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Awards, grants, fellowships, and competitions

Plus writers colonies, writing contests, prizes, fundraising, grant proposal writing, contest scams

Awards and prizes (in alphabetical order)
American Library Association awards
Award competitions and contests, lists of
Awards for biography and biographers
Writing contests (Reedsy, select your genre and find that list)
Awards for historical fiction
Awards for mysteries, thrillers, suspense novels, and crime fiction
Children's and teens' book awards
Contest and award scams and competitions to be wary about
Fellowships and grants
Grants and awards for translation
Getting funded: grant proposals (writing and editing, tips, workshops, books about)
Indie awards of several kinds (awards for self-published books)
PEN American literary awards
Poetry awards, Lists of
Screenwriting awards
Writers colonies (aka residencies, communities, retreats)
If a link doesn't work, or an important site is not listed, let me know. URLs change so often it's hard to keep up. If you encounter a bad link, let me know, but meanwhile, just Google the terms given here and you're likely to find the site (unless an award is no longer given).
The Authors Guild has a helpful page of monthly Calls for Submissions
An Award Judge’s Secret Selection Criteria (CASW Showcase) Contest judges for CASW's science writing awards look for novelty, on-the-ground reporting (not second-hand analysis), action in the field, diverse voices, beautiful prose, impact -- "a great character and a story that unfolds with a narrative,” along with clear explanations of the science. Says John Carey, "Almost any kind of story, if it’s really well done, can win.”
How NOT to apply for a writing award (Alla Katsnelson and Amber Dance, CASW Showcase, 1-11-17) Don't follow the rules for submissions and your submissions are likely to get tossed. So read them!

Awards and contests, lists of:

ALLi Award and Contest Ratings (Alliance of Independent Authors). Geared to indie authors, who may be susceptible to vanity and/or cash-leeching contests--so contests are rated "Recommended," "Mixed," or "Caution."
American Literary Awards (a list on Wikipedia)
Authors Guild guide to Contests, Grants, and Residencies Calls for submissions by month. Excellent listings.
Award submissions calendar (Poets & Writers handy calendar helps you schedule submissions for writing contests, grants, and other literary awards). See also Poets & Writers database of writing contests, grants & awards as well as G&A: The Contest Blog (Poets&Writers)
Award Annals (ranks creative works honored by more than 180 book awards, film awards, and music awards). Here is information about the 69 award organizations represented on Award Annals.
The Best Free Literary Contests (Winning Writers) Subscribe free.
Between the Covers guide to literary awards and book lists (a rare-book store's excellent reference section)
Big Fat Prize (information about contests, competitions, awards, prizes in many categories)
Book Awards and Media Awards (Booklist Online, American Library Association)
Book Awards for Self-Published Authors (Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer)
CASW list of recent science writing awards given by scholarly and professional organizations (CASW Showcase, 2019)
Contest and awards scams and competitions to be wary about
E&P Journalism Awards and Fellowship Directory (free PDF download). A comprehensive list from Editor & Publisher (2010) of more than 500 awards, grants, scholarships and contests -- national and international -- available to journalists and other newspaper professionals. With a subject index to make locating specific awards easier.
Film Awards (Wikipedia)
Film award ceremonies and festivals (Internet Movie Database, IMDb)
Funds for Writers (C. Hope Clark's website and newsletter)
Getting Funded (Writers & Editors links to grant-funding resources)
Goodreads list of award winners (as a guide for READERS)
Grants, Awards, and Residencies (PEN AMERICA, 2012) PEN has had an online database in the past, but I can't find it now. URL please?
John Kremer's list of book and author awards for Book Marketing and Book Promotion (includes competitions that welcome self-published books)
Journalism fellowships and grants (NewsLab)
Legal Essay Contest Catalog (University of Richmond School of Law)

Literary awards by country (Wikipedia list and links)
Literary awards by genre and type (Wikipedia list and links)
Media and Journalism Awards: December 2014 Edition (Sonia Paul, MediaShift, 12-05-14) Organized by month of deadline.
NewPages Big List of Writing & Book Contests
New Pages calendar of Writing Contest classifieds (poetry, fiction, flash fiction, essays, photography, etc. -- only for publications listed by NewPages, for literary and alternative magazines and publishers and university presses). See its complete list, by deadline month
Newswise calendar of Journalism Awards (you have to qualify and sign in)
Poetry awards, List of (by country, Wikipedia)
Poets & Writers Writing Contests, Grants & Awards. Extensive lists, details about, and links to, awards, contests, and sometimes outlets in several categories: poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, short stories, and so on. See also G&A: The Contest Blog..
Preditors and Editors list of writing contests (on which they indicate which contests not to enter)
Science Fiction Awards Database, a rebranding, redesign, and expansion of the LOCUS Index to Science Fiction Awards.
31 Free Writing Contests: Legitimate Competitions With Cash Prizes (Kelly Gurnett, The Write Life, 4-4-18)
33 Writing Contests for Teens (Publication & Cash) (Bookfox)
The Top 10 Screenwriting Contests: An Industry Exec's P.O.V. (Authors in Your Pockets)
Wikipedia links to nonfiction literary awards
Wikipedia links to literary awards by genre and type
Women's Literary Contests & Competitions (WordMothers lists)
Writing Contests (curated by Reedsy)
WritersNet guide to writing contests and awards
Writing contests in 2017 and in 2018 (Reedsy)

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Contest and awards scams and
competitions to be wary about

Writing Contests: Facts and Fakes...And How to Tell the Difference (Victoria Strauss) "Fake contests come in several different forms, but they all have a common goal–to take your money....some fee-charging literary agencies conduct them...Vanity publishers may also use contests to draw in paying customers...contest mills, which make money on the front end, via entry fees...awards mills, which also feature high entry fees (anywhere from $60 to $80), and dozens or even scores of entry categories...By far the most common fake contests are those conducted by vanity anthology companies."
Kickbacks, Opportunism, and Fake Awards, Oh My: Three Solicitation Alerts (Victoria Strauss, for Writer Beware) See also Awards Profiteers: How Writers Can Recognize and Avoid Them (Strauss on Writer Beware)
Authors Beware: Scams and Publishing Companies to Avoid (Reedsy, 3-1-18) How to recognize and avoid vanity presses (see infographic comparing them to traditional publishers), the potential danger with hybrid publishers, agent scams, self-publishing companies to avoid, and writing contests to avoid.
The Red Flags of Writing Contests (C. Hope Clark, guest blogging on Writer Beware, 8-13-12). Clark is editor of Funds for Writers , a newsletter whose 45,000 readers are notified of calls for submissions from grants, contests, and publishers.
Contest and award fakes (Writer Beware on fake contests, the most common of which are conducted by vanity anthology companies)
Beware of Fake Awards (Victoria Strauss, Writer Beware)
Legitimate contests vs. contest scams (Poetry page, Writers and Editors site--because most of the fake contests seem to involve poetry)
Poetry scams (Durant Imboden, The good news: You're a winner. The bad news: It's costing you fifty bucks.
Contests and Services to Avoid (Winning Writers)
13 Warning Signs of a Bad Literary Contest (Winning Writers). See also Scam Busting.

What you stand to lose in travel photo contests (Richard Stupart,, 4-3-13). Under the "barely concealed bait of a competition to win a wonderful prize, some organizations inviting you to share your favorite photos are asking you to sign away your rights, and to grab those rights for themselves, without payment or acknowledgment, and forever. Read the terms of the contest, and don't let your ego (winning) overcome your common sense. Don't be a sucker!
Web Resources that Help You Identify Scams (Winning Writers)
The Free Contest Scheme (Writer Beware, SFWA). In this version of the vanity anthology scheme, writers are targeted via a free contest. Another variation: Pay to Play Anthologies (often nonfiction), and other schemes to get writers to open their wallets.
Vanity book awards (Laura Miller, Salon, 11-17-09) Want to win some props for your masterpiece? We can do that -- for a price. The National Best Books Awards are "a new twist in the age-old practice of profiting off the dreams of aspiring writers."
• Writer Beware warns against IndieReader Discovery Awards
When a writing contest has a hidden agenda (Victoria Strauss, WriterBeware)
Awards Profiteering: The Book Festival Empire of JM Northern Media (Victoria Strauss, WriterBeware, 11-15-13)
How to Avoid Writing Contest Scams (Genius_knight, wikiHow,

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Awards and prizes (in alphabetical order)

AAAS Dance Your PhD contest (co-sponsored by AAAS and Science, challenging scientists to explain their research without PowerPoint slides or jargon—or talking!
AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards for outstanding reporting for a general audience, honoring journalists worldwide (rather than institutions, publishers or employers) for their coverage of the sciences, engineering and mathematics. Each category winner receives $3,000. Categories for submissions: Large Newspaper, Small Newspaper, Magazine (including Sunday magazines sections of newspapers), Television:Spot News/Feature Reporting, Television, Television In-depth Reporting, Audio (radio or podcast), Online, and Children's Science News is open to journalists worldwide across all news media. International category for Children's Science News (open to journalists working in any medium). (American Association for the Advancement of Science). See Frequently asked questions.
AACR June L. Biedler Prize for Cancer Journalism (American Association for Cancer Research) a $5,000 award for outstanding cancer journalism for the lay public--open to print, broadcast, and online professional journalists whose stories appear in newspapers, magazines, websites, television, and radio that target a lay public audience.
Acoustical Society of America Science Communication Awards to recognize excellence in the presentation of acoustics related topics to a popular audience, with separate awards (to journalists and to professionals in the field) in three categories: 1) Long format award (text >4,000 words; multimedia >30 minutes) from a member or nonmember; 2) Short format award (text ≤4,000 words; multimedia ≤30 minutes) from a non-member; 3) Short format award (text ≤4,000 words; multimedia ≤30 minutes) from a member. Entries may be newspaper or magazine articles, TV or radio broadcasts, books, or websites that were published, broadcast, printed, or posted during the period covered by the award.
American Association for the History of Medicine (AAHM) Awards, with an emphasis on academic history.

Acoustical Society of America. Science writing awards in acoustics

ADDYs (American Advertising Federation, AAF, "honoring advertising's best and brightest")

Agatha Awards, presented at Malice Domestic convention for fans of traditional mysteries. Awards for best contemporary novel, best historical novel, best first novel, best nonfiction, best short story, best children's/young adult novel.

AIBS Media Award (American Institute of Biological Sciences, recognizes outstanding reporting on biology to a general audience, limited to non-technical journalism, including print and broadcast media).

AIP Science Communication Awards (American Institute for Physics, awards in several categories: books; newspaper, magazine, and online articles; broadcast and new media; writing for children; journalist; scientist; broadcast. Winning authors receive a prize of $3,000, an engraved Windsor chair, and a certificate of recognition.

American Geophysical Union's (AGU's) journalism awards
David Perlman Award for Excellence in Science Journalism—News ($5,000, recognizes excellence in science news reporting, defined as work prepared with a deadline of one week or less. It is presented annually to a journalist for a news story or series in any medium except books that makes information about the Earth and space sciences accessible and interesting to the general public)
Walter Sullivan Award for Excellence in Science Journalism—Features ($5,000) for science feature writing (defined as work prepared with a deadline of more than one week), presented annually to a journalist for a feature story or series in any medium except books that makes information about the Earth and space sciences accessible and interesting to the general public. Nominees must be journalists working in any medium, except books.
Robert C. Cowen Award for Sustained Achievement in Science Journalism recognizes a journalist or team of journalists who have made significant, lasting, and consistent contributions to accurate reporting on the Earth and space sciences for the general public.Awarded every other year, in odd-numbered years. Self-nominations not accepted.

AHCJ Awards for Excellence in Health Care Journalism (Association of Health Care Journalists). Awards by journalists for journalists, to recognize the best health reporting in print, broadcast and online media. Awards in twelve categories: Beat Reporting (all sizes), Health Policy (large and small division), Public Health (large and small division), Trade (all sizes), Business (large and small division--stories that explore where medicine and business intersect), Investigative (large and small division--sttories that shed light on things the public should know about, but government, private industry or others would rather remain secret), Consumer/Feature (large and small division).
Entries compete head-to-head no matter whether they appeared in magazines, newspapers, trade publications or on radio or television stations or websites.

AHCJ professional development fellowships (Association of Health Care Journalists). Among fellowships available:
---National Cancer Reporting Fellowships (AHCJ and National Cancer Institute)
---AHCJ Reporting Fellowships on Health Care Performance
---AHCJ Fellowship on Comparative Effectiveness Research (AHCJ and Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute)
---AHCJ-NLM Health Journalism Fellowships (AHCJ and the National Library of Medicine)
---Full list of AHCJ fellowships here.

ALA Awards (from the American Library Association) greatly influence library, school, and family purchases. They include:
Margaret A. Edwards Award for young adult literature
William C. Morris YA Debut Award
Michael L. Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature
Schneider Family Book Award (to honor an author or illustrator for a book that embodies an artistic expression of the disability experience for child and adolescent audiences)
The Odyssey Awards (best audio book for children and/or young adults, in English, in U.S.)
YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults (Young Adult Library Services Association award)
Coretta Scott King Book Awards (to honor African American authors and illustrators who create outstanding books for children and young adults)
Alex Awards (for ten books written for adults that have special appeal to young adults, ages 12 through 18)
Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Medal
RUSA Book & Media awards (a whole separate list, from the ALA's Reference and User Services Association), including the Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction, Best Free Reference Websites, Best Historical Materials, Best of the Best Business Websites, Dartmouth Medal (see below), The Listen List, Notable Books, Outstanding Business Reference Sources, Outstanding Reference Sources, The Reading List, Sophie Brody Medal, plus a bevy of achievement awards and section awards, from the American Library Association).

American Academy of Arts and Letters awards
Each year the Academy honors over 70 composers, artists, architects, and writers with awards and prizes ranging from $5000 to $100,000. Candidates for awards must be nominated by an Academy member, with the sole exception of the Richard Rodgers Awards for Musical Theater.
Awards for literature and writing include
---Blake-Dodd Prize ($25,000, triennially, for a nonfiction writer)
---Marc Blitzstein Award ( $10,000, to be given periodically to a composer, lyricist, or librettist, to encourage the creation of works of merit for musical theater and opera)
---Michael Braude Award ($5000 triennially, for light verse written in English regardless of the writer’s country of origin)
---Benjamin H. Danks Award (an annual prize of $20,000 in rotation to a composer of ensemble works, a playwright, and a writer)
---E. M. Forster Award ($20,000 to a young English writer toward a stay in the United States)
---Gold Medals ( two medals a year in the rotating categories of Belles Lettres and Criticism, and Painting; Biography and Music; Fiction and Sculpture; History and Architecture (including Landscape Architecture); Poetry and Music; and Drama and Graphic Art)
---The William Dean Howells Medal (medal given once every five years in recognition of the most distinguished American novel published during that period
---The Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction ($5000, given for the best published first novel or collection of short stories of the preceding year)
---The Award of Merit Medal (accompanied by $25,000 and given each year, in rotation, to an outstanding person in America representing one of the following arts: Painting, the Short Story, Sculpture, the Novel, Poetry, and Drama)
---Addison M. Metcalf Award in Literature (a biennial award of $10,000 to honor a young writer of great promise.
---Katherine Anne Porter Award ($20,000 to honor a prose writer whose achievements and dedication to the literary profession have been demonstrated)
---Arthur Rense Prize (an award triennially of $20,000 in memory of the poet Arthur Rense, to an exceptional poet)
---Rosenthal Family Foundation Award ($10,000 for a work of fiction published during the preceding year that is a considerable literary achievement)
---The Mildred and Harold Strauss Living ($100,000 a year for a period of two years, that provide two writers of English prose literature an annual stipend to enable them to devote their time exclusively to writing)
---John Updike Award (a biennial award of $20,000 recognizes a writer in mid-career who has demonstrated consistent excellence)
---Harold D. Vursell Memorial Award ($20,000 is given annually to single out recent prose that merits recognition for the quality of its style)
---The E. B. White Award ($10,000, given to a writer for achievement in children’s literature)
---Thornton Wilder Prize for Translation ($20,000 to a practitioner, scholar, or patron who has made a significant contribution to the art of literary translation)
---Morton Dauwen Zabel Award (a $10,000 biennial award given in rotation to a poet, writer of fiction, or critic, of progressive, original, and experimental tendencies).

American Institute of Physics Science Communication Awards (see How to Apply). Categories: Science Writing: Books intended for a general audience (to enhance the public’s understanding and appreciation of physics and related fields); Writing for Children (books, news or feature stories, multimedia, or web content created specifically for children 15 years old or younger); Broadcast and New Media.

Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) awards (a division of ALA)
(John) Newbery Medal honors the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children
Randolph) Caldecott Medal honors the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children
(Laura Ingalls) Wilder Award honors an author or illustrator whose books, published in the United States, have made, over a period of years, a substantial and lasting contribution to literature for children.
(May Hill) Arbuthnot Honor Lecture Award honors an author, critic, librarian, historian, or teacher of children's literature, of any country, who then presents a lecture at a winning host site
Mildred L.) Batchelder Award to an American publisher for a children's book considered to be the most outstanding of those books originally published in a language other than English in a country other than the United States, and subsequently translated into English and published in the United States.
(Pura) Belpré Medal honors a Latino/Latina writer and illustrator whose works best portray, affirm, and celebrate the Latino cultural experience in an outstanding work of literature for children and youth.
(Andrew) Carnegie Medal honors the producer of the most outstanding video production for children released during the preceding year.
(Theodor Seuss) Geisel Medal honors the author(s) and illustrator(s) of the most distinguished contribution to the body of American children’s literature known as beginning reader books published in the United States during the preceding year
ALSC/Booklist/YALSA) Odyssey Award for Excellence in Audiobook Production to the best audiobook produced for children and/or young adults, available in English in the United States.
(Robert F.) Sibert Informational Book Medal

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Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest (grand prize, a $50,000 advance on a publishing contract with Amazon/CreateSpace; four first prizes, advances of $15,000 each). See highlights of Amazon contract and FAQs. Submissions for 2013 were due in January 2013.

American Academy of Arts and Letters awards

These include Arts and Letters Awards in Literature, conveying both $7500 and honor to five artists, eight writers, four composers, and three architects (with composers receiving an additional $7500 toward the recording of a work). See descriptions of a long list of additional prestigious awards, often accompanied by a generous cash prize:
• Eight Arts and Letters Awards in Literature (formerly Academy Awards) of $10,000 each are given annually to fiction and nonfiction writers, poets, dramatists, and translators.
• Michael Braude Award, a $5000 triennial award for light verse written in English regardless of the writer's country of origin.
• Benjamin H. Danks Award, to encourage young talent, an annual prize of $20,000 in rotation to a composer of ensemble works, a playwright, and a writer
• Blake Dodd Prize, a triennial award of $25,000 for a nonfiction writer
• E. M. Forster Award, an award of $20,000 to be given to a young English writer toward a stay in the United States
• Gold Medals for distinguished achievement in several different categories of the arts, including Belles Lettres and Criticism, Biography, Fiction, History, Poetry, and Drama.
• The William Dean Howells Medal, given once every five years in recognition of the most distinguished American novel published during that period
• Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction, $5000 is given for the best published first novel or collection of short stories of the preceding year
• Award of Merit, a medal accompanied by $25,000 that is given each year, in rotation, to an outstanding person in America representing one of the following arts: Painting, the Short Story, Sculpture, the Novel, Poetry, and Drama.
• Metcalf Award in Literature, a biennial award of $10,000 to honor young writers of great promise.
• Katherine Anne Porter Award, biennial award of $20,000 to honor a prose writer who has demonstrated achievements and dedication to the literary profession
• Arthur Rense Prize, an award of $20,000 given triennially to an exceptional poet.
• Rosenthal Family Foundation Award for Fiction, $10,000 awarded annually to a young novelist for a book published during the previous year that is a considerable literary achievement.
• The Mildred and Harold Strauss Livings funds, provide two writers of English prose literature an annual stipend of $100,000 for a period of two years to enable them to devote their time exclusively to writing
• John Updike Award, $20,000 awarded biennially to a writer in mid-career who has demonstrated consistent excellence.
• Harold D. Vursell Memorial Award, $20,000 given annually to single out recent prose that merits recognition for the quality of its style
• E.B. White Award, $10,000 given to a writer for achievement in children's literature.
• Thornton Wilder Prize for Translation, $20,000 to recognize a practitioner, scholar, or patron who has made a significant contribution to the art of literary translation
• Morton Dauwen Zabel Award, $10,000 biennially awarded in rotation to a poet, writer of fiction, or critic, of progressive, original, and experimental tendencies.
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American Academy of Religion (AAR) book awards

ACES awards (ACES, The Society for Editing, formerly American Copy Editors Society)
Headline contest ($2,250 in cash prizes honors those who masterfully write clever, sophisticated, unique headlines)
Robinson Prize ($3,000 each year to one copy editor whose work demonstrates exceptional effectiveness)
Glamann Award (recognizing people and organizations that have contributed to our society and the craft of copy editing)

American History Book Prize (prize and $50,000 are awarded by the New York Historical Society for an adult nonfiction book on American history or biography distinguished by its scholarship, literary style, and appeal to a general as well as an academic audience)

American Poets Prizes, Academy of American Poets Numerous awards, prizes, fellowships for poetry in the United States, ranging in value from $1,000 to $100,000.
• Academy of American Poets Fellowship ($25,000 prize)
• Aliki Perroti and Seth Frank Most Promising Young Poet Award ($1,000)
• Harold Morton Landon Translation Award ($1,000)
• James Laughlin Award ($5,000 plus a weeklong residency in Miami Beach and distribution of the winning book to 1,000 members)
• Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize ($25,000)
• Raiziss/de Palchi Translation Awards ($10,000 book prize, and $25,000 fellowship)
• University & College Poetry Prizes
• Wallace Stevens Award ($100,000 stipend)

American Literary Awards (a list on Wikipedia)

American Medical Writers Association awards.
COMPETITIVE awards ((celebrating achievements in medical communications over the previous year and encouraging engagement in the profession):
Eric W. Martin award (for excellence in medical writing for members of AMWA)
AMWA Medical Book Awards
HONORARY awards (recognizing the careers and achievements of both members and nonmembers who have made significant contributions to the profession):
The Alvarez Award (honors excellence in communicating health care developments and concepts to the public)
The McGovern Award (for preeminent contributions to medical communication)
The Swanberg Distinguished Service Award (to an active member of AMWA who has made distinguished contributions to medical communication or rendered unusual and distinguished services to the medical profession)

American Mosaic Journalism Prize,$100,000, from the Heising-Simons Foundation “recognizes journalism’s critical ability to foster greater understanding and empathy, and aims to reward and empower exceptional journalists,” will recognize two freelancers each with a $100,000 unrestricted cash gift for long-form, impactful work. It can go to journalists working in any medium. The Heising-Simons Foundation supports work that advances research in science, the climate and clean energy, early childhood education and human rights. See There’s a new award for freelancers (and it comes with $100,000) (Kristen Hare, Poynter, 1-24-18) The prize, a surprise to the recipients, is based on confidential nominations from leaders in journalism.

