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New iBook software's greedy grab for exclusive rights

Thanks to Robin Rowlands (The road to serfdom: Use Apple software ) for alerting us to the fact (widely discussed among techies) that deep within the license agreement for the excellent new iBook software is a clause stating that if you use the free software to create an ebook that you plan to sell (not give away) you are bound exclusively to Apple. Read Robin's blog entry on the subject and alert your peers (Tao of News blog 1-30-12).

Robin's explanation is crystal clear, but she also refers readers to Ed Bott's blog entry on ZDNet: Apple's mind-bogglingly greedy and evil license agreement (1-22-12)

Read both! As one commentor wrote: "This reminds me of photo contest that you pay to enter (or not) and the photo becomes the property of the sponsor, even if it doesn’t win."

See also: How Apple is sabotaging an open standard for digital books (Ed Bott, ZDNet 1-22-12). He wraps up a week of online discussion with Closing thoughts on Apple's greedy, "crazy evil" iBooks license
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