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Vote for your favorite National Book Festival author

Hundreds of award-winning authors have spoken at the National Book Festival on the National Mall in Washington, DC, during its storied decade-long run. Who is your favorite author from this talented crowd? Find that author’s name using this alphabetical list:
Book-lovers can select from among the roughly 500 authors who have appeared at the nine previous National Book Festivals, or will appear at this year’s festival, using an alphabetical listing or voting from the page that includes each author’s biography and photograph. The top 10 vote-getters will be displayed on the voting page, with daily updates. Vote for your favorite National Book Festival author – then check the results so far in the box on the lower-left corner of the page. Again, that's at "vote for your favorite Book Festival author." This event is organized and sponsored by the Library of Congress. President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are honorary chairs for the event.
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