American Poets Prizes, Academy of American Poets
Numerous awards, prizes, fellowships for poetry in the United States, ranging in value from $1,000 to $100,000.
• Academy of American Poets Fellowship ($25,000 prize)
• Aliki Perroti and Seth Frank Most Promising Young Poet Award ($1,000)
• Harold Morton Landon Translation Award ($1,000)
• James Laughlin Award ($5,000 plus a weeklong residency in Miami Beach and distribution of the winning book to 1,000 members)
• Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize ($25,000)
• Raiziss/de Palchi Translation Awards ($10,000 book prize, and $25,000 fellowship)
• University & College Poetry Prizes
• Wallace Stevens Award ($100,000 stipend)

American Political Science Association (APSA) Book Awards:
Ralph J. Bunche Award best scholarly work in political science which explores the phenomenon of ethnic and cultural pluralism ($1,000)
Gladys M. Kammerer (best political science publication in the field of U.S. national policy, $1,000)
Victoria Schuck Award (best book on women and politics, $1,000)
Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award (best book on government, politics, or international affairs, $5,000, supported by the Woodrow Wilson Foundation)

American Short Fiction Short Story Contest

Amnesty International Media Awards (celebrating the best in human rights journalism)

Amy Foundation Writing Awards (writing in secular markets, using at least one biblical passage; first prize, $10,000)

Amy Lowell Poetry Travelling Scholarship (an annual scholarship of about $54,000 to support travel abroad for gifted American-born poets. No age requirement, nor need poet be previously published, though previous winners have been.

Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in fiction and nonfiction (new in 2012, funded by the Carnegie Corporation and awarded by the American Library Association--$1500 for finalists, $5000 for winners).

Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards recognize books that have made important contributions to our understanding of racism and our appreciation of the rich diversity of human cultures. Established in 1935, this important American book prize focuses on works that address racism and diversity.

Apex Awards for Publication Excellence. An awards program for writers, editors, publications staff, and business and nonprofit communicators draws a thousand-plus entries (at $137 per entry) in 100 communications categories--based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the success of the entry—in the opinion of the judges—in achieving overall communications effectiveness and excellence. In one recent year it presented 543 Awards of Excellence and 100 Grand Awards in the 11 main categories: newsletters; magazines and journals; magapapers and newspapers; annual reports; brochures, manuals and reports; electronic media and video; Web and intranet sites; campaigns, programs and plans; writing; design and illustration; and special publications.Sponsored by Communications Concepts, publishers of Writing That Works: The Business Communications Concept. One winner one year was a booklet about the National Library Service for the Blind's Talking Books Program.

Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Writing Awards

A Room of Her Own (AROHO) awards and prizes
AROHO’s $50,000 Gift of Freedom Award , for an imagined yet unwritten poetry, fiction, or nonfiction project, selected from women who are finalists in four categories: creative nonfiction, fiction, playwrighting, & poetry, with $5,000 for the three finalists who don't get the Freedom Award). See application process.
• $1,000 to the annual Lighthouse & Clarissa Dalloway Book Prizes for one woman’s unpublished poetry collection and one woman’s “everything but poetry” manuscript (respectively)
• $10,000 Shakespeare’s Sister Fellowship given to a woman playwright to fund and facilitate the completion of a new dramatic work
• 4 Orlando prizes of $1,000 each and publication in The Los Angeles Review awarded twice yearly for a poem, a short story, a short short story, and an essay by a women writers.

Artist Trust (supporting Washington State artists working in all creative disciplines

American Astronomical Society Chambliss Astronomical Writing Award for textbook writing about astronomy at the upper-division undergraduate or graduate level. Books serving astronomy majors and graduate students have relatively small markets, and excellence in this area is rarely recognized, though such books serve a vital role in professional development.

American Society of Journalists & Authors (ASJA) writing awards . See Submission rules.. ASJA also infrequently presents a Conscience-in-Media Award, and frequently helps writers through the ASJA Writers Emergency Assistance Fund (WEAF), to established freelance writers who, because of advancing age, illness, or disability, are unable to work.

American Society of News Editors (ASNE) awards for excellence in journalism News organizations of all sizes compete head-to-head in the contest’s 10 categories, with eight awards carrying cash prizes of $2500: Batten Medal for individual or team achievement in public service journalism, Burl Osborne Award for Editorial Leadership, Deborah Howell Award for Writing Excellence, Dori J. Maynard Award for Justice in Journalism, Frank A. Blethen Award for Local Accountability Reporting, Mike Royko Award for Commentary/Column Writing, O’Brien Fellowship Award for Impact in Public Service Journalism, Punch Sulzberger Award for Online Storytelling, Breaking News Writing Award, and Photojournalism Award.

Association of Catholic Publishers Excellence in Publishing Awards (in these categories: Biography, Children's Books, General Interest, Inspirational, Prayer and Spirituality, Resources for Liturgy, Resources for Ministry, Scripture, Spanish, and Theology)

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Association of Writers & Writing Programs, AWP Award Series. Awards (with $$ amounts for 2015): AWP Prize for Creative Nonfiction ($2,500), AWP Prize for the Novel ($2,500), the Donald Hall Prize for Poetry ($5,500), the Grace Paley Prize for Short Fiction ($5,500), George Garrett Award for Outstanding Community Service in Literature ($2,000 honorarium), AWP Small Press Publisher Award ($2,000). See Guidelines.. Open to all authors writing in English regardless of nationality or residence.

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The Audies, the Oscars for audiobooks, sponsored by the Audio Publishers Association (AP)

The Audio Verse awards Celebrating the best in free audio drama around the world. If you have to pay to listen to it, it's not eligible.

The Authors League Fund. The Fund gives open-ended, interest-free, no-strings-attached loans to professional writers and dramatists who find themselves in financial need because of medical or health-related problems, temporary loss of income or other misfortune.

Bad Sex in Fiction Award (Literary Review). See Top 10 worst sex scenes in modern literature.. This award elicits its own reviews. such as 'Perfunctory' sex is pretty good, even with public shaming (Douglas Perry, Oreg0nian).

The Baillie Gifford Prize (£30,000 to the winning book, and £1,000 each to those shortlisted. "The most prestigious non-fiction prize in the UK," to reward "the very best in high quality non-fiction" published in English. It covers all non-fiction in the areas of current affairs, history, politics, science, sport, travel, biography, autobiography and the arts. Formerly known as The Samuel Johnson Prize. See Rules and Conditions of Entry. Authors of any nationality are eligible, and their books can originally have been published in any language provided that they are first published in English in the UK between the specified dates.

Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction (now the Women's Prize for Fiction (see below), formerly the Orange Prize).

BAFTA Awards , the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards for film, television and games, including children's entertainment, presented at annual ceremonies across the UK and in Los Angeles. See Wikipedia lists of best films.

The Bancroft Prizes, awarded by Columbia University, for authors of distinguished work in American History (including biography) and Diplomacy. For works originally written in English and published in the Americas (North, Central, and South).

Banipal Trust for Arab Literature A prize of £3,000 awarded annually for a book of poetry or fiction translated from Arabic into English, published for the first time in English during the previous year.

Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Awards

Barlett & Steele Awards for Investigative Business Journalism, The Reynolds Center for Business Journalism celebrates the best in print and online investigative business journalism each year, with awards named for two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists: Don Barlett and Jim Steele. Find rules and application here. Deadline for submissions: July 31. Awards presented in November (a gold award of $5,000, a silver prize of $2,000 and a bronze award of $1,000).

Barry Awards for Best Crime Fiction (given by Deadly Pleasures Magazine and Mystery News)

Bay Area Planet Earth Awards for best travel article or essay (Bay Area Travel Writers)

Bellevue Literary Review prizes
~Marica and Jan Vilcek Prize for Poetry
~Goldenberg Prize for Fiction
~Felice Buckvar Prize for Nonfiction

Bellwether Prize for Fiction ($25,000 plus publication, for "a literature of social change")

Benjamin Franklin Awards, (Independent Book Publishers Association, IBPA) awards in 55 categories, recognizing excellence in book editorial and design, for independent publishers. See also Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards (honoring the best in digital book innovation)

Helen Bernstein Book Award for Excellence in Journalism for best full-length bookswritten by an author or authors whose primary profession is print, broadcast, or electronic journalism, sponsored by New York Public Library. Factors considered: the subject's significance, the book's influence on on public opinion or policy, and the quality of reporting and writing.

The Best of Photojournalism (NPPA, the contest designed by photojournalists for photojournalists)

Best Shortform Science Writing (SciShortForm, Medium) The best sciene writing online, curated quarterly. Nominations crowdsourced (here).

Between the Covers (rare-book store's guide to literary awards and book lists)

The Bibliographical Society of America offers numerous fellowships, ranging in value from $3,000 to $6,000, which support bibliographical inquiry and research in the history of the book trades and in publishing history. It also awards a few prizes:
---William L. Mitchell Prize for bibliography or documentary work on early British periodicals or newspapers
---Justin G. Schiller Prize to encourage scholarship in the bibliography of historical children’s books
---St. Louis Mercantile Library Prize, which encourages scholarship in the bibliography of American history and literature.

Robert W. Bingham Prize (PEN) awards a cash stipend of $25,000 to exceptionally talented fiction writers whose debut work -- a first novel or collection of short stories published in the award year -- represents distinguished literary achievement and suggests great promise.

Worth Bingham Prize for Investigative Journalism ($20,000, and check out the other Nieman Foundation awards on that page)

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Biography and Biographers, awards for:
See fuller description of award under its own name in master list. The Biographer's Craft newsletter will keep you up to date on when applications are due and on any special news about a particular year's award.
Annual BIO awards (Biographers International Organization), including The Plutarch Award (biography's Oscar), The BIO Award (BIO's highest honor, to an individual for contributions to advancing the art and craft of biography), the Biblio Award (to a librarian or archivist who has made an exceptional contribution to the craft of biography), Editorial Excellence award (to an outstanding editor, from nominations submitted by BIO members), and the Hazel Rowley Prize , $2000 Prize for Best Proposal from a First-time Biographer (Biographers International Organization)
Biographers' Club (UK) prizes, including
--The Tony Lothian Prize. The £2,000 ($2,569) Tony Lothian Prize (sponsored by her daughter, Elizabeth, Duchess of Buccleuch) supports uncommissioned first-time writers working on a biography. Find entry form here. Deadline July 27, 2017
--Slightly Foxed Best First Biography Prize Entry (Biographers Club of London accepts entries for best first biography (literary memoirs also eligible). Prize, £2,500 ($3,238) sponsored by Slightly Foxed, The Real Reader’s Quarterly). Deadline Nov. 1. See entry form here.
--Lifetime Services to Biography Prize
Cross Sports Book Awards: Biography of the Year (in British sportswriting)
Evans Biography Award ($10,000) for biography of someone who spent a significant part of his or her life in the Interior West, also known as “Mormon Country” — the region historically influenced by Mormon institutions and social practices. Neither the biography’s subject nor author need belong to the Mormon faith. Presented by Utah State University’s Mountain West Center for Regional Studies. The $2,500 Evans Handcart Award is given to a biography addressing similar subjects but broadens the criteria to include family histories, and focuses on first-time and emerging authors.
John Simon Guggenheim Fellowships (midcareer awards)
Leon Levy Biography Fellowships ($60,000 stipend)
Elizabeth Longford Prize for Historical Biography (£5,000 presented annually for a historical biography published the preceding year)
Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Biography
Mayborn Fellowship in Biography with James McGrath Morris in Santa Fe, NM. May deadline. See Mayborn contests.
Mayborn National Biography Writing Contest (for high school or community college students)
Mayborn Conference Young Spurs Biography Contest
National Book Critics Circle awards in Biography and in Autobiography. Before 2005, autobiography and biography together were one category.
National Biography Award $25,000--the richest national prize dedicated to Australian biographical writing and memoir, for a published work of biographical or autobiographical writing aiming to promote public interest in these genres. The authors of up to six shortlisted works will each receive
$1,000. Eligible works: biography, autobiography or memoir in English, about an Australian subject or someone who has made a substantial contribution to Australia. See Guidelines.
National Jewish Book Award in Biography, Autobiography, and Memoir (a Krauss Family Award in memory of Simon & Shulamith (Sofi) Goldberg
PEN/Jacqueline Bograd Weld Award for Biography ($5,000)
The Plutarch Award (Biographers International Organization). BIO, an organization of practicing biographers and lovers of biography, has presented this Best Biography of the Year award annually since 2013.
Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography. (See Pulitzer Stirs Controversy by Awarding the Biography/ Autobiography Prize to Memoirs (James McGrath Morris, BIO, 6-14-17) "Most [biographers] believe that memoir is a fundamentally different form of writing about a life in that it does not require any form of documentation, especially the kind of research that often distinguishes biographies." David Nasaw: "...there should be some references, footnotes, endnotes, or in the text itself, which gave the reader the confidence that what was being said, or what was being reported, had actually taken place. The Pulitzer guidelines made that abundantly clear." Judges for the 2015 Pulitzer did research: "it was the opinion of the three of us that an autobiography was distinct from a memoir. An autobiography is the writing of a life by the person who lived that life. It does not necessarily have to be cradle-to-grave, but it is written to show how influences of place and time, childhood, adolescence, parenthood, affect the coming-to-age, and the activities, character, personality, and achievements of the adult. It is, in other words, a biography written by the person who is the subject of that biography.
"It was our understanding that a memoir is a piece of a life, a moment of a life, a part of a life, and it is not documented. There is no corroborating material, there are no additional interviews, there are no newspaper articles, and there is no context provided. A memoir is a work—as the title makes clear—of memory. Autobiography and biographies are not works of memory." See the article for fuller commentary on how memoirs ended up getting awards in the Biography/Autobiography category.
Sarton Women's Book Awards (Story Circle Network, honoring women's lives). In the nonfiction category, you may submit a biography, collective biography, edited diary, scholarly study of women's lit, or an anthology. There is also a separate award for memoirs.
The Coyiuto Prize, a new prize honoring a book (biography or autobiography) by a Filipino writer working in English, about a Filipino person or family. Cash prize of PHP100,000 ($2,223).
William H. Seward Award for Excellence in Civil War Biography ($2,000, Civil War Forum of Metropolitan New York)
Sperber Prize (for exceptional achievement in writing and research in a biography about a person in the field of journalism or media studies).
Richard Slatten Award for Excellence in Virginia Biography (cash award, $1000)
Biographies are also eligible for an American History Book Prize, a Bancroft Prize, a Hillman Prize, a National Book Award, or a Pulitzer Prize, among others. Biography dominates Samuel Johson prize longlist (Alison Flood, Guardian. "A wide range of life stories loom large among the 18 finalists for the £20,000 prize." And a memoir won: Hawk book wins £20,000 Samuel Johnson prize.
And, as BIO's website points out, do not ignore state historical societies, which often issue awards for biographies. So do some university presses.
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Black Caucus Literature Awards (Black Caucus of the American Library Association awards for fiction, first novel, nonfiction by African American author and Outstanding Contribution to Publishing for unique book positively depicting African Americans)

Blog awards (Wikipedia entry)
Weblog awards for 2013 (Bloggies)
The Webby Awards, an international award honoring excellence on the Internet -- for over 100+ Website, Interactive Advertising, Online Film & Video, and Mobile & App categories -- presented by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Two honors are presented in every category: The Webby Award and The People's Voice Award. This is different from the previous listing.
Online Media Awards (somewhat British-oriented) include online editor of the year; digital writer of the year; best commentary/blogging; best video journalism.
The Duck of the Draw (Simon Waldman, Guardian, on the Guardian's Best British Blog award 2002). See also Weblog competition a 'bloody stupid idea'? (Simon Waldman vs. Tom Coates)

Bobbitt National Prize for Poetry A privately funded $10,000 poetry award given biennially under the auspices of the Library of Congress. The Rebekah Johnson Bobbitt National Prize for Poetry recognizes the most distinguished book of poetry written by an American and published during the preceding two years.

Bollingen Prize for Poetry at Yale ($100,000), a prestigious literary honor bestowed every two years on an American poet, in recognition of the best book of new verse within the last two years, or for lifetime achievement.

Book Awards for Self-Published Authors (Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer)

Booker Prize (previously known as the Man Booker Prize, this distinguished award for contemporary fiction, worth £50,000, was originally for writers from the British Commonwealth Ireland, Zimbabwe and South Africa); American authors are now eligible if the book is also published in England. See readers' guides for Man Booker titles and rules and guidelines for entering submissions for both the Booker Prize and the International Booker Prize (the latter, also worth £50,000, for best fiction translated into English--a novel or a collection of short stories--the money divided between author and translator). And see FAQs. When first awarded (in 1969), the Booker Prize was limited to novels by authors from Britain, Ireland, and the Commonwealth nations. In 2014 American novelists became eligible (if published in England) and publishers with previously long-listed titles were allowed more entries. "Authors who have previously been shortlisted will still be allowed to automatically enter new titles, and there will still be a call in option for judges to request books that were not originally submitted." Why no longer the Man Booker prize? The "hedge fund company Man Group announced it was ending its 18-year relationship with Britain's most prestigious literary award." The Booker Prize Trustees Search for New Sponsor After Man Group Exit (Caroline Davies, The Guardian, 1-27-19).
For insights into the award process, see The 12 Biggest Booker Prize Controversies (Thomas Flynn, The Daily Beast, 7-23-13). See also 'Crazy but fantastic': Man Booker prize pitches tiny publishers into big league (Alison Flood, The Guardian, 7-29-16) A year after Marlon James and his indie press Oneworld beat publishing giants to win the Man Booker, three independent publishers have made the 2016 longlist. But what effect does the ‘mother of all prizes’ have on tiny teams?
See also: The Guardian's Not the Booker prize. Sam Jordison leads a hunt by readers of the Guardian books blog to find the year's best book, which may – or may not – tally with the assessment of the Man Booker prize judges. See The magnificent 70: Guardian Not the Booker prize longlist announced (2015). And from a working-class perspective, be sure to read Class, Race, and the Case for Genre Fiction in the Canon: Adrian McKinty on Reading the Real Giants of Literature (Adrian McKinty, Literary Hub, 9-27-17) And The Man Booker Prize: By the Numbers (Emily Temple, LitHub, 6-25-18) How Many Story Collections Have Made the Shortlist? Who's Won It Most? What proportion of men and women? How many writers of color?

