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Writers and Editors (RSS feed)

Shopping list for the aspiring writers and editors in your life

By popular request (feel free to comment or suggest other titles), good gift books for creative people:
Books for Writers and Editors: http://bit.ly/bookswe
Books for Writers:http://bit.ly/booksw
Books for Fiction Writers or Editors: http://bit.ly/booksfiction
Books for book clubs (or good reading): http://bit.ly/clubbooks
Books of and about Narrative Nonfiction: http://bit.ly/NarrativeNonfiction
Books to help you write your own or someone else's life story: http://bit.ly/memoirguides
Books to help lead lifestory writing or reminiscence groups: http://bit.ly/remwrtg
Books for Science and Medical Writers: http://bit.ly/scimedbks
Books on the Craft of Journalism: http://bit.ly/journobks
Books for Editors: http://bit.ly/bookse
Books on Indexing http://bit.ly/indexingbks
Books on how to write a book proposal: http://bit.ly/bookprops
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