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"How Can Creators Get a Fair Deal in the Digital World?"

Edward Hasbrouck's blog The Practical Nomad provides links to a trail of fascinating discussions about the role or rights of creators, readers, and publishers in the current huge many-faceted struggle going on about rights in the new digital environment. He writes that Readers' interests lie with writers, not with publishers (blog post 2-2-10) and asks "How Can Creators Get a Fair Deal in the Digital World?". He writes, "...those who are portrayed as "enemies of copyright" may be doing more than the publishers, with their war on downloaders, to call attention to the financial situation of creators. An especially clear example of this was provided last month in the European Parliament, where Pirate Party MEP Christian Engström hosted a seminar on How Can Europe's Creators Get a Fair Deal in the Digital World? (part 1 of a lecture by Professor Roger Wallis and Dr Lars-Erik Eriksson) and the European Parliament's Working Group on Copyright heard testimony on How do the artists get paid? including the division of revenues between artists/creators and publishers." (Those links should take you to parts 1 and 2 of a lecture.)

Hasbrouck links to an interesting article by Larry Lessig in the New Republic:
For the Love of Culture: Google, Copyright, and Our Future
(1-26-10) and posts his reply to it. See also his piece on Google Books and Writer's Rights.

Calls to mind the so-called ancient Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times."
Thanks to Lynn Wasnak for this interesting trail of bread crumbs.
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