Man Booker International Prize (worth £60,000, awarded every two years to a living author who has published fiction either originally in English or whose work is generally available in translation in the English language). There were also some one-off Special Prizes.

The BookLife Prize in Fiction ($5,000 to outstanding finalist, plus a profile in Publishers Weekly). This annual writing contest sponsored by BookLife and Publishers Weekly seeks to support independent authors and discover great works of unpublished or self-published fiction in six categories: Romance/Erotica; Mystery/Thriller; Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror; General Fiction; YA Fiction; and Middle Grade Fiction.

Books for a Better Life Award (National MS Society, NYC-Southern NY chapter) Awarding self-improvement authors whose messages are aligned with the chapter’s mission of inspiring people to live their best lives. Awards in several categories: Childcare/Parenting, Cookbook, First Book, Green, Inspirational Memoir, Motivational, Psychology, Relationships, Spiritual, and Wellness)

Booktrust administers many writing awards and contests previously administered by other organizations, and some new ones. Here's Booktrust's story.

The Booktrust Best Book Awards with Amazon Kindle.

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Borders Original Voices Award Winners (Goodreads listing through 2009--awards appear to have been discontinued after that. Was $5,000 award in each of four categories)

Boston Authors Club. Annual prizes of $1,000 each for two books (one for young readers) written by a Boston-area author. Poetry, fiction, or nonfiction (including creative nonfiction).

W.Y. Boyd Literary Award for Excellence in Military Fiction (American Library Association), $5,000 prize for winning book published in year prior to the award.

Bram Stoker Awards (Horror Writers Association)

Michael Braude Award for Light Verse
, a $5000 biennial award for light verse written in English regardless of the writer's country of origin (one of many awards from the American Academy of Arts and Letters).

The Bridge Award ($1o,000, Arts in the Armed Forces, recognizing an emerging playwright of exceptional talent who served or is currently serving in the US military)

British Fantasy Awards (British Fantasy Society)

British Columbia's National Award for Canadian Non-Fiction, presented by the British Columbia Achievement Foundation ($50,000 to the winner, and $5,000 each to the finalists)

Brit Writers Awards Jane Smith of How Publishing Really Works originally wrote about suspect aspects of these awards--a marketing gimmick for a self-publishing arm? Here Writer Beware writes about the awards being "dogged by allegations of loose judging standards and poor communication," etc.

Brown Foundation. The Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation awards yearly grants ($1,000) awards yearly grants for full-length plays, screenplays, musicals or operas that present the gay and lesbian lifestyle in a positive manner and that are based on, or inspired by, a historic person, culture, event, or work of art.

John Burroughs Association Literary Awards
John Burroughs Medal (for distinguished books of natural history)
John Burroughs Nature Essay Award (for outstanding natural history writing in a published essay)
Riverby Awards (for exceptional natural history books for young readers)

The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest (Where “WWW” means “Wretched Writers Welcome") For most wretched first sentence of a novel.

Cabot Prizes. The Maria Moors Cabot Prize, the oldest international prizes in journalism, are awarded each fall to journalists in the Western hemisphere who, through their sustained and distinguished body of work, have contributed to Inter-American understanding. Occasionally the award is given to an organization that has made a similar contribution.

CaFÉ for Artists ( is the leading online application and adjudication system for managing calls for entry for juried art shows. Sophisticated yet easy-to-use, CaFÉ allows call administrators to streamline every step of the online application and review process. CaFÉ was designed for artists and arts administrators by artists and arts administrators to be intuitive, user friendly, and affordable and can be tailored to nearly any call-for-entry process thanks to a robust and flexible management system. Launched in 2005, CaFÉ was designed with public art projects, artist fellowships, juried visual art competitions and exhibitions in mind but can accommodate nearly any type of call, including art commissions, public art RFQs, invitationals, residencies, fellowships, mini grants, awards, and more!
I include this entry (which is not geared to awards for writers, editors, and journalists) because a writer friend who has submitted photos for juried competitions explained that it lists all the competitions, dates, etc. that organizations, museums, etc., submit to it. The submitters pay to be listed. They read the listings to find shows they want to try for. Some will accept all media; some just photography, etc. If it appeals to me to be juried into a show, I upload my photos and pay the amount per photo required. (Can be something like 5 photos for $45 or thereabouts.) Then Cafe submits them to the source of the competition for jurying.
Five Tips for Getting into Juried Art Shows (Karen Leland, Artists Network, 2-13-09)
What is the difference between curated and juried? (Harriete Estel Berman, Ask Harriet, 10-27-11)

The Caine Prize for African Writing (£10,000 and prestige). There's controversy about whether there is such a thing as African writing, which Ellah Allfrey discussed in this Guardian story in 2010: The winning qualities of the Caine Prize.

Calibre Essay Prize (Australian Book Review) $5,000 first prize, $2,500 second. Open to all essayists writing in English, for essays of between 2,000 and 5,000 words on any subject. Welcomes essays of all kinds: personal or political, literary or speculative, traditional or experimental.

CASE Awards (Council for Advancement and Support of Education, many of them for writing and publishing)

Casey Medals for Meritorious Journalism honor distinguished coverage of disadvantaged children, youth and families. Read these First Person narratives by honorees about how they covered their winning stories, with tips (Reporting Best Practices) for fellow reporters. Journalism Center on Children and Families

CASW Awards (Council for the Advancement of Science Writing)
---Victor Cohn Prize for Excellence in Medical Science Reporting $3,000, to honor a writer for a body of work published or broadcast within the last five years which, for reasons of uncommon clarity, accuracy, breadth of coverage, enterprise, originality, insight and narrative power, has made a profound and lasting contribution to public awareness and understanding of critical advances in medical science and their impact on human health and well-being.
---Evert Clark/Seth Payne Award for Young Science Journalists under 30 (to encourage young science writers by recognizing outstanding reporting and writing in any field of science, limited to non-technical, print and online journalism) $1000 and expenses to attend ScienceWriters conference, limited to non-technical, print and online journalism).

Cat Writers' Association awards categories

Center for Plain Language ClearMark and WonderMark awards recognize the best and worst use of plain language each year in both the private and public sectors. The ClearMark awards celebrate documents and web sites that succeed in communicating clearly. The WonderMark awards "are your chance to tell the world what’s not plain. Forms, signage, websites. Disclaimers, instructions, legal documents."

Center for Fiction's First Novel Prize ($10,000 to winner, $1,000 to shortlisted authors).
Other Center for Fiction awards:
The Christopher Doheny Award ($10,000. Recognizes excellence in fiction or nonfiction on the topic of serious physical illness by a writer who has personally dealt or is dealing with life-threatening illness, either his or her own or that of a close relative or friend.)
Maxwell E. Perkins Award to honor the work of an editor, publisher, or agent who over the course of his or her career has discovered, nurtured and championed writers of fiction in the United States.
Roger Shattuck Prize for Criticism devoted to the support and encouragement of emerging critics.

The Chautauqua Prize, a national prize that celebrates a book of fiction or literary/narrative nonfiction that provides a richly rewarding reading experience and honors the author for a significant contribution to the literary arts--winner receives $7,500 and a week-long residency at the famed Chautauqua Institution in New York)

Children's and teens' book awards

These tend to list the award books, or link to the awards site, but not to detail where to submit books for consideration.
Children's & Young Adult Literature: Book Lists & Book Awards (Clemson Libraries) Awards: Batchelder Award, Caldecott Medal, Coretta Scott King Book Awards, Geisel Award, Newbery Medal, Odyssey Award, Printz Award, Pura Belpré Award, Sibert Informational Book Medal, Wilder Award, and many more)
Children's Africana Book Awards (CABA) (Africa Access), presented annually to the authors and illustrators of the best children's and young adult books on Africa published or republished in the U.S.
Children's Book Awards - from other organizations (Association for Library Science to Children, ALSC)
Awards and Best-of-the-Year Lists (Cooperative Children's Book Center, School of Education, UIniversity of Wisconsin-Madison)
Children's Book Awards (David K. Brown,The Children's Literature Web Guide) Excellent resource in terms of various awards (international, Canadian, U.S., British, Australian, New Zealand, Children's Choice, and Best Book of the Year). Actual award listings go only through 1998, but do list the award competitions. See, for example, U.S. Children's Book Awards and Children's Book Awards Around the World (these take you to fuller lists).
Awards for Children's Literature (University of Illinois at Urbana). Lists all awards for Caldecott Medal Books, Hans Christian Andersen Award, Newbery Medal Books, and Schneider Family Book Award.
Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature (compiled by Lisa R. Bartle). See especially Calendar of awards and Explanation of awards.
Children's Book Awards (English-language awards worldwide, on the Children's Literature Web Guide, through 1996)
Reading Rockets (award-winning and notable kids' books)
The Best Children's Books of the Year (The Children's Book Committee, Bank Street College of Education). See list of winners from 1943 on.
Children’s & Teen Choice Book Awards Finalists & Winners (Children's Book Council) Winners are selected by kids and teens of all ages.
Children’s Choice Book Awards Book Lists for 2016 (Children's Book Council)
Children's Choices Reading Lists (International Literacy Association)

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Christopher Awards (established by Christopher founder Father James Keller to salute media that “affirm the highest values of the human spirit" -- that "encourage audiences to see the better side of human nature and motivate artists and the general public to use their best instincts on behalf of others." Answers to FAQs.

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The Christy Awards (honoring excellence in Christian fiction)

Cicero Speechwriting Awards (Vital Speeches of the Day, for speeches submitted in English)

ClearMark and WonderMark awards (Center for Plain Language, recognizing the best and worst in plain language each year in government, nonprofit, and private companies)

Victor Cohn Prize for Excellence in Medical Science Reporting (Council for the Advancement of Science, $3,000 and a framed certificate)

Colorado Prize for Poetry

ComicCon awards (awarded at the ComicCon International, a major multigenre entertainment and comic convention
Will Eisner Awards, for creative achievement in American comic books (equivalent, say, to the Oscars for American comic books)
Icon Award, presented to individuals or organizations who have been instrumental in bringing comics and/or the popular arts to a wider audience.
Inkpot Award given to individuals for their contributions to the worlds of comics, science fiction/fantasy, film, television, animation, and fandom services
Clampett Award to honor those people in comics and the popular arts who have worked to help others.
Finger Award for excellence in comic book writing
Russ Manning Award for promising newcomer.

Commonwealth Short Fiction Prize (unearths, develops and promotes the best new fiction from across the British Commonwealth--writers from Nigeria, Canada, India, Pakistan, the UK,m and other parts of the Commonwealth). Regional winners of the Commonwealth Book Prize receive £2,500 and the overall winner receives £10,000. Regional winners of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize receive £1,000 and the overall winner receives £5,000. In 2014 the organization will stop offering a book prize and concentrate on the short story--see eligibility and entry rules.

Communication Arts competitions (for advertising, design, illustration, interactive media photography)

Content Marketing Awards (a combination of the Magnum Opus Awards and the Orange Awards -- for people who create content for organizations)

Cookbook awards

IACP Cookbook Awards. The International Association of Culinary Professionals Cookbook Awards celebrate the year's most outstanding food and beverage publications
James Beard Foundation Book Awards. It appears individuals don't submit for this, but awards are presented for cookbooks in American Cooking, General Cooking, Baking and Dessert, Beverage, Cooking from a Professional Point of View, International, Writing and Literature, Photography, Reference and Scholarship, Single Subject. There are also awards in media and among professional chefs. You can download a list of recent winners on the website. Here are past winners as posted on Powell's Books.

Costa Book Awards (were Whitbread Literary Awards, starting in 1971, then Whitbread Book Awards, from 1985 on until 2006 when Costa took over). Prestigious and popular literary prizes with sizable cash awards for U.K. and Ireland-based authors in these categories: Novel, First Novel, Biography, Poetry and Children's Book. The winner in each category receives £5,000 ($8,100), and then one of the five winning books is selected as the overall Costa Book of the Year, receiving a further £30,000--for a total prize fund of £55,000.

Council on Foreign Relations presents an Arthur Ross Book Award recognizes books that make an outstanding contribution to the understanding of foreign policy or international relations.

Creative Writing Contests (which may mean short stories, essays, memoirs, poems, novels, plays, etc.). Many, many contests, large and small, can be found on these lists:
Poets & Writers' excellent list
Free Writing Contests (Poets & Writers annual issue about Writing Contestsoffers a complete guide to nearly 100 literary competitions that charge no entry fees.)
Manuscript Editing's list
Freelance Writing's list
Pearl Luke's list
Oliver Abrahim Kahn's site
Writer's Digest competitions

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Crime Fiction Awards ('s master list of all the awards for outstanding writing in the field of mystery, suspense, thriller and crime fiction)

Crime Writers' Association (CWA) Daggers (for "quality crime writing")

Croly Award for Excellence in Journalism Covering Issues of Concern to Women ($1000 given by the General Federation of Women’s Clubs to journalists who best capture the courage, vision, and spirit of Jane Cunningham Croly)

Cundill History Prize (McGill University of Montreal) Open to writers from any country and goes to a book that has a profound literary, social, and academic impact in the area of history. The author will have published a book in English (or a book that has been translated to English) in the area of history. A distinguished jury seeks the book that embodies historical scholarship, originality, literary quality and broad appeal. One Grand Prize of US$75,000 and two ‘Recognition of Excellence’ Prizes of US$10,000 each.

Cybils. The Cybils, or Children's and Young Adult Bloggers' Literary Awards, are for kid friendly, blogger approved books. Categories: book apps, easy reading, fantasy & science fiction (middle grade and young adult), graphic novels, middle grade fiction and nonfiction, young adult nonfiction, nonfiction picture books, poetry, and young adult fiction.

Dagger Awards (Crime Writers Association, UK)

Danahy Fiction Prize (Tampa Review, $1000, annual award)

David Cohen Prize for Literature, worth £40,000, established in 1992, has been awarded to novelists, dramatists, biographers, poets and essayists. The winner of the prize also chooses the recipient of the Clarissa Luard Award, worth £12,500 and also . funded by Arts Council England, which is given to a literature organization that supports young writers and readers or an individual writer under the age of 35.

Dayton Literary Peace Prize, inaugurated in 2006, is the first and only annual U.S. literary award recognizing the power of the written word to promote peace. The Dayton Literary Peace Prize invites nominations in adult fiction and nonfiction books published within the past year that have led readers to a better understanding of other cultures, peoples, religions, and political points of view. Both awards carry a $10,000 cash prize. Download nomination form and guidelines (which give fuller guidance on what winning books should try to do).

Dilys Award (Independent Mystery Booksellers Association, connecting criminally inclined readers with arresting mysteries), for mystery titles of the year that member booksellers most enjoyed selling, named for Dilys Winn, first mystery bookseller)

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Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize (WBUR and Boston University) $5,000, awarded to a rising public media journalist 35 years or younger, for a news story or segment — whether broadcast, podcast or published online, using any combination of audio and other media — of significance and quality.

Dart Awards for Excellence in Coverage of Trauma

Dartmouth Medal (Reference & User Services Association, RUSA, American Library Association) honors the creation of a reference work of outstanding quality and significance.

Data Journalism Awards(International Journalists' Network, supported by Google News Lab and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, in partnership with Chartbeat) Awards are given for outstanding work in the field of data journalism worldwide, to examples of data-driven articles or investigations, data-driven applications and storytelling projects that use data visualisation, to cover topics relevant to the general public and aiming at having an impact on sociey. Awards given in several categories: Best data journalism team; Best individual portfolio;The Chartbeat award for the best use of data in a breaking news story, within first 36 hours; Data journalism website of the year; Data visualisation of the year; Innovation in data journalism; Investigation of the year; News data app of the ye; arOpen data award; Student and young data journalist of the year; ‘Small newsrooms’; and 'Public choice'.

Dayton Literary Peace Prize, inaugurated in 2006 and an outgrowth of the Dayton Peace Prize, is the first and only annual U.S. literary award recognizing the power of the written word to promote peace. The Dayton Literary Peace Prize invites nominations in adult fiction and nonfiction books published within the past year that have led readers to a better understanding of other cultures, peoples, religions, and political points of view. Both awards carry a $10,000 cash prize. One award is the Richard C. Holbrooke Distinguished Achievement Award.

Deadline Club Awards (prestigiou journalism awards). Get a sense of the categories in this list of the 2014 Annual Awards Finalists.

The Dish Awards. One DOESN'T want to win these: The Malkin Award is for shrill, hyperbolic, divisive and intemperate right-wing rhetoric. The Moore Award is for divisive, bitter and intemperate left-wing rhetoric. The Hewitt Award is for the most egregious attempts to label Barack Obama as un-American, alien, treasonous, and far out of the mainstream of American life and politics. The Dick Morris Award is for stunningly wrong political, social and cultural predictions. The Poseur Alert is for passages of prose that stand out for pretension, vanity and really bad writing designed to look like profundity. The Hathos Alert is for moments when you want to look away but cannot. (Hathos is the attraction to something you really can’t stand; it’s the compulsion of revulsion.) Those are shortened versions of descriptions on the Dish website.

Dog Writers Associationof America writing competition

DSC Prize for South Asian Literature, $50,000 to the bet full-length work of fiction (at least $25,000 words) by an author of any ethnicity from any country, which predominantly features themes based on South Asian culture, politics, history, or people. (South Asia is defined as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Burma and Afghanistan.)

Duff Cooper Prize (aka the Pol Roger Duff Cooper Prize) to a work of nonfiction (history, biography, politics or poetry) published in English within the current year by a UK publisher. Award winner gets £5,000 ($8,330).

DuPont-Columbia Award (recognizing excellence in broadcast journalism -- one of the most prestigious prizes in broadcast, documentary and digital news.

The Dylan Thomas Prize for young writers. The £60,000 University of Wales Dylan Thomas Prize is awarded to the best published or produced literary work in the English language, written by an author under 30. It is open to works of fiction, drama, and poetry in English--all genres in which Thomas worked.

Dzanc Books prizes and contests
• Dzanc Books/Disquiet Open Borders Book Prize ( $5,000 advance and publication, for winning book-length manuscripts in fiction or nonfiction exhibiting a marked commitment to mutual understanding and cultural exchange across the globe
• Dzanc Books Prize for Fiction (a $10,000 advance and publication for a book manuscript that exhibits daring, original, and innovative writing)
• Dzanc Books Short Story Collection Prize (a $2,500 advance and publication for the winning short-form imaginative and inventive writing)

Eclipse Awards (National Turf Writers and Broadcasters, which also presents Joe Palmer Award for meritorious service to racing, Mr. Fitz Award for typifying the spirit of racing, and Walter Haight Award for lifetime excellence in turf writing)

Econ4 Video Remix contest "Share your vision for an economy that works for people, for the planet, and for the future! Econ4 is launching our first Video Remix Contest. Using the clips we provide, we want you to remix, re-edit, and re-imagine economics in video form." See "The Greatest Economics Lesson" (This Short Film Explains Why Businesses Should Maximize Value Over Profit (Edwin Rios, Mother Jones, 5-6-16)

ECPA Christian Book Awards (awards in seven categories from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association)

Edgar Awards (Mystery Writers of America)

Edelstein Prize cash award and a plaque to the author of an outstanding scholarly book in the history of technology (formerly the Dexter prize). One of several awards presented by the Society for the History of Technology (SHOT)

Editing, Awards for
ACES, The Society for Editing
---ACES Headline Contest (rewards good headline writing in print and digital media--honors those who masterfully write clever, sophisticated, unique headlines)
---Glamann Award (recognizing people and organizations that have significantly contributed to our society and the craft of copy editing)
---Robinson Prize ($2000, honors a "copy editor of the year" whose work exemplifies the values that ACES promotes--one copy editor whose work demonstrates exceptional effectiveness)
---ACES Research Award (an award designed to bridge the gap between academia and working journalists and provide research in editing to working copy editors and managers)
Council of Science Editors
---CSE Award for Meritorious Achievement
---CSE Distinguished Service Award
---CSE Certificate of Appreciation
Council of Editors of Learned Journals
---Distinguished Literary Editor Award
---Paranassus Award for Significant Editorial Achievement
Editors Canada
---Tom Fairley Award to an exceptional editor who played an important role in the success of a project completed in English or French.
---Karen Virag Award recognizes the efforts of an editor or an organization to raise the profile of editing in their community
---President's Award for Volunteer Service, including the Lee d'Anjou Volunteer of the Year Award
---Editors Canada honorary life members
---PEN/Nora Magid Award for Magazine Editing (PEN America) Honors a magazine editor whose high literary standards and taste have, throughout his or her career, contributed significantly to the excellence of the publication he or she edits.
National Magazine Awards for Print and Digital Media
---Ellie Awards honor print and digital publications that consistently demonstrate superior execution of editorial objectives, innovative techniques, noteworthy enterprise and imaginative design.
The award for best fiction editor goes to ... nobody (Damien G. Walker, The Guardian, 4-17-09)

Eisner Awards (the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards), considered the "Oscars" of the comics world, are presented in more than two dozen categories. Earlier awards for comics (no longer presented) were the Kirby Awards (the Jack Kirby Comics Industry Award) and the Shazam awards. See Wikipedia's useful chart and list of comics awards.

