first-person narrative, meaningful workshop processes, and participatory production methods."
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