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Naughty Librarian's rescued-book art at Crafty Bastards art fair

Check out Bookstruction, by the Naughty Librarian, delightful book art made from least-used books in libraries. "Good libraries periodically go through their collections and take out the least used books to make room for new, more useful books," says the artist. "Most would love to donate the old books, but either no one wants them or shipping costs are prohibitive. The only option is to send it for re-pulping.

"Bookstruction rescues these books from this sad, mushy fate and turns unwanted books into quirky works of art. You can feel confident in your Bookstruction purchase that no wanted books were harmed in the art-making process."

Bookstruction will have a booth at Crafty Bastards, the upcoming arts & crafts fair in Washington, DC:
Saturday, October 2nd, 2010
Hours 10am to 5pm
in Adams Morgan at the usual spot (Marie Reed Learning Center, near 18th & Wyoming NW)
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