**E&P Journalism Awards and Fellowship Directory (free PDF download, 2010). This comprehensive list, from Editor & Publisher, of more than 500 awards, grants, scholarships and contests - national and international - available to journalists and other newspaper professionals. With a subject index to make locating specific awards easier.

800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards (new in 2014)

Emergency Funds and Other Resources for Needy Writers (ASJA's fine guide to National Emergency Funds, Regional Emergency Funds, Crisis Advice and Advocacy)

Emergency Shelter and Food Provisions (PEN America's list of national and regional resources)

Eugene M. Emme Astronautical Literature Awards (American Astronautical Society's annual awards for outstanding books that advance public understanding of astronautics). They reward originality, scholarship and readability. Anyone, including authors and publishers, can submit a title for consideration. Submittals are limited to English-language books published (original appearance or new addition) on any of a number of aspects of spaceflight in a variety of disciplines and ranging from juvenile and pop literature to texts intended for academia or practicing scientists and engineers.

Paul Engle Prize (includes a one-of-a-kind work of art and $10,000). The annual Paul Engle Prize from the Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature honors an individual who, like Paul Engle, represents a pioneering spirit in the world of literature through writing, editing, publishing, or teaching, and whose active participation in the larger issues of the day has contributed to the betterment of the world through the literary arts. Sponsored by the City of Coralville.

English PEN prizes (for British writers)
Golden PEN Award for a Lifetime’s Distinguished Service to Literature is presented annually to a British writer
Hessell-Tiltman Prize (of £3,000 is awarded annually to a nonfiction historical work of high literary merit covering any historical period until the end of the second world war
PEN Pinter Prize (awarded annually to a British writer or a writer resident in Britain of outstanding literary merit who, in the words of Harold Pinter’s Nobel speech, casts an ‘unflinching, unswerving’ gaze upon the world, and shows a ‘fierce intellectual determination …to define the real truth of our lives and our societies’ ")
PEN/Ackerley Prize given annually to a literary autobiography of excellence, written by an author of British nationality and published during the preceding year, for which it is felt that J.R. Ackerley would have expressed enthusiasm.
See also PEN American awards, below (scroll down).

Environmental journalism, prizes for
Society of Environmental Journalists annual awards for reporting on the environment, in seven categories: Kevin Carmody Award for Outstanding In-depth Reporting, Large Market; Kevin Carmody Award for Outstanding In-depth Reporting, Small Market; Outstanding Beat Reporting, Large Market; Outstanding Beat Reporting, Small Market; Outstanding Feature Story; Rachel Carson Environment Book Award; Outstanding Environmental Photojournalism
The society also lists Non-SEJ environmental journalism awards
Nina Mason Pulliam Award for Outstanding Environmental Reporting ($10,000, to be presented first in 2018, awarded by The Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, in association with the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) and Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)).

EPPY awards (Editor & Publisher and Media Week awards for best media-affiliated websites, across 43 categories, awarded to newspapers, television, magazine and radio companies)

Eric Hoffer Awards ($40 entry fee, a grand prize of $2500) in a variety of categories, including (unpublished) short prose and books (covered here), plus press awards (for micro press, small press, academic press, and self-published books), include the
Montaigne Medal (to the most thought-provoking book(s), which either illuminate, progress, or redirect thought)
da Vinci Eye for the title(s) with the best cover art (judged on both content and style -- here are some winners
the First Horizon Award for superior work by a debut author (the first published book of any type by the author).

Espy Foundation Residencies for Poets and Writers (one-month residencies in March, June, and October to poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers in Oysterville, Washington)

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Everett M. Rogers Award (USC Annenberg School for Communication and the Lear Center), recognizes exceptional creativity in the practice of entertainment-education and excellence in research on the use of entertainment to deliver messages aimed at improving the quality of life of audiences around the world

Evert Clark/Seth Payne Award for Young Science Journalists under 30 ($1000 and expenses to attend ScienceWriters conference, Council for the Advancement of Science Writing, CASW, limited to non-technical, print and online journalism).

Excellence in Institutional Writing Award (National Association of Science Writers) to recognize high-caliber, publicly accessible science writing produced on behalf of an institution or other non-media organization.

Excellence in Statistical Reporting Award (American Statistical Association). See also Statistical excellence in journalism awards (Royal Statistical Society)

Excellence in Financial Journalism Competition (New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants recognize reporters from national and local media who contribute to a better understanding of business topics)

Fairfax Prize, $10,000, awarded to outstanding writers for their significant literary achievements (writing and publishing excellent works that contribute significantly to American or international culture; generously giving personal time and talents to the development of literature and literary endeavors; mentoring younger writers; and giving special service to the community of writers). Sponsored by the Fairfax Library Foundation, at time of annual Fall for the Book festival.

William Faulkner Literary Competition (awards for novel, one-act play, poetry, adult short story, and student short story, with prizes ranging from $250 to $2000)

Fellowship of Southern Writers Awards (for poetry, fiction, drama, and lifetime achievement, writing about the Appalachian South)

Clifton Fadiman Medal for Excellence in Fiction (awarded 2000-2010) honored a book by a living American author that deserves renewed recognition and a wider readership. A cash prize of $5,000 was established in 2000. The award recipient was originally chosen by a committee, but the Center for Fiction later enlisted a recognized writer to choose a worthy book published no less than ten years ago. (Library Thing lists the winners.)


Fiction Collective Two (FC2)
--- FC2 Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Contest ($1500 and publication by FC2, an imprint of the University of Alabama Press, to a U.S. writer in English who has not previously published with Fiction Collective Two.
---FC2 Catherine Doctorow Innovative Fiction Prize $15,000 plus publication for a U.S. writer with at least three published books of fiction.

Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year (”the most compelling and enjoyable insight into modern business issues, including management, finance and economics”)

Fly-fishing awards. There seem to be several, but in particular we note the Robert Travers Fly-Fishing Writing Award. There is also at least one award for fly fishing video (Drake Magazine).

"First Book" Contests (Poets & Writers' list of "debut book" contests for 2010).

The Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence (the Gaines Award, a $15,000 cash prize from the Baton Rouge Area Foundation to inspire and recognize rising African-American fiction writers of excellence at a national level.

Gardening related awards
GardenComm Media Awards (Garden Communicators International--originally the Quill & Trowel Awards, Garden Writers of America) See Submission info and award categories (over 50 categories across 7 disciplines)
American Horticultural Society Book Awards. See Nomination guidelines.
Cynthia Westcott Scientific Writing Award (GardenComm) recognizes individuals with PhDs who communicate new ideas, concepts or scientific findings related to horticulture and gardening in terms that are easily understood by laypersons.
Garden Media Guild Awards (UK)

George Washington Book Prize ($50,000), for the most important new book about America's founding era, especially those that have the potential to advance broad public understanding of early American history. Co-sponsored by Washington College, the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, and George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens.

Georgia Author of the Year Award, presented by the Georgia Writers Association (presenting its 47th awards in 2011).

Gerald R. Ford Foundation Journalism Prizes for Distinguished Reporting on the Presidency and National Defense, two annual prizes in print journalism ($5,000 each) presented at the National Press Club.

German/American Journalists Exchange Program, for broadcast or online journalists (sponsored by the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA)

Gilder Lehrman National Book Prizes. The Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and George Washington Book Prizes for outstanding books in American History are among the most prestigious awards for history writing in the United States:
The Lincoln Book Prize ($50,000, awarded annually, in partnership with Gettysburg College) for the best book (the finest scholarly work in English) on Lincoln or the Civil War era. When submissions carry similar merit, preference is shown for work on Abraham Lincoln or the common soldier, or work that reaches a broad literate public.
The Frederick Douglass Book Prize ($25,000 awarded annually, in partnership with the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition at Yale University) for an outstanding book about slavery or abolition.
The George Washington Book Prize ($50,000 awarded annually, in partnership with Washington College and Mount Vernon) for outstanding published works that contribute to a greater understanding of the life and career of George Washington and/or the founding era.

Giller Prize. Scotiabank's Giller Prize is Canada's largest literary prize: $50,000 to the author of the best Canadian novel or short story collection published in English and $5,000 to each of the four other finalists.
"Everyone has a notion of what sells but nobody knows. Publishing is a guessing game. It begins with writers and agents trying to second-guess the zeitgeist, continues with publishers and editors trying to second-guess book chains, book clubs, book readers and book critics, and ends with literary juries trying to second-guess posterity. 'If we all tossed a coin, we’d get it right half the time. Since we rely on our judgment, we get it right less often.' I’m quoting Michael Korda from memory." ~ George Jonas, writing about Canada's Giller Prize, in Picking the next great novel is a guessing game (National Post, 11-13-10)

GLAAD Media Awards recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community and the issues that affect their lives.

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Glamour Magazine’s Essay Contest ($5,000)

Glimmer Train Press holds contests for fiction, in these categories: Fiction Open, Family Matters, Very Short Fiction Award, Short Story award for new writers. Check the list of 25 winners and finalists for all Glimmer Train contests.

Global Business Book Awards (Financial Times). These awards have been discontinued.

Global Ebook Awards (Dan Poynter -- "they come with a built-in publicity machine").

Golden Crown Literary Society ("Goldie") awards for the best lesbian literature

Goldsmith Awards Program (Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School) The Goldsmith Awards Program, launched in 1991, has as its goal the encouragement of a more insightful and spirited public debate about government, politics and the press.
---The Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting (the winner receives $25,000, and five finalists receive $10,000) recognizes pioneering work by teams of journalists from across the country. It honors investigative reporting that best promotes more effective and ethical conduct of government, the making of public policy, or the practice of politics.
---The Goldsmith Book Prize is awarded to the trade and academic books that best fulfill the objective of improving democratic governance through an examination of the intersection between the media, politics and public policy.
---The Goldsmith Career Award for Excellence in Journalism is given annually for outstanding contributions to the field of journalism, and for work that has enriched our political discourse and our society.

Goodreads Choice Awards (the only major book awards decided by readers -- granted in these categories: Fiction, mystery and fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, paranormal fantasy, science fiction, romance, horror, memoir & autobiography, history & biography, nonfiction, food & cookbooks, humor, graphic novels & comics, poetry, debut Goodreads author, young adult fiction, young adult fantasy, middle grade & children's, and picture books)

Governor General's Literary Awards (Canada’s highest literary honor, with winners chosen in seven categories for books in both French and English). Each winner receives $25,000 (Canadian).

The Gracies. These Alliance for Women in Media awards recognize exemplary programming created by women, for women and about women in all facets of media and entertainment. They also acknowledge the individuals who have made inspirational contributions to the industry.

Grady-Stack Award for Interpreting Chemistry for the Public ($5,000, plus travel expenses to meeting, American Chemistry Society, for noteworthy presentations through a medium of public communication to increase the American public's understanding of chemistry and chemical progress)

Grantham Prize for Reporting on the Environment($75,000, reportedly the largest cash prize for journalism in the world). Grantham Awards of Special Merit each carry a $5,000 cash prize. You can read entries from the website.

Great American Fiction Contest (Saturday Evening Post) For stories between 1,500 and 5,000 words long. $500 ($100 for runners-up) and publication in the magazine and online.

Grants and awards for illustrators and authors (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators)

Grateful American Book Prize the only award for excellence in writing, storytelling and illustration for children's historical nonfiction and fiction focused on the events and personalities that have shaped the United States since the country's founding. Comes with a $13,000 cash award in commemoration of the 13 original Colonies.

Glamour's "My Real-Life Story Essay Contest" ($5,000 plus publication in Glamour)

Great Lakes Book Awards. These seem to have ended after 2008.

Griffin Poetry Prize (Griffin Trust $65,000 Canadian each, awarded in two categories: International and Canadian

The Grimmys (The Society of Professional Obituary Writers, for the best writers in the field). Categories: Best short form obit, best long form obit, Best obit of an ordinary Joe/Jane, Obituary writer of the year, and The Alana Baranick Award for Lifetime Achievement in Obituary Writing. Winners receive a tombstone-shaped trophy with a Memento Mori logo.

The GrubStreet National Book Prize ($5,000 to three rotating genres: fiction, nonfiction, or poetry--for a second, third, etc., but not first, book)

Gumshoe Awards (Mystery Ink's awards for crime fiction)

Hackney Literary Awards ($5,000 in prizes for poetry and short fiction--$2,500 national and $2,500 state levels: 1st place, $600; 2nd, $400; 3rd, $250). The Morris Hackney family also sponsors a $5,000 prize for an unpublished novel.

Half the World Global Literati Award (NEW! $50,000 literary award for original work with a central woman protagonist--to a short story, novel or screenplay written in English, judged to have portrayed one or more well-rounded female protagonists as the central character.

Hammett Prize (International Association of Crime Writers, North American Branch, for literary excellence in the field of crime-writing, for a book published in the English language in the US and/or Canada)

Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction (University of Alabama School of Law), to a published work of fiction that best illuminates the role of lawyers in society and their power to effect change)

Harper's Bazaar short-story competition

Hastings Center Awards for Excellence in Journalism on Ethics and Reprogenetics. Three winners for an award for an article that recognizes investigative or interpretive articles that explore ethical questions raised by advances at the intersection of assisted reproduction technologies and genetics. A first prize of $6,000 and two runners-up of $3,000 each.

Hatchet Job of the Year Award (The Guardian's annual celebration of bookish snark)

The Haven Foundation: Supporting Freelance Artists in Need. Stephen King’s foundation provides aid (in amounts up to $25,000) to writers and artists who, through tragic events and no fault of their own, are unable to work.

Helen and Kurt Wolff Translator's Prize ($10,000 awarded annually by Goethe-Institut each spring to honor an outstanding literary translation from German into English published in the USA)

Hemingway Foundation PEN Award for a first work of fiction by an American author ($10,000, and residencies), now administered by PEN/New England.

The Heinz Awards recognize outstanding individuals for their contributions in the areas of: arts and humanities, environment, human condition, public policy, and technology, the economy and employment. These are not awards you can apply for. See New Yorker’s Roz Chast stunned by $250,000 Heinz Award for her ‘uncompromising’ work (Michael Cavria, Washington Post, 4-23-15). Chast received $250,000 and one of six Heinz Awards, which regularly go to “exceptional Americans, for their creativity and determination in finding solutions to critical issues.” Chast won for her cartoon memoir Can't We Talk about Something More Pleasant?: A Memoir , which "provides an unflinching look at the increasingly common struggles faced by adult children caring for parents as they age and lose their health and independence,” said the Heinz statement, noting that Chast “details the realities of aging and end-of-life care—from dealing with the tragic effects of dementia to managing the high costs of elder care to reconciling her own personal feelings of guilt, exhaustion and love.”

Herblock Prize & Lecture for excellence in editorial cartooning (The Herb Block Foundation).

William Hill Sports Book of the Year: 25 years of runners and riders (Graham Sharpe, The Guardian, 10-24-14). Wikipedia's list of winners (£24,000, plus prestige) makes a good gift-shopping list for sports loving friends and relatives. For a few years there was also a William Hill Irish Sports Book of the Year (Wikipedia info).

Hillman Prizes in Journalism, prestigious journalism awards by the Sidney Hillman Foundation for books that illuminate the great issues of the day. See, for example, 2019 Hillman Prizes for book, magazine, newspaper, broadcast, Web, and photo- journalism, opinion and analysis. The Foundation also awards monthly Sidney Awards for an outstanding piece of journalism that fosters social and economic justice. "We are looking for investigative work that fosters social and economic justice." The Foundation also presents a The Sol Stetin Award for Labor History.

Historical fiction, awards for

(you'll find good reading lists here):
Historical Novel Society awards
James Fenimore Cooper Prize (chosen for its literary quality and historical scholarship, by The Society of American Historians, award $2,000 and a certificate)
Grateful American Book Prize. $13,000 cash award (honoring the 13 original colonies) for excellence in writing, storytelling and illustration for children’s historical nonfiction and fiction focused on the events and personalities that have shaped the United States since the country’s founding.
Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People (Canadian Children's Book Centre)
David J. Langum, Sr. Prize in American Historical Fiction ((Langum Charitable Trust)
The Michael Shaara Award for Excellence in Civil War Fiction (Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College, $5,000)
Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction
Walter Scott Prize (this £25,000 award for historical fiction, sponsored by the Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch, is awarded annually in June at the Brewin Dolphin Borders Book Festival in Melrose)

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The Hugo Awards (for the best science fiction and fantasy).
Sci-fi’s right-wing backlash: Never doubt that a small group of deranged trolls can ruin anything (even the Hugo Awards) (Arthur Chu, Salon, 4-6-15) Lazy democracy is like an open comments section -- left unmoderated and unguided, the worst people take over
The Sad Puppy Takeover (Brooke Gladstone interviews Arthur Chu, On the Media radio, 4-17-15) The Hugo Awards are science fiction writing's highest honor, and this year conservative fans, concerned with the liberal leanings of recent awards, banded together to nominate their sci-fi ideals. Brooke speaks with actor and writer Arthur Chu about how the awards controversy reflects a larger history of cultural backlash.
Freeping the Hugo Awards (Susan Grigsby, Daily Kos, 4-12-15) "The Nebulas are awarded by the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). The Hugos are nominated and awarded by fans of the genre who are members of Worldcon, making them basically a popularity contest." This piece is about how a group of conservative people ("Sad Puppies"--and not necessarily sci fi readers) gamed the system, stacking the ballot for Hugos with some unlikely candidates with acceptable attitudes toward white males (and fewer heroes who are woman or people of color). (See also What Is Gamergate, and Why? An Explainer for Non-Geeks

Hunger Mountain Prizes.. Hunger Mountain, the Vermont College of Fine Arts’s Journal for the Arts, is accepting submissions for four prizes ($1,000 each and publication): the Howard Frank Mosher Short Fiction Prize, the Hunger Mountain Creative Nonfiction Prize, the Ruth Stone Poetry Prize, and the Katherine Paterson Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing.

Hurston/Wright Legacy Award. The first national award presented to published writers of African descent by the national community of black writers -- with prizes for the highest quality writing in the categories of fiction, debut fiction, nonfiction, poetry. Three President's Choice Awards are presented at the same annual event: the North Star Award (to individuals whose writing and/or service to the writing community serves as a beacon of brilliant accomplishment and as an inspiration to others), the Madame C.J. Walker Award (to businesses that have shown exceptional innovation in supporting and sustaining Black literature), and the Ella Baker Award (for demonstrating exemplary support of the Hurston/Wright Foundation as it strives to unlock the power of literature to strengthen, sustain and promote the diverse cultural life of all communities).

IABC Gold Quill Awards (global awards recognizing outstanding achievement in communication, sponsored by International Association of Business Communicators). A complex, expensive award submission process.

IDA Documentary Awards (International Documentary Association awards, dedicated to the documentary genre, celebrating the best nonfiction films and programs of the year)

Idea Grants. National Association of Science Writers grants ($1,000 to $50,000) to individuals or groups for projects and programs designed to help science writers in their professional lives and/or to benefit the field of science writing).

Ig Nobel Prizes. Administered by Improbable Research (research that makes people LAUGH and then THINK). Among award winners: 2018 ( a team that demonstrated that most people who use complicated products do not read the instruction manual (literature prize)...doctors who investigated whether riding a rollercoaster can help pass a kidney stone (medicine prize); The definite article: acknowledging ‘The’ in index entries, Glenda Browne's article in The Indexer, for her paper on the many ways "the" causes problems for anyone who tries to put things into alphabetical order. Those qualified may join The Luxurious Flowing Hair Club for Scientists. See also Paul Krugman's 24/7 lecture ("24 seconds of impenetrable jargon, followed by a 7-word explanation of your field").

