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Shatzkin's roadmap for book publishers' future

Publishers have to change the way they do business, because digital delivery increases supply even more than it increases demand, so prices have to go down, blogs Mike Shatzkin. He writes that "getting from today (selling content) to tomorrow (selling audiences) depends on using today’s asset to build tomorrow’s." Doing this will require using "content as bait," monetizing "the eyeballs you own," not "the copyrights you own." In A roadmap for the future: 6 suggestions for today’s publishers that many can’t follow he recommends that publishers
"Find multiple ways to engage your audience." Sell other people's e-books, not just your own. Serve your community. Readers don't care where the book comes from.
"...if you can appeal to a community, you have an opportunity to build a brand. Brands are shortcuts for consumers; they orient us as to what to expect in products or services, including social cred, quality, and price."
(The Shatzkin Files, 6-3-10)
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