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Library Thing, GoodReads, Shelfari -- and other social networking for bookworms

You'll find a helpful range of reader reviews on these social networking for bookworms sites. Check out LibraryThing, GoodReads, Shelfari, BookCrossing, BookMooch, Book Movement,
Comic Book Resources

A little more detail:
LibraryThing (enter what you're reading, or your whole library--and connect with people who read what you read--1.5 million people discuss and catalog books, find book reviews)
GoodReads (a popular site for rating and commenting on books,for keeping track of what you read, and would like to read--or forming a book club, answering trivia, or collecting your favorite quotations--plus some giveaways)
Shelfari (an Amazon site for rating and commenting on books -- a community-powered virtual bookshelf, to display your favorite books and connect to people who love to read what you love to read)
BookCrossing (a popular book sharing site, with some paid features, including book tagging: You register a book, get a Bookcrossing ID, use that to physically tag a book, and release it (e.g., leave it in a coffee shop or on the subway). The person who finds the book you set free can register it, so you can follow where it travels)

BookMooch (Give books away. Get books you want.)
Book Movement (reading guides, reviews, a community)
Comic Book Resources (a community and resource for comic book lovers)
Bookperk. HarperCollins' site offers perks for "insiders."
inReads (WETA, DC's public television affiliated, launched inRead 6-22-11, in Beta). Lets users converse about books, read reviews and get recommendations. Read (PW account here.
Kobo's Reading Life. Explore. Unlock. Share.
Nook Friends (Barnes & Noble site for Nook readers)
Overbooked. Timely information about fiction, all genres, and readable nonfiction, plus Overbooked Scoops (curated by Ann Chambers Theis). Starred review lists include books that received at least one starred review from Booklist, Kirkus, LJ, and PW)
PaperBack Swap (a paperback book sharing service and community)
Revish (a book rating community)
Scribd (pronounced "skribbed") may be the largest book club in the world--on many topics
Wattpad (an eBook community). Fiction-oriented. Read stories. Vote for your favorites. Create a library.

Have I left any good sites out? I welcome your comments!
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