Independent Foreign Fiction Prize (Boyd Tonkin's story for The Independent, 7-12-14), for translated works by living authors first published in the UK during the preceding year. Supported by Arts Council England (along with Booktrust and Champagne Taittinger), the £10,000 reward is split equally between the original author and his or her translator. Tonkin's story makes this award's process sound more transparent than that for the Nobel, but I sure had trouble finding information about it. Another story: Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2014: Our long-list reveals a fictional eco-system of staggering diversity .

Indexing, awards for
ASI Excellence in Indexing Award (American Society for Indexing, $1,000 to indexer; certificate to indexer and to publisher. Purpose two-fold: for indexers, to provide and publicize models of excellence in indexing; for publishers, to encourage greater recognition of the importance of quality in book indexing. Formerly the ASI/EIS Publishing Award and the ASI/H.W. Wilson Award. See Award Recipients to read what makes for a great index. (Sample pages from selected award-winning indexes can be downloaded as PDF files from the highlighted title links.)
Hines Award honors members who have provided exceptional service to American Society for Indexing. Here are All ASI awards. Order of the Kohlrabi — recognizes ASI members who have served ASI above and beyond the call of duty.
Wheatley Medal (Society of Indexers, UK)

"Indie" awards of various stripes

including awards for self-published books

Axiom Business Book Awards
ALLi Award and Contest Ratings (Alliance of Independent Authors). Links to contests geared to indie authors, who may be susceptible to vanity and/or cash-leeching contests--so contests are rated "Recommended," "Mixed," or "Caution."
Benjamin Franklin Awards (over fifty categories recognizing excellence in both editorial and design) Administered by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) with help from over 150 book publishing professionals including librarians, bookstore owners, reviewers, designers, publicity managers, and editors. "All entrants receive direct feedback on their entries. The actual judging forms are returned to all participating publishers." (This is often one of the most valuable benefits of a competition, as entrants may learn their book's strengths and weaknesses from the comments.)
The Indie Author Project ("Connecting indie authors, libraries, and readers"). "In an effort to further encourage strong relationships between indie authors, local libraries, and readers, BiblioBoard and Library Journal are partnering with librarians across the U.S. and Canada to mobilize the annual Indie Author Project contests....BiblioBoard and Library Journal provide the marketing materials, submission and hosting software, as well as support in facilitating the judging process. This turn-key approach allows for libraries to focus on their primary role of engaging with authors, promoting the contest, and increasing awareness of the writing resources available in their communities." See especially Jane Friedman's article (5-28-19) Identifying the Best Self-Published Books by State: The Indie Author Project. "The Indie Author Project identifies the best self-published fiction by state; thirteen states participate so far." Library Journal and BiblioBoard also sponsor the library program known as SELF-e, launched in 2015 to "make self-published ebooks available to libraries nationwide. Any author can submit their work for inclusion in SELF-e (at no cost); Library Journal curates what ebooks go into the national SELF-e collection. Books not selected are still accessible to local library patrons through state collections" (with no remuneration but exposure and visibility)."Winners receive cash prizes, marketing and promotion in Library Journal, and of course print and ebook (paid) sales to state public libraries, among other benefits." And Jane interviews Ran Walker, winner of the 2019 award and author of <a href=""target="_blank">Daykeeper</a> and other titles.
Independent Publisher Book Awards ("Ippie" awards)
Awards that Indie and Self-Published Authors Can Apply to for 2015 (BiblioCrunch)
Book Awards for Self-Published Authors (Joel Friedlander's list, The Book Designer). Listed if they accept self-published books--so listing is not necessarily an endorsement of the competition.
Readers Choice Awards (TCK Publishing) recognizing indie, self-published, and traditionally published authors -- ask your fans to vote for you)
Best Indie Book Award An annual international literary award contest recognizing independent authors in twelve major genres: action/adventure, fantasy/paranormal, literary/mainstream, mystery/suspense/thriller, nonfiction, novella/short story collection, romance or science fiction/dystopia, young adult, children.
Eric Hoffer Book Award for the Small, Academic & Independent Press A grand prize of $2500 and prizes within 18 categories, separate press distinctions, the Montaigne Medal, the da Vinci Eye, and the First Horizon Award.
SCBWI Spark Award (Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators) recognizes excellence in a children’s book published through a non-traditional publishing route.
Independent Publisher Book Awards, the "Ippies" (open to authors and independent publishers worldwide who produce books written in English and intended for the North American market) National awards in 75 categories, plus regional and e-book awards. With so many awards (and fees of $75 for each category applied for), you might doubt the cost-vs-value of each award, but authors who win can speak of award-winning books. Specialized awards include: Nautilus Book Awards (for print books that inspire and connect our lives as individuals, communities and global citizens--see guidelines for entering); Moonbeam Awards (open to authors, illustrators, and publishers of children’s books written in English or Spanish for the North American market); Axiom Awards (business book awards in 21 categories); and Living Now Book Awards (to the year’s best lifestyle, homestyle, world improvement and self-improvement books and their creators--from cooking and gardening to spirituality and wellness).
Guardian Opens up Prizes for Self-Published Authors (Miral Sattar, BiblioCrunch, 4-29-14). See The all-new monthly literary prize – for self-published authors (Alison Flood, The Guardian, 4-8-14)
Sarton Women's Literary Awards (for women's memoir, women's fiction, and women's historical fiction-- from small/independent publishers, university presses, and author-publishers (self-publishing authors)
INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards (Foreword Reviews). More than 100 booksellers and librarians determine the winners after a larger group of finalists is culled by our editorial staff--honoring the best in indie book publishing, with awards to more than 250 winners in 66 categories.
National Indie Excellence Awards (NIEA) open to all English language printed books available for sale, including small presses, mid-size independent publishers, university presses, and self-published authors. Awards in many categories, including addiction & recovery, coffee table books, divorce, erotica, fantasy, fitness, green living, home and garden, leadership, military fiction, picture books, religion, relationships, steam punk, true crime, western, young adult.
The Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Award $8,000 to Grand Prize Winner, $1,000 to First Prize Winner. Categories: mainstream literary fiction, genre fiction, nonfiction reference, inspirational, life stories (including biographies. autobiographies, family histories, and memoirs), early readers/children's books, middle grade/young adult books, and poetry.
Kirkus Prizes, $50,000 prizes for fiction, nonfiction and young readers’ literature, also open to independently published works.
Indie Book Awards (Next Generation Indie Book Awards). For indie book authors and publishers-- including small presses, mid-size independent publishers, university presses, e-book publishers, and self-published authors. $1,500 prizes for best fiction book and best non-fiction book, $750 for second best fiction book and non-fiction book, and $500 for third best fiction book and non-fiction book (plus trophies).
Indies Choice Book Awards (ICBA), chosen by indie booksellers across U.S., in these categories: Best Indie Buzz Book (fiction), Best Conversation Starter (nonfiction), Best Author Discovery, Best Indie Young Adult Buzz Book (fiction), Best New Picture Book, Most Engaging Author.
IndieReader Discovery Awards (for self-published and independently published authors). See Writer Beware Award Alert
Indiefab Book of the Year Awards (Foreword Reviews)
Shelf Unbound Writing Competition (for best independently published book)
• See Indie Reader Discovery Awards FAQ.
National Indie Excellence Awards (sponsored by book shepherd Ellen Reid)
The Pushcart Prize (best of the small presses, short stories, poetry, and essays have been represented in Pushcart's annual collections)
Rubery Book Prizes (£1500 for Book of the Year, or about $2000, £37 to enter) An international book award for the best books by indie writers, self published authors, and books published by independent presses. Accepts fiction (all genres), young adult, children’s, biographies, non-fiction, self-help, cookery, poetry, photography etc.
Contest and Award Fakes. Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America on how to spot scams, whether it's worth entering, questionable or fee-charging publishers, and contest mills--which make money on the front end, via entry fees.
Contest scams and competitions to be wary about
Are Book Award Worth It? (Kate Bandos)
The Pros and Cons of Contests (IBPA, June 2008)

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Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources reporting awards (The Frank Allen Field Reporting Award)

International Prize for Arabic Fiction


International Mathematical Union awards, prizes, and special lecture include the Leelavati Prize, which recognizes outstanding public outreach work for mathematics (for increasing public awareness of mathematics as an intellectual discipline and the crucial role it plays in diverse human endeavors).

International Society of Family History Writers and Editors Excellence-in-Writing Competition (with a focus on genealogy and family or local history)

International IMPAC DUBLIN Literary Award (a €100,000 literary award for a novel of high literary merit written in or translated into English -- an international cooperative library effort in which nominations are made by libraries in capital and major cities throughout the world). See rules and conditions.

Investigative Reporters and Editors awards (IRE)
Philip Meyer awards to recognize the best work using techniques that are part of precision journalism, computer-assisted reporting, and social science research.
Golden Padlock Award, recognizing the most secretive publicly funded agency or person in the United States, for government at all levels, local to federal. A list of finalists announced in early June.
The Don Bolles Medal (recognizes investigative journalists who have exhibited extraordinary courage in standing up against intimidation or efforts to suppress the truth about matters of public importance)

The Iowa Prize for Literary Nonfiction (University of Iowa Press, for a book-length manuscript of literary nonfiction originally written in English). Collections that include previously published periodical articles are eligible as long as the author has retained copyright

The Ippy Awards. Independent Publisher Book Awards, a broad-based, unaffiliated awards program open to all members of the independent publishing industry, open to authors and publishers worldwide who produce books written in English and intended for the North American market.

Ippies, a New York City area competition recognizing excellence among journalists, photographers, graphic artists, editors and publishers of the ethnic and community press, given by the Center for Community and Ethnic Media, an iniative of the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

Ironic and humorous awards (Wikipedia's list)

The Izzy Award (named for maverick journalist I.F. "Izzy" Stone). Presented by the Park Center for Independent Media annually for "outstanding achievement in independent media," the Izzy Award goes to an independent outlet, journalist, or producer for contributions to our culture, politics, or journalism created outside traditional corporate structures.

Rona Jaffee Foundation Writers' Awards (six awards of $30,000 each to emerging women writers) The foundation identifies and supports women writers of exceptional talent, in the early stages of their writing careers. Offers grants to writers of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry to make writing time available and provide assistance for such specific purposes as child care, research and related travel costs.

James Joyce Award (an overview on Wikipedia, of an award from the Literary and Historical Society (L&H) of University College Dublin (UCD), and not just to writers. Listen to this delightful acceptance speech by Brandon Stanton, photographer and blogger for Humans of New York.

James Tait Black Memorial Prizes . Britain's oldest literary awards. Two prizes, each of £10,000 (about $14,500), are awarded annually by the University for the best work of fiction and the best biography written in English and published or co-published in the UK the previous year.The only awards of their kind to be presented by a university, they have an international reputation for recognizing excellence in biography and fiction.

Jazz Journalists Association (JJA) Awards

Japan-U.S. Creative Artists Program 2012, residencies sponsored by the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission in conjunction with the National Endowment for the Arts to published U.S. poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers to live in Japan and pursue creative projects. A monthly stipend of 400,000 yen for living expenses, 100,000 yen a month as a housing supplement, and up to 100,000 yen a month for professional support services (totaling roughly $7,000 or enough to live on in Japan. Extremely competitive.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice/Harry Frank Guggenheim Awards for Excellence in Criminal Justice Reporting. (John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Center on Media, ?Crime and Justice). $1,500 awards in two categories: Single Story and Series, honoring investigative, feature, analytical, and enterprise journalism that has had a significant impact on public understanding of criminal justice issues. Stories must be published in a newspaper, magazine or online news outlet in the U.S. Awards presented in conjunction with the Harry F. Guggenheim Annual Symposium on Crime in America.

The Samuel Johnson Prize for Nonfiction, the UK's most prestigious nonfiction award (worth £20,000 to the winning author), for the best nonfiction published in the UK, from biography, travel and popular science to the arts and current affairs. "All the best stories are true." (Administered by Colman Getty Consultancy). See piece by the Guardian's Alison Flood, Biography dominates Samuel Johson prize longlist. ("A wide range of life stories loom large among the 18 finalists for the £20,000 prize.")

Journalism awards. See
---George Foster Peabody Awards
---George Polk Awards
---Livingston Awards judge print, broadcast, and online entries against one another
---National Journalism Awards
---Pulitzer Prizes

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Robert F. Kennedy Book Award to the book which "most faithfully and forcefully reflects Robert Kennedy's purposes - his concern for the poor and the powerless, his struggle for honest and even-handed justice, his conviction that a decent society must assure all young people a fair chance, and his faith that a free democracy can act to remedy disparities of power and opportunity."

Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards celebrating excellence in investigative journalism on a wide spectrum of social justice issues. Judged by peers in the media, professionals and students are recognized in twelve domestic and international categories. There are also European and high school journalism awards.

Sophie Kerr Prize (half of the income from her bequest to Washington College, valued at $61,000 in 2014, is awarded to the graduating senior demonstrating the best potential for literary achievement, for both creative and critical writing.

Kilmer Memorial Bad Poetry Contest a.k.a.the Alfred Joyce Kilmer Memorial Bad Poetry Contest, now thirty years old. See WikiCU entry and The Worst Bad Poem? There’s a Contest for That (James Barron, NY Times, 11-18-18) An annual student competition at Columbia University seeks the rottenest of rotten rhymes and blank verses. The contest was named for the poet known for “Trees,” a 12-line verse published in 1913 (“I think that I shall never see / A poem lovely as a tree,” it begins). See also the Bulwer Lytton Fiction Contest.

Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism. Fellowships give mid-career journalists the time and training they need to learn to produce multimedia projects. See FAQ.

Kiriyama Prize for outstanding books about the Pacific Rim and South Asia

Kirkus Prize, a new prize. See FAQ andKirkus Announces 3 New $50,000 Prizes for Literature (Leslie Kaufman, NY Times, 5-28-14). A $50,000 prize for fiction, nonfiction and young readers’ literature.

Knight-Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism (ended after 2011 awards)

Knight Community Information Challenge (grants to fill community information voids)

Knight Digital Media Center week-long boot camps in multimedia skills for traditional journalists at the Graduate School of Journalism at University of California Berkeley.

Knight Foundation Funding Initiatives (to encourage journalism & media innovation, engaged communities, and fostering the arts)

Knight Foundation Grants to transform communities and journalism (John S. and James L. Knight)
Knight International Journalism Award (recognizing media professionals who demonstrate a passionate commitment to excellent reporting that makes a difference in the lives of people around the world--sponsored by the International Center for Journalists)
Knight News Challenge
Knight Arts Challenge in South Florida, Philadelphia and Detroit, seeking ideas and innovation in the arts from nonprofits, companies and individuals
Knight Community Information Challenge (strengthening journalism, increasing government transparency) Inform. Educate. Engage.
The Victor K. McElheny Award ($5,000, recognizes outstanding coverage of science, public-health, technology, or environmental issues at the local or regional level, honored at a ceremony hosted by the Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT.
Black Male Engagement

Knight-Risser Prize for Western Environmental Journalism , sponsored by the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships and The Bill Lane Center for the American West, Stanford University. Brings journalists, researchers, scholars, and policy-makers together with public audiences to explore new ways to ensure that sophisticated environmental reporting thrives in the West. See The Crisis in Environmental Watchdog Journalism, report from Nov. 2010 symposium.

Lambda Literary Awards, awarded to the finest lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans literature available in the United States. The “Lammy” is the most prestigious, competitive, and comprehensive literary award offered specifically to LGBT authors. Offered in 25 categories: LGBT (anthology, children's/young adult, debut fiction, drama, graphic novel, nonfiction, science fiction, studies); LESBIAN (erotica, general fiction, memoir/biography, mystery, poetry, romance); GAY (erotica, general fiction, memoir/biography, mystery, poetry, romance); BISEXUAL (fiction, nonfiction); TRANSGENDER (fiction, nonfiction, poetry). SPECIAL AWARD CATEGORIES:
Pioneer Awards to individuals who have broken new ground in the field of LGBT literature and publishing
Trustee Award honors a distinguished individual who, through their literary work, has made a considerable contribution to a wider awareness and understanding of the lives of LGBT people.
Emerging Writer Award (previously Betty Berzon Emerging Writer Award, two awards of $1,000 each)
Jim Duggins Outstanding Mid-Career Novelist Prize ($5,000)

Lannan Literary Foundation, a private family foundation dedicated to promoting cultural freedom, diversity, and creativity, supports lucrative literary awards and fellowships and
literary grants (supporting publishers and distributors, literary journals, residency programs, educational programs, and literary centers).

Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for humour writing ($15,000 for the best book of humour written by a Canadian and published in the current year; four runners-up receive cash prizes of $1,500).

Gilder Lehrman National Book Prizes. The Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and George Washington Book Prizes for outstanding books in American History are among the most prestigious awards for history writing in the United States:
The Lincoln Book Prize ($50,000, awarded annually, in partnership with Gettysburg College) for the best book (the finest scholarly work in English) on Lincoln or the Civil War era. When submissions carry similar merit, preference is shown for work on Abraham Lincoln or the common soldier, or work that reaches a broad literate public.
The Frederick Douglass Book Prize ($25,000 awarded annually, in partnership with the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition at Yale University) for an outstanding book about slavery or abolition.
The George Washington Book Prize ($50,000 awarded annually, in partnership with Washington College and Mount Vernon) for outstanding published works that contribute to a greater understanding of the life and career of George Washington and/or the founding era.

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Library of Virginia Literary Awards. Prizes of $3,500 each to Virginia authors of poetry, fiction, nonfiction (and, in the case of nonfiction, by any author about a Virginia subject), and for literary lifetime achievement.

Lit Mag Contests 101: What to Watch for and Where to Submit (Authors Guild) Advice and links to three sets of listings:
Authors Guild's Calls for Submissions (monthly)
Poets & Writers Writing Contests, Grants & Awards
NewPages Big List
of Writing & Book Contests

The Livingkindness Foundation Prize for Social Justice Writing by a Woman of Color (International Women's Writing Guild)

Loeb Awards (also known as Gerald Loeb Awards for Business Journalism), considered "business journalism's highest honor."
Here are rules for entering and winners since 1958 .

Literal Latté writing contests
---K. Margaret Grossman Fiction Award ($1,000, $500, and $300 for a short story of up to 8,000 words)
---Short Short Contest ($500)
---Poetry awards ($1,000, $300, and $200)
---Essay awards ($1,000, $300, and $200)
---Food Verse Contest ($500, for unpublished poems with food as an ingredient. 2,000 words max, any style or subject)

Lettre Ulysses Award for the Art of Reportage (2003-2006) The only world prize for literary reportage was brought to life by the cultural quarterly Lettre International in 2003 with the financial support of the Aventis Foundation and was presented annually up until 2006. The Goethe-Institut was a partner of the project. Three pieces of reportage were awarded with cash prizes amounting to US$50,000, $30,000, and $20,000.

Library of Congress prizes and fellowships
Poet Laureate
John W. Kluge Prize for Achievement in the Study of Humanity The Kluge Prize recognizes and celebrates work of the highest quality and greatest impact that advances understanding of the human experience.
Gershwin Prize for Popular Song celebrates the work of an artist whose career reflects lifetime achievement in promoting song as a vehicle of musical expression and cultural understanding.
Library of Congress Prize for American Fiction to honor an American literary writer whose body of work is distinguished not only for its mastery of the art but also for its originality of thought and imagination. The award seeks to commend strong, unique, enduring voices that, throughout long, consistently accomplished careers, have told us something about the American experience. (from 2009 to 2012, the Library of Congress Creative Achievement Award for fiction)
Bobbitt National Prize for Poetry A privately funded $10,000 poetry award given biennially under the auspices of the Library of Congress. The Rebekah Johnson Bobbitt National Prize for Poetry recognizes the most distinguished book of poetry written by an American and published during the preceding two years.

