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Lynn Chu: Agent Unplugged (on e-rights and more)

Literary agent Lynn Chu's analysis of what authors should know about their e-rights in book publishing's electronic age is as helpful as any I've read. It starts on p. 6 of the public section of the January 2010 issue of ASJA Monthly (the confidential section goes only to members of the American Society of Journalists & Authors). Print those pages out and highlight them! Her most valuable comments are on book publishers trying to becoming licensing agents for e-rights while taking a print publishers' share of income and without doing what a licensing agent ought to do. Since authors will very quickly learn how much they can do without the publishers, grabby publishers are playing a dangerous game. Authors: there IS no standard on e-publishing terms, so do your homework. At a minimum, read this article: Lynn Chu: Agent Unplugged.Barbara DeMarco-Barrett's Q&A with this principal of Writers' Representatives LLC jumps from pp. 6-7 of this PDF file to p. 13. She also has a strong opinion about the Google Book Settlement.
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