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The Magic Article Rewriter (not a person)

My mouth is still open after reading The Best Spinner vs. the Magic Article Rewriter. What can you deduce from the following copy: "almost 100% of every content about anything has already been written or said at least once somewhere around the web. That being said it seems quite logic to do the research for any topic you want to write on where? Correct. On the Internet. So when you do that and then write your own article, you are actually rewriting articles that have been written already. You feel like it's your work, and it is. But it has been done before. By someone else. This is where The Best Spinner comes in. Since we agree that you are rewriting other peoples contents anyways, why not let a program do your work or at least help you doing it."

This article on Squidoo goes on to say you'll do even less work if you buy their Magic Article Rewriter. Oy! What are the clues that this was written by someone for whom English is a second language -- one that doesn't include "ethics" or "originality"?
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