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Writers and Editors (RSS feed)

Memoir, biography, and personal histories (how-to resources)

Here's a gateway to life story telling resources, whether you're doing it yourself, hiring a pro, or helping others tell their stories.

Telling your story

Articles, stories, websites, and other resources about how people have told their own, their family, or their company stories)
The art and craft of interviewing
Great interview questions and guides
Audio recording and editing equipment, software, and tutorials
Capturing family voices

Multimedia -- scanning and adding images, sound, music

Video and multimedia tributes and documentaries (good examples online)
Video production and editing
Sources for music, images, video clips and related material
Finding background music for video biographies, podcasts, presentations, blogs, etc.
Finding vintage music from a particular year or place
Finding photos and other images
Scanning photos, documents, and other images
Scanning, repairing, and organizing photos
Audio recording and editing equipment, software, and tutorials
Audio editing software and instructions
Audio tools, technology, and tutorials
Mastering multimedia

Archiving, conservation, and preservation

"Never dump originals - they may be all that is left after the computer age."
~Peter Amsden, via Taylor Whitney • Preserving your family and national treasures
Archiving resources
Books about preservation
Adding metadata to photos
Suppliers of archival materials

Oral histories and video interviews

Doing oral histories or video interviews
Oral history collections online
Online guides to doing oral history
Transcribing oral history interviews
Books about doing oral history
Oral history as social history
Stories about oral history
Further reading about oral history


Books to help you get started writing your own (or someone else's) life story
Writing personal and family histories (a booklist)
Memoir writing as discovery
Memoirs, healing, and self-understanding
Writing from memory prompts
Anthologies of life story writing and reminiscence
The art and craft of memoir and biography
Books for life story writing and reminiscence groups'

Memoir, biography, and corporate history

Memoir, biography, and corporate history
(Writers and Editors site)
What is the difference between a memoir and an autobiography (or memoirs)?
Organizations and gathering places for
biographers, memoirists, personal historians, and other life story people

The craft of life story writing
The nature and malleability of memory
The art, craft, and politics of biography
Memoirs, memoir writing, and autobiography
Writer's Digest series on memoir writing
The life story business and market
Become a personal historian--help others tell their life stories
More about personal histories and legacy memoirs (primarily for the family)
Writing corporate and organizational histories (commissioned histories)
The self we tell ourselves we are influences our decisions

Memoirs (recommended reading)

Coming of age memoirs
Memoirs and personal accounts of
vocation, avocation, occupation, profession, calling

Memoirs of regular people
(and lives lived outside the limelight)

Memoirs of friendship, family, and other relationships
Graphic memoirs
Food memoirs and biographies
Memoirs of illness, crisis, disability, differentness, and survival
Memoirs of (and other books about) caregiving
Memoir- and life-story-related sites

Ethical wills (or legacy letters)

a/​k/​a life letters, heart wills, ending notes, love wills, testaments)
What is an ethical will?
Examples of ethical wills
Why people create ethical wills
How-to books
Dignity therapy
Ethical Wills (Pat McNees, blog entry on APH website)
Kristie Miller's Letter of Intent

Pat McNees's three websites

Dying, Surviving, and Aging with Grace (not necessarily in that order)
Writers and Editors
Pat McNees (personal site)

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