Library of Congress Literacy Awards ( honor nonprofit organizations that have made outstanding contributions to increasing literacy in the United States or abroad. By recognizing current achievements, the awards seek to enable any organization or program that does not operate on a for-profit basis to strengthen its involvement in literacy and reading promotion and to encourage collaboration with like-minded organizations. Each organization may only apply in one prize category. Evaluated based on innovation, sustainability, replicability, measurable results, and evidence-based practice. See Library of Congress announces $200,000 in literacy prizes (Ron Charles, Washington Post Style Blog, 8-30-14)
• Rubenstein Prize ($150,000) to an organization that has made outstanding and measurable contributions in increasing literacy levels and has demonstrated exceptional and sustained depth and breadth in its commitment to the advancement of literacy
• American Prize ($50,000) to an organization that has made a significant and measurable contribution to increasing literacy levels or the national awareness of the importance of literacy in the United States.
• International Prize ($50,000) to an organization or national entity that has made a significant and measurable contribution to increasing literacy levels (may be given to an organization in a country outside the U.S.)
• Best Practice Honorees ($5,000)

Literal Latté writing contests
---K. Margaret Grossman Fiction Award ($1,000, $500, and $300 for a short story of up to 8,000 words)
---Short Short Contest ($500)
---Poetry awards ($1,000, $300, and $200)
---Essay awards ($1,000, $300, and $200)
---Food Verse Contest ($500, for unpublished poems with food as an ingredient. 2,000 words max, any style or subject)

Livingston Awards ($10,000, Wallace House, University of Michigan) This American journalism award (sometimes called the "Pulitzer for the Young") is issued to media professionals under the age of 35 for local, national, and international reporting. The award judges print, broadcast, and online entries against one another The Clurman Award (named for Richard M. Clurman) honors on-the-job mentors who stand out for nurturing, critiquing and inspiring young journalists.

• Locus Guide to Science Fiction Awards (1971-2009). Superseded by the Science Fiction Awards Database

Logan Science Journalism Program (polar hands-on science at Toolik Field Station, Alaska, or biomedical hands-on science at Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole)

Los Angeles Times Book Prizes in several categories: Biography, Current Interest, Fiction, First Fiction (Art Seidenbaum Award), Graphic Novel, History, Mystery/Thriller, Poetry, Science & Technology, Young Adult Literature. There is also a Robert Kirsch Award and an Innovator's Award.

Louie Awards (Greeting Card Association) Celebrating the art, editorial, and design of greeting cards and invitations.

J. Anthony Lukas Prize Project, co-administered by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and the Nieman Foundation:
• The J. Anthony Lukas Book Prize (a $10,000 award) recognizes superb examples of nonfiction writing that exemplify literary grace, a commitment to serious research and social concern.
• The Mark Lynton History Prize ($10,000) is awarded to the book-length work of history, on any subject, that best combines intellectual or scholarly distinction with felicity of expression.
• The J. Anthony Lukas Work-in-Progress Award ($30,000) is given annually to aid in the completion of a significant work of nonfiction.
Sponsored by the family of the late Mark Lynton, a historian and senior executive at the firm Hunter Douglas in the Netherlands.

MacArthur Fellows Program (the "genius grant"). As described by Cecilia Conrad, for the foundation, in Five myths about the MacArthur ‘genius grants’ (Washington Post, 9-20-13). You don't apply for these grants. A couple stories about them: Want Geniuses? Welcome Immigrants (Frank Bruni, NY Times, 9-23-17). The MacArthur Foundation responded to Trump’s frequent demonization of immigrants ("some are rapists") with a little math: "Of the 965 geniuses (or, more properly, MacArthur fellows) to date, 209 were born outside the United States..." a href=""target="_blank">Here’s How 6 ‘Genius’ Grant Winners Spent Their Life-Changing Prize Money (Kristen Bahler, Time, 10-11-17)

Macavity Awards (Mystery Readers International, for best mysteries in four categories: best mystery novel, best first mystery, best mystery-related nonfiction, best mystery short story)

The Peter Mackler Award for Courageous & Ethical Journalism honors reporters and editors who have demonstrated a commitment to fairness, accuracy and speaking truth to power, and a matching commitment to asserting the right to publish or air that story in countries where independent media is under threat.

Man Asian Literary Prize (annual literary award given to the best novel by an Asian writer, written in English or translated into English--$30,000 USD to writer, $5,000 to translator, if any). Long list of 10-15 titles announced in October, shortlist in January, winner in March.

Man Booker Prize(s) (distinguished awards for contemporary fiction, to writers from the British Commonwealth and Ireland). (I've listed this under both M and B!)

The Marfield Prize ($10,000, National Award for Arts Writing, given annually by the Arts Club of Washington to nonfiction books about the arts written for a broad audience. The prize "celebrates prose that is lucid, luminous, clear, and inspiring—writing that creates a strong connection with arts and artists." Or as one news story put it, "writing unburdened by academic jargon."

Richard J. Margolis Award of Blue Mountain Center combines a one-month residency at Blue Mountain Center with a $5,000 prize, awarded annually to a promising new journalist or essayist whose work combines warmth, humor, wisdom and concern with social justice.

Mark Twain Prize for American Humor (awarded by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts annually since 1998, and taped by PBS). See list of recipients.

The Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference is associated with various Mayborn contests and opportunities, including cash awards and publishing contracts for the Mayborn Writing Competition for best Reported Narrative, Personal Essay, and Book Manuscript. See also the Best American Newspaper Narrative Writing ContestMayborn and the Young Spurs Writing Contest (history writing with Bio, Big Thoughts, & the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum)

Mayer Foundation Grants to “needy individuals who are distressed or suffering as a result of poverty, low income or lack of financial resources.” Not exclusively focused on artists or writers, but they receive the majority of grants.

The Victor K. McElheny Award (will honor one work of journalism--print, digital, or broadcast--with a $5,000 prize foir outstanding local and regional coverage of science, public-health, technology, or environmental issues, at a ceremony hosted by the Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT. See Knight Science.)

The McLaughlin-Esstman-Stearns First Novel Prize (Writer's Center, Bethesda, MD, $500, for U.S. writers only)

Medill-sponsored awards (Medill Northwestern University)
The Medill Medal for Courage in Journalism (to the individual or team of journalists, working for a U.S.-based media outlet, who best displayed moral, ethical or physical courage in the pursuit of a story or series)
John Bartlow Martin Award for Public Interest Magazine Journalism (honors the best public interest magazine journalism of the previous year)
The Ida B. Wells Award (honors media executives whose actions demonstrate a commitment to a diverse newsroom or coverage of minorities in American journalism)

Mercantile Library Center for Fiction awards including the
Flaherty-Dunnan First Novel Prize ($10,000 for the best debut novel of the year, and $1,000 to shortlisted authors)
Maxwell E. Perkins Award (to an editor, publisher, or agent who over the course of their career has discovered, nurtured, and championed writers of fiction)
The Clifton Fadiman Medal ($5,000, to honor a book, by a living American author, which deserves renewed recognition and a wider readership.
Roger Shattuck Prize for Criticism (devoted to the support and encouragement of emerging critics--two critics receive $5,000)

Minonline Editorial and Design Awards (media and pr professionals showcase their best communications initiatives). I stumbled on this award through this award winner for video: My Grandma's Tattoo (AARP Bulletin, 3 generations discover an indelible family anchor)

The Molly National Journalism Prize, an annual national print or online journalism award of $5,000 for a piece published in a U.S.-based pub,with two honorable mentions of $1,000 each, to be presented by the Texas Democracy Foundation and the Texas Observer in memory of Molly Ivins.

Montreal International Poetry Prize ($50,000 for one poem, in English). As reported by Poets&Writers, New Fifty-Thousand-Dollar Poetry Prize Has Global Ambitions (G&A, Prize Reporter, 4-4-11)

Mystery, thriller, suspense novel, and crime fiction awards

Stop, You're Killing Me! On this awards page, click on any award and you'll get the names of award winners over time).
Crime Fiction Awards: Recognizing the Best Mysteries, Suspense Novels, and Thrillers (formerly Mystery Book Awards, listed by Omnimystery). They include many more awards and prizes than are listed here.
Agatha Awards (Malice Domestic, honoring the traditional mystery)
Anthony Awards for mystery and detective fiction, presented at the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention since 1986. Awards for best novel, best first novel, best paperback original, best short story, best critical or nonfiction work, best children's/YA novel, best anthology, best novella (8,000-40,000 words)
Arthur Ellis Awards (Canadian literary awards for best Canadian crime and mystery writing, from Crime Writers of Canada)
Audies, presented by Audio Publishers Association (APA)
Barry Awards for best works of crime fiction (judged by Deadly Pleasures' editorial staff, presented at Bouchercon)
The Daggers presented by The Crime Writers’ Association (CWA) for the very best in crime and thriller writing, with separate awards for works in translation. (the thriller novels can be set in any period and include, but are not limited to, spy fiction and/or action/adventure stories)
Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense (a writing contest for published and unpublished authors of romantic suspense, mystery, suspense and thrillers with romantic subplots, from the Kiss of Death chapter of Romance Writers of America)
The Dilys Award (given by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association to the mystery titles of the year which the member booksellers most enjoyed hand selling, named for Dilys Winn, the first mystery-specialty bookseller in U.S.
Edgar Allen Poe Awards (called the Edgars) (prestigious awards for mystery fiction and nonfiction presented each spring by Mystery Writers of America, in several categories, including Grand Masters, best mystery novel, best first novel by an American author, best paperback original, best fact crime, best critical biographical, best short story, best juvenile, best young adult, Mary Higgins Clark Award (for best book in MHC tradition)
The Hammett Prize, presented by International Association of Crime Writers (IACW) for literary excellence in the field of crime-writing (fiction or nonfiction), as reflected in a book published in the English language in the US and/or Canada.
The Hillerman Prize honoring the best debut mystery set in the U.S. Southwest
Left Coast Crime “Lefty” Awards are chosen by registered members of each Left Coast Crime convention, presented in these categories: best humorous mystery novel, best historical mystery novel (Bruce Alexander Memorial), best mystery novel, best debut mystery novel.
Macavity Awards, named for T.S. Eliot's "mystery cat," chosen by the members of Mystery Readers International
McIlvanney Prize (Bloody Scotland’s annual prize awarded to the best Scottish crime book of the year--authors must be born in Scotland, live there, or set their books there)
Ned Kelly Awards ('The Neds'), honoring Australia's best published crime fiction and true crime writing, presented by the Crime Writers’ Association of Australia (CWAA)
The Nero Award, presented by The Wolfe Pack, for the best American mystery in the tradition of Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe stories
Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel (for the best crime, mystery, or thriller novel written by a New Zealand citizen or resident)
The Petrona Award (UK, for the best Scandinavian crime novel of the year)
Shamus Award awarded by the Private Eye Writers of America (PWA) for the best private eye novels and short stories (in various categories)
Sisters in Crime awards, in particular the Eleanor Taylor Bland Crime Fiction Writers of Color Award, an annual grant of $1500 to an emerging writer of color. See also
Dorothy Cannell Scholarship
($1,000 scholarship will be offered each year to an aspiring or published mystery author who is a member of the Guppies (a member of the Sisters in Crime GUPpy or “Great Unpublished” chapter).
Thriller Awards , literary awards for crime fiction, (best novel, first novel, paperback original, short story, young adult,, e-book original) presented by the International Thriller Writers at the annual ThrillerFest conference
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NAACP Image Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements and performances of people of color in the arts (television, recording, literature, motion picture and writing & directing), as well as those individuals or groups who promote social justice through their creative endeavors.

NASW awards (National Association of Science Writers):
Science in Society Journalism Awards (National Association of Science Writers, or NASW) honor and encourage outstanding investigative and interpretive reporting about the sciences and their impact for good and ill. $2,500 to winners in six categories: Book, Science Reporting-Short, Science Reporting-Long, Science Reporting-Series, Science Reporting for a Local or Regional Market.
Diane McGurgan Service Award recognizes volunteers whose efforts for NASW go beyond the call of duty.
Excellence in Institutional Writing Awards to recognize high-caliber, publicly accessible science writing produced on behalf of an institution or other non-media organization, in two categories: short form (a single piece or story package up to 1,000 words or a single broadcast up to 2 ½ minutes long) and long form (a single piece or story package of more than 1,000 words or a single broadcast more than 2 ½ minutes long). Platform-independent.

National Academies Keck Futures Initiative (NAKFI) communication swards. Four $20,000 cash prizes for creative, original works that address issues and advances in science, engineering and/or medicine for the general public through books, newspapers, television, radio, films, and online media.

NAGC Blue Pencil & Gold Screen Awards (selected by the National Association of Government Communicators, for employees or contractors who have produced a communication product for a federal, military, state, regional, county, municipal, or other government entity). Many products and helpful evaluations for competitors,, and awards in more than 40 categories, including publications, media relations, photography, graphic design, video and multimedia, electronic communications, social media, and branding/rebranding. The year I won for "best portfolio" they took the excellent photo (with purple background) that appears on my website. It's probably about time to use a more current photo.

National Biography Award ($20,000, awarded annually, open to Australian citizens and permanent residents who have published a work of biography or autobiography, memoir)

National Book Awards (National Book Foundation, $10,000, prestigious awards in four genres: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and young people's literature). See winners, alphabetical by genre (also showing former categories) and How the National Book Awards Work (guidelines are issued in April for that year's books). Winners are selected by five-member, independent judging panels for each genre.
---In 2013, Women writers sweep National Book Foundation's '5 Under 35' awards (USA Today story).
---National Book Awards Entry Rules & Guidelines.
---The Globalization of the National Book Awards (Alexandra Alter, NY Times, 1-31-18) 'Starting this year, the National Book Foundation will recognize works in translation, opening up a distinctly American literary award to writers working in other languages. The new category marks a radical departure for awards, which began in 1950 “to celebrate the best of American literature." ...The prize will be given jointly to authors and translators, and will be limited to fiction and nonfiction works by living authors that are published in the United States."

National Book Critics Circle awards:
National Book Critics Circle awards for fiction, biography, poetry, criticism, general nonfiction, and autobiography
Frequently asked questions
Past NBCC award winners and finalists (first page of two or more)
Nona Balakian Citation for Excellence in Reviewing (awarded only to a member of the National Book Critics Circle)
The Ivan Sandrof Lifetime Achievement Award. Named after the first president of the NBCC, the award is given annually to a person - a writer, publisher, critic, or editor, among others - who has, over time, made significant contributions to book culture. Past winners have included Dalkey Archive Press, Joyce Carol Oates, PEN American Center, Pauline Kael, Studs Terkel, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Bill Henderson, John Leonard, Louis D. Rubin Jr., Jason Epstein, William Maxwell, Leslie A. Marchand, Robert Giroux, Alfred Kazin, Elizabeth Hardwick, Toni Morrison, and the Library of America.
John Leonard award (honoring an author's first--debut--book)

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National Humanities Medals honor individuals or groups whose work has deepened the nation's understanding of the humanities and broadened our citizens' engagement with history, literature, languages, philosophy, and other humanities subjects. Up to 12 medals awarded each year by the President of the United States.

National Jewish Book Awards (Jewish Book Council), presented in more than 18 categories, including American Jewish studies, "biography, autobiography, and memoir," contemporary Jewish life and practice, fiction, history, modern Jewish thought and experience, debut fiction, scholarship, Sephardic culture, women's studies, writing based on archival material, young adult literature. One nonfiction book is awarded the Everett Family Foundation Jewish Book of the Year Award. There are naming opportunities for some as-yet named awards for various categories. (I picture this as a way to both fund an award -- get a family to fund an award -- and honor a family or community member, but I am just speculating.)

National Journalism Impact Award (National Women's Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation,

National Magazine Awards , also known as the Ellie Awards (American Society of Magazine Editors, ASME, in association with the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism), print and digital publications that consistently demonstrate superior execution of editorial objectives, innovative techniques, noteworthy journalistic enterprise and imaginative art direction. Awards are presented in 20 categories: General Excellence, News, Sports and Entertainment; General Excellence, Service and Lifestyle; General Excellence, Special Interest; General Excellence, Literature, Science and Politics; Design; Photography; Feature Photography; Magazine Section; Personal Service; Leisure Interests; Single-Topic Issue; Website; Multimedia; Video; Reporting; Feature Writing; Essays and Criticism; Columns and Commentary; Public Interest; and Magazine of the Year. See also the ASME Next Awards for Journalists Under 30.

National Mature Media Awards (for the best marketing, communications, educational materials and programs for adults 50 and older)

National Outdoor Book Awards for outstanding writing and publishing in 10 categories: history, literature, children, nature, natural history, instructional, adventure guidebook, nature guidebook, design, and outdoor classic. These prestigious awards are sponsored by the National Outdoor Book Awards Foundation, Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education, and Idaho State University.

National Press Foundation Awards
---Innovative Storytelling Award ($5,000, recognizes digital journalism of the highest quality that re-invents the way stories are told to present a compelling audience experience)
---Technology in Journalism Award ($5,000, to recognize individuals or organizations that develop, adapt or creatively apply specific tools or technologies in the gathering and reporting of impactful journalism of the highest quality)
---Benjamin C. Bradlee Editor of the Year Award ($5,000, recognizes significant achievements that enhance the quality of journalism in the United States)
---Clifford K. and James T. Berryman Award for Editorial Cartoons ( $2,500, for U.S.-based editorial cartoonists for work that exhibits power to influence public opinion, plus good drawing and striking effect)
---Everett McKinley Dirksen Award for Distinguished Reporting of Congress ($5,000, to recognize U.S.-based journalists whose work shows thoughtful appraisal and insight into the workings of the U.S. Congress and that represents the highest standards of journalism)
---The Feddie Reporting Award ($5,000, to recognize outstanding reporting about the impact of federal laws and regulations on local communities)
---Sol Taishoff Award for Excellence in Broadcast ($5,000, given to a U.S.-based broadcaster for a body of quality work in video or audio journalism that represents the highest standards of journalism)
---W.M. Kiplinger Distinguished Contributions to Journalism Award ($2,500, to honor persons who have, through their vision and leadership, strengthened American journalism and furthered the efforts to establish the highest quality in American journalism)
---Carolyn C. Mattingly Award for Mental Health Reporting, ($10,000, to honor excellence in mental health reporting)
---Thomas L. Stokes Award for Best Energy Writing ($2,000 to a U.S.-based journalist for the best writing on the subject of energy)

National Press Photographers Association competitions (by photojournalists, for photojournalists--for members only): Best of Photojournalism (for Photo Editing, Still Photography, Web Site, and TV News Video Photography and Editing); NPPA Solo Video Contest (for Photo Editors, TV Photographers, Solo Videojournalists, and TV Editors); Monthly News Clip Contests; and Monthly Multimedia Contest.


National Society of Newspaper Columnists awards (for serial essays, columns, blogs)
---Ernie Pyle Lifetime Achievement Award
---Legacy Award (for significant long-term contributions)
---Will Rogers Humanitarian Award (to a columnist whose sustained work in civic journalism produces tangible benefits for the community)
---Sitting Duck Award (bestowed each year on the crème de la crème of the most ridiculed newsmakers in America) Previous winners have included Roseann Barr, Kato Kaelin, Ann Coulter (“for cheapening political discourse in America”), Sarah Palin, and Donald Trump ("like a politically ambitious four-year cicada, the mogul not only passes but surpasses the duck test quadrennially").

Nautilus Awards, for books & audiobooks for children and teens--books that promote spiritual growth, conscious living, and positive social change, that change the world or change lives; silver and gold awards for books that contribute to the fields of high-level wellness, green values, responsible leadership, as well as to the worlds of art, creativity and inspiration)

Jesse H. Neal Awards (Association of Business Information & Media Companies, ABM). An array of awards, for Best Single Article, Best Subject Related Series of Articles, Best Subject-Related Package, Best Profile, Best Commentary, Best News Coverage, Best Technical Content, Best Instructional Content, Best Single Issue of a Magazine, Best Theme Issue of a Magazine or Newspaper, Best Website, Best Cross-Platform Package, Best Single Issue of a Tabloid/Newspaper, Best Blog, Best Range of Work by a Single Author, Best Newsletter, Best Use of Video, Best Use of Mobile, Best Webcast, Best Use of Social Media, Best Media Brand (Overall Editorial Excellence). Major awards include G.D. Crain, Jr. Award (to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the development of editorial excellence in the business media, $1000), Timothy White Award (recognizes exemplary leadership in the face of challenges and pressures that editors face daily, to an editor whose work displays extraordinary courage, integrity and passion), McAllister Editorial Fellowship and the McAllister Top Management Fellowship (awarded annually to an editor and an executive, respectively).

Nebula Awards for excellence in science fiction writing (a major award from the Science Fiction Writers of America, SFWA). In 2019, see Some Reactions to the 2018 Nebula Award Finalists (Cora Buhlert's blog, 2-28-19) Five of the six indie finalists "are very different from the other finalists in style, subgenre, etc… They’re all either military leaning space opera or outright military SF of the “Pew pew” type, which isn’t traditionally something the Nebula electorate tends to go for, though there are exceptions, e.g. Charles E. Gannon and Jack McDevitt...Furthermore, all six nominated indie authors (one story had two authors) plus one hybrid author are members of a Facebook group for indie authors called 20Booksto50K." An organized campaign?

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New Millennium Writings Awards. Twice-annual prizes ($1000) in four categories: fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and short-short fiction.

