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Presentation visuals

Do your presentation visuals suck? Here's a good place to start thinking about how to improve them: Nancy Duarte's Impressions of TED2010 so far…. "People are moved by the magnitude of numbers more readily when there’s context to their magnitude," writes Duarte. "One of my favorite moments [at TED 2010] was when Jamie Oliver scooped and then spilled a wheelbarrow of sugar cubes onto the stage, to show the amount of sugar in the sweetened milk one student will drink during five years at school." Duarte's blog (philosophy?) is known as slide:ology.
I was led to Duarte by this blog: Better Posters (for improving poster presentations). Which led me to:
The font feed
The grid system
I love typography
Presentation Zen (Garr Reynolds blog on professional presentation design)
I can hardly wait to have time enough to read up on (and see more examples of) this specialty.

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