New Voices grants (a 2010 J-Lab program to seed innovative community news -- citizen media -- ventures in the U.S.)

The New York City Book Awards honor books of literary quality or historical importance that evoke the spirit or enhance appreciation of New York City, which must play an essential role beyond that of the setting. A worthy book, whether academic, literary, or popular, must be well written and engaging and should shed some new or unusual light on New York City.

New York Foundation for the Arts. An extensive national directory of awards, services, and publications for artists (over 4,500 arts organizations, 3,600 award programs, 4,700 service programs, and 900 publications for individual artists). NYFA also provides grants to small and medium-size organizations in New York state. Check out Grant Opportunities on the NYFA blog.

New York Historical Society book prizes:
---Barbara and David Zalaznick Book Prize in American History ($50,000 awarded for a nonfiction book on American history or biography, in alternate years, distinguished by its scholarship, its literary style and its appeal to a general as well as an academic audience)
---The New-York Historical Society Children's History Book Prize ($10,000 for the best children’s historical literature in the United States, encouraging authors to continue to create engaging and challenging narratives that provide a window into the past for middle readers and their families)
---The Gilder Lehrman Prize for Military History at the New-York Historical Society ($50,000 for the best book on military history in the English-speaking world, without restrictions as to time, and distinguished by its scholarship, its contribution to the literature, and its appeal to both a general and an academic audience).

New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards (these Australian literary prizes that range in value from $5,000 to $40,000)

New Visions Award (Lee & Low Books) Writing contest for middle-grade/YA novels and graphic novels by authors of color and native nations. br />
Next Generation Indie Book Awards

The Nib: Waverley Awards for Literature (given by the Waverly Library Council of Bondi Junction, a Sydney suburb). The award recognizes excellence in research in creating a literary work and comes with a $20,000 AUD (US$14,447) prize. Also awarded annually: the Alex Buzo Shortlist Prize (awarded to all shortlisted authors) and the People's Choice Prize.

Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting (Academy Nicholl Fellowships, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences), an international screenwriting competition established to identify and encourage talented new screenwriters

Nieman Fellowships (prestigious fellowships for experienced print, broadcast and online reporters, editors, photographers, producers, editorial writers and cartoonists)

Nieman Foundation Awards:
Worth Bingham Prize for Investigative Journalism ($20,000) honors investigative reporting of stories of national significance where the public interest is being ill-served. These stories may involve state, local or national government, lobbyists or the press itself
Taylor Family Award for Fairness in Newspapers (one $10,000 award and two for $1000, to encourage fairness in news coverage by America's daily newspapers (the Taylor family published the Boston Globe).
J. Anthony Lukas Prize Project. Awards are given in three categories:
---The J. Anthony Lukas Book Prize ($10,000) recognizes superb examples of nonfiction on an American topic that exemplifies the literary grace, commitment to serious research and social concern that characterized the work of the award’s namesake.
---The Mark Lynton History Prize ($10,000) is awarded to the book-length work of history on any subject that best combines intellectual or scholarly distinction with felicity of expression.
---The J. Anthony Lukas Work-in-Progress Award (two $25,000 prizes) is given annually to aid in the completion of a significant work of nonfiction on a topic of American political or social concern.

NIHCM Foundation Health Care Writing awards. National Institute for Healthcare Management offers a $10,000 prize to winners in each category, including a new category (best health care blogging). The categories:
Health Care Television and Radio Journalism (for excellence in reporting on health care issues and policy)
Health Care Digital Media
Health Care Print Journalism Article or Series (one from General Circulation Publications and another from Trade Publications)
Health Care Research (articles in peer-reviewed journals etc.)
Best health care blogging.

Nobel Prizes in Literature Final deliberations are secret and highly nontransparent. Read Nomination and Selection of Nobel Laureates. The names of the nominees cannot be revealed until 50 years later. In the nomination archive, you can search among nominations for the years 1901-1965, now revealed according to the 50 years rule. Alfred Nobel left no explanation as to why the Peace Prize was to be awarded by a Norwegian committee while the other four prizes were to be handled by Swedish committees. The Nobel Peace Prize and the awarded Laureates have frequently caused controversies as they in many cases have increased public focus on international or national conflicts.
The ugly scandal that cancelled the Nobel prize ( Andrew Brown, The Guardian, 7-17-18, a Long Read) Sweden’s literary elite has been thrown into disarray by allegations of sexual harassment and corruption. "It seems possible that the king of Sweden, who has ultimate responsibility for the academy, will simply close the whole thing down this summer, with potentially disastrous consequences for the Nobel prize in literature. The Nobel Foundation, which funds the prize, is refusing to keep doing so until the academy is cleaned up."
In memory of Vera Rubin, the woman the Nobel Prize forgot (Rachel Feltman, Popular Science, 12-27-16) Vera Rubin, who essentially created a new field of astronomy by discovering dark matter, was a favorite to win the Nobel Prize in physics for years. But she never received her early-morning call from Stockholm. On Sunday, she died at the age of 88. And it cannot be awarded posthumously. Most of the Universe, Rubin discovered, is invisible to us, yet this material has had a profound effect on literally everything. Dark matter is still technically theoretical, which is why, it is argued, she could not get the prize. But "the men who discovered dark energy—no less important than dark matter, but no less 'theoretical' either—were honored with the prize in 2011. And their observations took place a good 20 years after Rubin did her work."
The ‘Doctor Zhivago’ Nobel Dust-up(Tina Jordan, NY Times, 10-24-18) Pasternak turned down his Nobel in 1957, when the Soviet Union threatened to oust him for accepting it. Here's what went down.

North American Travel Journalists Association awards, honoring the “best of the best” from travel media (writers, photographers, video journalists) and travel promotion submitted by travel journalists, travel magazines, public relations agencies and destination marketing organizations (DMOs/CVBs)

#OakesAward. John B. Oakes Award for Distinguished Environmental Journalism ($5,000 prize, given annually for news reporting that makes an exceptional contribution to the public’s understanding of environmental issues, presented in the fall at Columbia Journalism School)

Oklahoma Book Awards Books considered for this award must have an Oklahoma-based theme, or entrants (authors, illustrators, or designers) must live or have lived in Oklahoma. Categories: children/young adult, design/illustration, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry

Online Media Awards (somewhat British-oriented). Interesting categories: Chairman's award; online editor of the year; digital writer of the year; best site for news-led journalism; best specialist site for journalism; best local/regional news site; best national news site; best campaigning/investigative journalism; best commentary/blogging; best video journalism; best designed site; best Twitter feed; best use of social media; best use of crowd sourcing or citizen journalism; best brand development; best commercial innovation.

Online journalism awards (six awards come with a total of $33,000 in prize money), administered by the Online News Association.

Orange Prize for Fiction, now Women's Prize for Fiction A £30,000 prize, which celebrates excellence, originality and accessibility in women's writing from throughout the world, by any woman writing in English, for a book published in UK.

Oregon Book Awards

Orwell Prize, Britain's most prestigious prize for political writing -- with prizes for the book, the journalism, and (since 2009) the blog. See A brief history . Not to be confused with Orwellian Prize.

‘Orwellian Prize’ for inaccuracy awarded to the Daily Mail for “journalistic misrepresentation” (Craig Silverman, Poynter 1-30-12)

Overseas Press Club awards (22 awards, some of them sponsored). Learn who past recipients were.

Paddypower Political Book Awards for the very best in political writing and publishing. Appears to have expanded, to become the Paddy Power & Total Politics Political Book Awards Sponsored by Paddy Power, a leading UK and Ireland betting and gaming company, and, an online political bookstore, according to Biographers International. Categories: political book of the year, debut political book of the year, political biography of the year, polemic of the year, political history book of the year, international affairs book of the year, practical politics book of the year, political humor and satire book of the year, political fiction book of the year, World War One book of the year.

Page International Screenwriting Awards, second only to the Nicholl Fellowships, according to Mike Kuciak, who writes of it.

Paris Review prizes. Winners are selected from the stories and poems published in The Paris Review each year.
• The Plimpton Prize for Fiction (an award of $10,000 given to a new voice published in The Paris Review, reflecting Plimpton's commitment to discovering new writers of exceptional merit).
• The Paris Review Hadada Award (presented each year to “a distinguished member of the writing community who has made a strong and unique contribution to literature")
• The Terry Southern Prize for Humor (recognizes humor, wit and sprezzatura as important qualities of good writing in general, especially writing online--in memory of Terry Southern, known for his uproarious fiction and journalism and such screenplays as Dr. Strangelove and Easy Rider)
• The Aga Khan Prize (latest entry was 2004)
• Bernard F. Conners Prize for Poetry (latest entry was 2004)

Payne Awards for Ethics in Journalism (the $10,000 Ancil Payne award honors courageous reporting and difficult ethical decisions that make a difference in the community but are often invisible to readers, listeners, or viewers). University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication.

Peabody Awards, the world's oldest annual honor in electronic media, especially for excellence in radio and television broadcasting. The Peabodys honor distinction and achievement in broadcast journalism, documentary film making, educational and children's programming, and entertainment. The Peabody was first awarded in 1941 for radio programs from 1940; TV awards were added in 1948 and awards for material distributed on the Web were introduced in the 1990s. Wikipedia lists Peabody Award winners by year. Administered by the Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia.

Daniel Pearl Investigative Journalism Initiative (Moment Magazine awards of $5000 to encourage young journalists to write in-depth stories about a modern manifestation of anti-Semitism or another deeply ingrained prejudice.)

PEN American literary awards

(those administered by PEN America) include:
PEN/Nabokov Award for Achievement in International Literature ($50,000) o a writer of any genre for their body of work. Multigenre.
PEN/Jean Stein Book Award ($75,000) for a book-length work of any genre for its originality, merit, and impact. Multigenre.
PEN/Jean Stein Grant for Literary Oral History ($10,000) for a literary work of nonfiction that uses oral history to illuminate an event, individual, place, or movement.
PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize for Emerging Writers ($2,000 to 12 writers) recognizing twelve emerging fiction writers for their debut short story.
PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize ($25,000) for an outstanding work of debut fiction
PEN/Diamonstein-Spielvogel Award for the Art of the Essay ($10,000) to preserve the dignity and esteem that the essay form imparts to literature
PEN/John Kenneth Galbraith Award for Nonfiction ($10,000) to an author of a distinguished book of general nonfiction possessing notable literary merit and critical perspective and illuminating important contemporary issues.
PEN/E. O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award ($10,000) to celebrate writing that exemplifies literary excellence on the subject of physical and biological sciences
PEN/Laura Pels International Foundation for Theater Awards for Master American Dramatist, Playwright in Mid-Career, and Emerging Playwright ($7,500 and $2,500). Three awards to honor a Grand Master of American Theater, playwright in mid-career, and emerging playwright.
PEN Open Book Award ($5,000) for a book-length work by an author of color. Multigenre,
PEN/Jacqueline Bograd Weld Award for Biography ($5,000) for excellence in the art of biography
PEN/Joyce Osterweil Award for Poetry ($5,000) for a new and emerging American poet with promise of further literary achievement. Alternates with the PEN/Voelcker Award for Poetry. given to a poet whose distinguished and growing body of work to date represents a notable and accomplished presence in American literature.
PEN/ESPN Award for Literary Sports Writing ($5,000) for an author of a nonfiction book about sports
PEN/ESPN Lifetime Achievement Award for Literary Sports Writing ($5,000) to a writer for a lifetime of writing about sports and its dimensions of character and action
PEN/Phyllis Naylor Working Writer Fellowship ($5,000)
for an author of an unpublished work of children's or young-adult fiction
PEN Translation Prize ($3,000) for a distinguished book-length prose translation
PEN Award for Poetry in Translation ($3,000) for a book-length translation of poetry from any language into English
PEN/Nora Magid Award ($2,500) for a magazine editor whose high literary standards and taste have, throughout his or her career, contributed significantly to the excellence of the publication he or she edits
PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grants ($2,000-$4,000) to promote the publication and reception of translated international literature in English
PEN Grant for the English Translation of Italian Literature ($5,000) for a work-in-progress translation of narrative prose from the Italian into English

Am not sure if the following PEN awards are still being given.
PEN/Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction (founded by Barbara Kingsolver, $25,000) awarded biennially to the author of a previously unpublished novel that addresses issues of social justice and the impact of culture and politics on human relationships.)
PEN/W. G. Sebald Award for a Fiction Writer in Mid-Career ($10,000). Honors an author who has published at least 3 significant works of literary fiction, either novels or short story collections, with the promise of more to come.
Hemingway Foundation PEN Award for a first work of fiction by an American author ($10,000, and residencies) now administered by PEN/New England.
PEN/Steven Kroll Award Honoring the Author of an Illustrated Children’s Book ($5,000). To an American or U.S.-based writer for an exceptional story illustrated in a picture book.
PEN Emerging Writers Awards ($2500), to two promising writers — one fiction writer, one nonfiction writer--at a crucial early moment in their careers
PEN Open Book Award ($5,000). To an author of color who has not received wide media coverage.
See also English PEN awards.

PEN/Faulkner Foundation awards. Awards administered by the foundation:
PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction ($15,000 to winner, $5,000 to finalists). Honors the best published works of fiction by American citizens in a calendar year
PEN/Malamud Award ($5,000). To honor excellence in the art of the short story.

PEN Writers Emergency Fund, plus a list of additional resources for writers (including emergency funds, crisis advice and advocacy, health insurance, government programs, emergency shelter and food provisions)
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PEN Northwest Boyden Wilderness Writing Residency (a seven-month residency, stipend $5,000, in southwest Oregon's back country; competition open to poets, fiction writers, or creative nonfiction writers)

PEN/New England's Hemingway Foundation PEN Award for a first work of fiction by an American author.

Pen-Oakland Literary Awards. The "Blue-Collar" PEN issues the Josephine Miles Award (to honor writers of exceptional works often not acknowledged by the mainstream literary community), a Literary Censorship Award (honoring authors of literature of conscience who may have suffered censorship, efforts to discredit or failure to distribute/review their work based on philosophical or cultural content), and the Reginald Lockett Lifetime Achievement Award. Awards described generally in NY Times Bay Area blog entry, The ‘Blue-Collar’ PEN Awards (Felicity Barringer, 12-4-09).

Pen Translation Fund grants (to promote the publication and reception of translated world literature in English)

Maxwell E. Perkins Award, to honor the work of an editor, publisher, or agent who over the course of his or her career has discovered, nurtured and championed writers of fiction in the United States (presented by the Center for Fiction, Mercantile Library, NYC, in honor of Perkins, one of the publishing industry's most important editors).

Phi Beta Kappa Book Awards . Phi Beta Kappa issues three awards: Christian Gauss Award, for a work of literary scholarship or criticism (to be eligible, a literary biography must have a predominantly critical emphasis); Ralph Waldo Emerson Award, for “scholarly studies that contribute significantly to interpretations of the intellectual and cultural condition of humanity" (biographies of public figures may be eligible if their primary critical emphasis is on the intellectual and cultural condition of humanity); and the Phi Beta Kappa Science award, for outstanding contributions by scientists to the literature of science. Each award carries a $10,000 prize.

Plutarch Award for best biography of the year, as chosen by fellow biographers (Biographers International Organization, award launched in 2013).

Poetry Awards, lists of, with links:
***Poets & Writers' detailed list of contests, grants, and awards
Poetry Society of America links to poetry contests for books, for chapbooks, and for single poems
Wikipedia list of poetry awards from around the world
Legitimate poetry contests and award
Calls for Submissions (Authors Guild's monthly announcements of submissions deadlines for a particular month include many poetry contests)
Legitimate poetry contests vs. contest scams

Specific poetry awards in U.S.
Barbara Mandigo Kelly Peace Poetry Awards ($1,000)
Kingsley Tufts Poetry Awards ($100,000, for mid-career poets who have previously published books of poetry)
Kate Tufts Discovery Award ($10,000 to a first-time poet)
Rattle Poetry Prize ($10,000 to winner and $200 to ten finalists, for U.S. poets)

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Poets & Writers funding for readings/workshops

The George Polk Awards (Long Island University) for intrepid journalism, honoring insights, exposés, stories that probe beneath the news, photojournalism. Interesting history.. See also if they are still giving George Polk grants for investigative journalism, because so many journalists have been laid off.

Posen Foundation's international fellowship in Jewish fiction writing and scholarship. To be eligible for this new $40,000 fellowship, writers must be at work on a Jewish-themed novel or short story collection, and should not yet have published their first book. Also eligible: doctoral students writing their dissertations on subjects related to modern Jewish history and culture.

Matthew Power Literary Reporting Award ($12,500 grant to support the work of a promising early-career nonfiction writer on a story that uncovers truths about the human condition, sometimes with a runner-up prize of $4,000, awarded by NYU Journalism Institute)

PRISM Awards honor productions that are powerfully entertaining but also accurately depict substance abuse and addiction and mental illness: prevention, treatment and recovery in film, television, interactive, music, DVD, and comic book entertainment (sponsored by Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. in collaboration FX Network and other national cable television partners. See award categories.

Pritzker Military Library Literature Award for Lifetime Achievement in Military Writing ($100,000)

Prime Minister's Literary Awards (Australia, for fiction, poetry, nonfiction, Australian history, YA fiction, children's fiction). Up to $100 000 is awarded in each category—$80 000 for the winning entry and $5,000 each for a maximum of four shortlisted entries. All prizes are tax-free. See entry guidelines.

Prix Italia (prestigious international competition, with awards for excellence in radio, TV and Web programs (drama, documentaries, music and performing arts)

Project Report (a contest for nonprofessional, aspiring journalists to tell stories that might not otherwise be told, shown as short video journalism on YouTube, sponsored by the Pulitzer Center and Sony)

Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Awards. Silver Anvil awards (the "Oscars") recognize the best public relations programs of the year and the highest standards of performance in the profession. Bronze Anvil Awards recognize individual items or components of programs or campaigns — media kits, annual reports, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, social media, video programs, PSAs, speeches or websites — that contribute to the overall success of public relations programs and campaigns. Individual Awards are given in five different categories (Gold Anvil, Outstanding Educator, Patrick Johnson Aware for Distinguished Service to PRSA, Paul M. Lund Public Service Award, Atlas Award for Lifetime Achievement in International Public Relations. Awards are presented both nationally and in local chapters.

The PublishingTriangle Awards ( the Ferro-Grumley Award for LGBT Fiction; the Edmund White Award for Debut Fiction; the Judy Grahn Award for Lesbian Nonfiction, the Randy Shilts Award for Gay Nonfiction; the Audre Lorde Award for Lesbian Poetry; and the Thom Gunn Award for Gay Poetry; the Robert Chesley Award for Lesbian and Gay Playwriting; and the Bill Whitehead Award for Lifetime Achievement)

Pulitzer Prizes The prestigious Pulitzer Prizes are awarded annually by Columbia University for achievements in newspaper and online journalism, literature and musical composition. Prizes of $10,000 are awarded to twenty winners, and one gold medal is awarded to a newspaper (though an individual may be named). Prizes in Letters are for books published in the United States: fiction, biography, general nonfiction, history, and poetry. The categories are shown in this list of prizes given for 2014. See The 17 Pulitzer board members are meeting right now. Here’s what we know about them (Rich Edmonds, Poynter, 4-13-18). Michael Cunningham explains the selection process for the fiction prize in this article: Letter from the Pulitzer Fiction Jury: What Really Happened This Year (7-9-12), when no fiction prize was given. CJR (Spring 2016) reports on women and people of color being shut out of American journalism’s most prestigious award in 100 years of data, in an issue that also tells the story of Janet Cooke, The fabulist who changed journalism (and who returned her Pulitzer after admitting she'd made up the story she won it for.

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting (Travel grants to cover hard costs associated with upcoming travel for an international reporting project. Our ideal project offers print, photography, radio, and video. Our definition of "crisis" is broad. We see great value in covering the too often under-reported systemic level crises, from environmental issues and struggles for resources or human rights abuses, to post-conflict reconstruction, or brewing ethnic tensions. We are interested in the stories that would typically not make the headlines without our support.) Check out Untold Stories: Dispatches from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

Eugene S. Pulliam First Amendment Award (Sigma Delta Chi Foundation), honoring a person or persons who have fought to protect and preserve one or more of the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment. Honorees do not have to be journalists.

PUMA Creative Catalyst Award (PUMA and BRITDOC, for an international documentary filmmaker with a story to tell, but not necessarily the resources to do it -- developed to give filmmakers the funds to develop trailers for their films). Apply at BRITDOC. See finalist trailers.

Purpose Prize (, second acts for the greater good). Purpose: To invest in people over 60 who are changing the world. Prize: $100,000 awards to advance their work. See what’s possible in the second half of life by learning more about how previous Purpose Prize winners, all in their encore careers, solve critical problems in education, health care, the environment and more. (Not just for writers, but one writer friend just won one, so I list it here.)

Pushcart Prize Series (best of the small presses, anthology published annually since 1976)

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Rachel Carson Environment Book Award (Society of Environmental Journalists, SPJ)

Rachel Carson Intergenerational Sense of Wonder Contest. Intergenerational teams of two or more compete in a poetry, essay, photography and dance contest "that best expresses the Sense of Wonder that you feel for the sea, the night sky, forests, birds, wildlife, and all that is beautiful to your eyes." Co-sponsored by EPA, Generations United, The Dance Exchange, National Center for Creative Aging, and the Rachel Carson Council, Inc.,

Radio/Media Awards Directory (AIR wiki, Association of Independents in Radio)

RBC Taylor Prize for excellence in literary nonfiction, $25,000 to the Canadian author whose book best combines a superb command of the English language, an elegance of style, and a subtlety of thought and perception ($2,000 to runners up).

Reading the West Book Awards (sponsored by the Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association, honoring adult and children’s titles that exemplify the best in writing and/or illustrations whose subject matter is set in the region or invokes the spirit of the region--awarded in several categories)

Rebecca Caudill Young Readers' Book Award (annual award given to the author of the book voted most outstanding by students in grades 4 through 8 in participating Illinois schools)

NEW: Restless Books Prize for New Immigrant Writing ($10,000 advance and publication by Restless Books) will alternate yearly between accepting unpublished fiction and nonfiction submissions, beginning with fiction in 2015. Candidates must be first-generation residents of the United States. “First-generation” can refer either to people born in another country who relocated to the U.S., or to American-born residents whose parents were born elsewhere.

Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year (National Cartoonists Society). Chosen by secret ballot of NCS members. The board of directors chooses (by unanimous vote) recipients of the Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award.

Reynolds Center Awards and Scholarships

River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Prize (for a book-length manuscript of literary nonfiction -- award: $1,000 and publication by University of Nebraska Press)

Rita Awards (Romance Writers of America), awards for outstanding published romance novels and novellas -- a huge contest with many competitors, plus several other awards.

Rockower Awards (the Simon Rockower Awards for Excellence in Jewish Journalism). Awards for Excellence in Writing (categories include) for Excellence in Commentary, for Excellence in Single Commentary, for Excellence in Personal Essay, for Excellence in Editorial Writing, for Excellence in Enterprise or Investigative Reporting, for Excellence in News Reporting, for Excellence in Social Justice Reporting, for Excellence in Feature Writing, for Excellence in Arts and Criticism News and Features, for Excellence in Special Sections or Supplements, for Excellence in Organizational Newsletters, for Excellence in Writing About Women, for Excellence in Writing About the Global Russian-Speaking Jewish Community, for Excellence in Writing About Jewish Heritage and Jewish Peoplehood in Europe, for Excellence in Overall Graphic Design, for Excellence in Graphic Design: COVER, for Excellence in Photography, for Outstanding Digital Outreach, for Excellence in a Multi-Media Story, for Excellence in Blogging. And The David Frank Award for Excellence in Personality Profiles, The Rambam Award for Excellence in Writing About Health Care, The Jacob Rader Marcus Award for Journalistic Excellence in American Jewish History, The Noah Bee Award for Excellence in Illustrating and/or Editorial Cartooning.

Romance writing workshops, conferences, and writing contests (Once Upon a Romance site)

Robinson Prize (every year the American Copy Editors Society honors one copy editor whose work demonstrates exceptional effectiveness with $3,000, a plaque, and national recognition)

Rowley Prize for Best Proposal for First Biography to be Awarded at Compleat Biographer Conference in 2014 (honoring Hazel Rowley)

Royal Nonesuch Humor Writing Contest (Mark Twain House & Museum). Submit 7,000 words or less of any original work of humor, humorous essays and stories.

Royal Society book prizes (UK, $$$). The writer must be a resident of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland, or have been a resident in the UK or ROI for the past three years.
Companions of Literature, the highest award bestowed by the RSL, was inaugurated in 1961, and is held by up to ten writers at any one time.
RSL Encore Award (UK, £10,000) for the best second novel of the year.
RSL Giles St Aubyn Awards for Non-Fiction annual awards for first-time writers of non-fiction. Two awards – one of £10,000, one of £5,000 – are offered to support writers to complete their first commissioned works of non-fiction.
RSL Ondaatje Prize, an annual award of £10,000 for a distinguished work of fiction, non-fiction or poetry, evoking the spirit of a place.
The Benson Medal Awarded to those who have offered sustained and outstanding service to literature.
V.S. Pritchett Memorial Prize, an annual prize of £1,000 goes to the best unpublished short story of the year. The winning entry is also published in Prospect Magazine and the RSL Review.
Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize (was Winton Prize), celebrating the best in popular science writing (authors of six shortlisted books each receive £1,000 and the winner receives £10,000). Open to books written for a non-specialist audience, hundreds of entries are submitted by publishers from all over the world.
Royal Society's Young People's Book Prize, celebrating the best books that communicate science to young people (authors of six shortlisted books each receive £1,000 and the winner receives £10,000). The Royal Society Prizes for Science Books were named the Rhône-Poulenc Prizes for Science Books from 1990 to 2000, and the Aventis Prizes for Science Books from 2001 to 2006.

Ruderman Foundation Awards for Excellence in Reporting on Disability, a journalism contest devoted exclusively to recognizing excellence in the coverage of people with disabilities and disability issues.

Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize ($100,000 annually). This prestigious award honors a living U.S. poet whose lifetime accomplishments warrant extraordinary recognition (administered by the Poetry Foundation).

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Salamander Fiction Prize ($1000, $500 plus publication, for a short story)

Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature ($100,000 to an emerging writer whose work has demonstrated a fresh vision and evidence of further growth, for a book of literary merit that stimulates an interest in themes of Jewish concern. Fiction and nonfiction books are considered in alternate years. Administered through Jewish Book Council.

Santa Fe Writing Program Literary Awards (SFWP awards, $1500 and no-obligation book contract; two runner-ups receive $500 each) "So we’ll take full- length manuscripts, collections short or long, excerpts, and essays. We don’t care about what the big presses believe to be “marketable,” we want to see excellence in writing, no matter the form it takes. Past winners have ranged from flash fiction to memoir to magical realism to literary fiction to essays."

Sarton Women's Book Awards (honoring May Sarton and women's lives, sponsored by Story Circle Network. Awards presented annually in five categories: Memoir, Nonfiction (biography, collective biogrphy, edited diaries, scholarly studies of women's lit), Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult and New Adult Fiction.

SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition (Society of American Travel Writers Foundation). Here's a page showing judge's comments for 2015 awards. Sometimes it is worth submitting to a competition just to get the comments! It is not easy to join SATW.

Katherine Schneider Journalism Award for Excellence in Reporting on Disability The first national journalism contest devoted exclusively to disability coverage, with awards of $5,000, $1500, and $500. Accepts print, broadcast, and online entries. Administered by the National Center on Disability and Journalism, headquartered at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards (The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers) recognize student achievement in the visual and literary arts in 28 categories, including poetry, graphic design, fashion, science fiction, video game design and more--allowing creative teens to earn recognition, exhibition, publication and scholarships. The Portfolio Gold Award includes a $10,000 scholarship. See Alliance for Young Artists & Writers.

St. Botolph Club Foundation Emerging Artist Awards ($2500, to encourage artists early in their career--supporting well-defined endeavors such as finishing a commissioned score, preparing works for an exhibition, traveling for arts research, or completing a piece of writing) and Distinguished Artist Award ($5,000 to an artist--in music, literature, or visual arts--who has demonstrated outstanding talent and an exceptional diversity of accomplishment--and are recognized for their contributions as teachers, mentors, or advocates)

St. Francis College Literary Prize ($50,000 to midcareer authors, for a 3rd to 5th published work of fiction, awarded every two years)

Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism and the Fund for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) are offering An Investigative Reporting Partnership (AIR, Feb./March 2012) ." The Schuster Institute is an investigative reporting center housed at Brandeis University outside Boston, with a focus on social justice and human rights issues. FIJ grants money ranging between $5,000 and $10,000 to freelance reporters. Together they're offering something, but I couldn't find where you apply. Try this release and FIJ's grant application page.

Science Fiction Awards Database. Replaced the Locus Guide to Science Fiction Awards (1971-2009) .

Screenwriting competitions and awards

Austin Screenplay and Teleplay Competition (see all the awards presented at the Austin Film Festival)
Big Break Screenwriting Contest (Final Draft)
BlueCat (Fellini award of $5000 is given to an international screenwriter from outside the US.)
CineStory Foundation Fellowship (cash, plus a one-year fellowship and screenwriting retreat in which you are paired with a mentor, a Hollywood professional)
LaunchPad (Tracking Board and Coverfly)
Nicholl Fellowships (Up to five writers each win $35,000 fellowships from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
PAGE International Screenwriting Awards competition ($25,000 grand prize)
Save the Cat Screenplay Challenge
Script Pipeline Screenwriting Contest
Screencraft Screenwriting Competitions, Fellowship and Film Fund
Slamdance Screenplay Competition
Sundance Screenwriters’ Lab (this one features a five-day writing retreat with top professional screenwriters, plus financial support)
TrackingB screenwriting contest

Book Pipeline (Script Pipeline) A place to submit novels, nonfiction, and other published works that deserve adaptation for film and television Are there others?

Roundup articles
Best Screenwriting Contests to Supercharge Your Career in 2019/2020
Choosing the Best Scriptwriting Contest for You (FilmScripting.Com).
International Screenwriters' Association (ISA) rolling list of competitions.
Most Significant Screenwriting Contests (user-ranked through MovieBytes "Report Card" system) Check out the Comments on each contest.
Screenwriting Contests & Markets Online (Movie Bytes round-up of some contests and fellowships available for film and TV writers)
Screenwriting Contests, Directory (MovieBytes), which can be viewed through different filters. See also its very useful Screenwriting Contests Calendar and its long list of most significant screenwriting contests.
The Top 10 Screenwriting Contests: An Industry Exec’s P.O.V. (Mike Kuciak, Authors in Your Pocket, 3-9-11)

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Shear Book Prizes (Society for Historians of the Early American Republic) Book prizes to original monographs (and sometimes books) that deal with the period 1776-1861 in America. Books prizes: SHEAR Best Book, James Broussard Best First Book, and James Bradford Best Biography Prize.

Shorty Awards (honoring the best in social media), in MANY categories! Catch up through the Shorty Awards blog.

Sidney Awards (Sidney Hillman Foundation). Awarded monthly (for piece published previous month) for an outstanding piece of journalism fostering social and economic justice. See The Sidney Awards, Part 1 (David Brooks. NY Times, 12-25-14) and Part 2 (12-29-14)

Society of Authors grants and prizes (awards from this organization in the UK range from grants for works in progress to literary prizes. Included (broadly): The Authors Awards (prizes for fiction, non-fiction and poetry are worth £76,000 in prize money), the Educational Writers' Award, The Society of Biology Book Awards, translation prizes, and audio drama awards.

Society of Children's Book Writers & Publishers (SCBWI) awards and grants
--- Manuscript awards for promising manuscripts submitted for individual critique at the Summer Conference.
--- Emerging Voices Award to foster the emergence of diverse voices in children’s books.
--- Student Writer Scholarship Conference tuition for full-time university students in an English or creative writing program.
--- IPOC Women’s Scholarship All expense paid trip to the LA Summer Conference for indigenous and people of color who identify as women.
--- Work-in-Progress Awards To assist children’s book writers and illustrators in the completion of a specific project currently not under contract. Given in the categories of: Picture Book Text, Chapter Books/Early Readers, Middle Grade, Young Adult Fiction, Nonfiction, Multicultural Fiction or Nonfiction, and Translation.
--- Karen Cushman Late Bloomer Award An award for a work-in-progress from an unpublished author over age 50.
--- Ann Whitford Paul—Writer’s Digest Manuscript Award An annual award given to the manuscript of a Most Promising Picture Book manuscript.
--- A. Orr Fantasy Grant Awarded to young adult and middle grade writers working in the fantasy or science fiction genre.


--- Book Launch Award Provides authors or illustrators with $2,000 in funds to help promote their newly published work.
--- Crystal Kite Awards Peer-given award to recognize great books from fifteen SCBWI regional divisions around the world.
--- Golden Kite Awards The only children's literary award judged by a jury of peers, recognizing excellence in children's literature in five categories: Young Reader and Middle Grade Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Nonfiction, Picture Book Text, and Picture Book Illustration.
--- Jane Yolen Mid-List Author Grant to honor the contribution of mid-list authors.
--- Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award (given every three years) for an excellent book of poetry or anthology for children and/or young adults.
--- Magazine Merit Award For original magazine work for young people in the categories of Fiction, Nonfiction, Illustration, and Poetry
--- Martha Weston Grant Helps authors and illustrators who want to switch children's book genres.
--- Sid Fleischman Humor Award For exemplary writing for children in the genre of humor.
--- Spark Award recognizes excellence in a children's book published through a non-traditional publishing route.


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Scribes Awards for legal writing (The American Society of Legal Writers)

Scripps Howard Awards in Journalism (worth a total of $180,000 and trophies), in 2014 included the Ursula and Gilbert Farfel Prize for Investigative Reporting ($20,000), the Roy H. Howard Award for Public Service Reporting ($10,000), Distinguished Service to the First Amendment ($10,000), Ernie Pyle Award for Human Interest Storytelling ($10,000), the Digital Innovation Award ($10,000), Jack R. Howard Award for Television/Cable In-Depth Local Coverage ($10,000), Jack R. Howard Award for Television/Cable In-Depth National and International Coverage ($10,000), the Jack R. Howard Award for In-Depth Radio Coverage ($10,000), the Breaking News Award ($10,000), the Community Journalism Award ($10,000), the Edward J. Meeman Award for Environmental Reporting ($10,000), the William Brewster Styles Award for Business/Economics Reporting ($10,000), the Walker Stone Award for Editorial Writing ($10,000), the Photojournalism Award ($10.000, the Charles E. Scripps Administrator of the Year Award ($10,000), and the Charles E. Scripps Journalism and Mass Communication Teacher of the Year Award ($10,000). See more details here for 2014.

Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition, $20,000 cash, $80,000 in prizes for TV and movie screenwriting

Scripter Awards (given to both author and screenwriter for the best adaptation of the printed word into film, by the University of Southern California in support of USC Libraries). "Dozens of cinematic adaptations are eligible each calendar year for the Scripter Award. " See past winners .

Selden Ring Award for Investigative Reporting (USC Annenberg)

Seymour Medal honors the best book of baseball history or biography published during the preceding calendar year.

Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing ($25,000 CAD for the winner, $2500 for finalists), awarded annually by Writers' Trust of Canada to a nonfiction book that captures a political subject of interest to Canadian readers and enhances our understanding of the issue.

Society for History in the Federal Government awards. Six annual prizes for historical publication and work furthering the understanding and history of the federal government:
--Henry Adams Prize (for an outstanding major publication on the history of the federal government)
--George Pendleton Prize (for an outstanding major publication produced for or by a federal history program);
--James Madison Prize (for excellence in an article or essay that deals with any aspect of the history of the federal government);
--Charles Thomson Prizes (for excellence in an article or essay that deals with any aspect of the history of the federal government written in or for a federal history program);
--Thomas Jefferson Prize (Documentary Edition or Research Aid), excellence in documentary editions and research tools within the previous two calendar years
--John Wesley Powell Prize (commemorates the explorer and federal administrator whose work demonstrated early recognition of the importance of historic preservation and historical display)

Society for Neuroscience Science Journalism Student Award (expenses to travel to SfN meeting)

Society for Technical Communications (STC) awards (worth entering for the evaluations alone)

Society of Environmental Journalists annual awards for reporting on the environment. The Nina Mason Pulliam Award for the "best of the best" environmental reporting will award $10,000 to one entry selected from the first-place winners of SEJ's Awards for Reporting on the Environment. SEJ's Awards for Reporting on the Environment in seven categories: Kevin Carmody Award for Outstanding In-depth Reporting, Large Market; Kevin Carmody Award for Outstanding In-depth Reporting, Small Market; Outstanding Beat Reporting, Large Market; Outstanding Beat Reporting, Small Market; Rachel Carson Environment Book Award (nonfiction book); Outstanding Explanatory Reporting: A story, series or occasional series that illuminates a significant complex environmental subject, demonstrating mastery of the subject, storytelling and clear presentation; Outstanding Feature Story: One environmental interest story not directly tied to a recent news event with an emphasis on storytelling, while also including an explanatory aspect that sheds light on our environment and gives details to concepts or ideas.\

The Society of Midland Authors awards. Since 1915 this juried competition has presented awards for excellence to authors and poets. The competition is open to authors and poets who reside in, were born in, or have strong ties to the 12-state Midwestern Heartland (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin). Awards are presented for adult fiction and nonfiction, biography and memoir, poetry, and children's fiction and nonfiction. See Society of Midland Authors Celebrates 100 Years (Claire Kitch, PW, 5-7-15)

Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) awards
National awards, fellowships, and internships. These include
Eugene S. Pulliam First Amendment Award (Sigma Delta Chi Foundation recognizes, with a $10,000 award, accomplishments on behalf of First Amendment freedoms by an individual, group of individuals or an organization
Eugene C. Pulliam Fellowship for Editorial Writing (SDX Foundation awards $75,000 to an editorial writer to help broaden his or her journalistic horizons and knowledge of the world--the award can be used to cover the cost of study, research and/or travel in any field)
Heroes of the 50 States (State Government Hall of Fame-- a joint venture by SPJ and the National Freedom of Information Coalition to recognize long-term contributions of individuals to open government in their respective states)
Pulliam/Kilgore Freedom of Information Internships (two awards annually; one intern works in the offices of the Society’s First Amendment legal counsel in Washington, D.C., the other in SPJ's national HQ in Indianapolis)
National SPJ contests
National SPJ Honors (public) and for members
National chapter awards
National contests (discontinued) (First Amendment Awards and Helen Thomas Award)
Local and regional SPJ contests

Soros Aftermath Project Grant. A Documentary Photography Project grantee, a nonprofit organization committed to telling the other half of the story of conflict—the story of what it takes for individuals to learn to live again, to rebuild destroyed lives and homes, to restore civil societies, to address the lingering wounds of war while struggling to create new avenues for peace. (I'm not sure who does what here, but check it out.)

Soros (Justice) Media Fellowships

Sperber Biography Award for biography or autobiography of a media professional (Fordham University Department of Communications and Media Studies)

Spur Awards for distinguished writing about the American West, Western Writers of America.

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Statistical excellence in journalism awards (Royal Statistical Society). Awards in Regional journalism (Recognizing the excellent use of data and statistics in local or regional media) , Investigative journalism (Recognizing journalism that has used original research and analysis of data to uncover a story) , Explaining the facts (Recognizing journalism that has dissected important statistics to make them more accessible and understandable to the wider public), and data visualization (Recognizing the use of creative visual representation to illustrate complex data). See also Excellence in Statistical Reporting Award (American Statistical Association).

The Wallace Stegner Prize in Environmental Humanities ($5,000 awarded biennially to best monograph submitted to the Press in the broad field of environmental humanities, by University of Utah Press )

Stegner Award (Center of the American West) The Wallace Stegner Award to an individual who has made a sustained contribution to the cultural identity of the West through literature, art, history, lore, or an understanding of the West.

Thomas L. Stokes Award for Best Energy Writing ($2,000, National Press Foundation award to a U.S.-based journalist for the best writing on the subject of energy-- may be reporting, analysis or commentary, but should represent the highest standards of journalism)

I.F. Stone Medal for Journalistic Independence. See Nieman awards.

Stonewall Book Awards for GLBT books, sponsored by the American Library Association's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table. Includes the Barbara Gittings Literature Award, the Israel Fishman Non-Fiction Award and the Mike Morgan and Larry Romans Children’s and Young Adult Literature Award, for English language works published the prior year.

Student Stowe Prizes high school ($1,000) and college students ($2,500) who write for social justice and positive change (Harriet Beecher Stowe Center)

Sundance Film Festival

Sustainable Arts Foundation awards to individual artists and writers with families--at least one child under age of 18. Visual arts awards and writing awards of $6,000 each.

Punch Sulzberger News Media Executive Leadership Program

Sydney Taylor Book Award for outstanding books for children and teens that authentically portray the Jewish experience.

The TED Prize (awarded to an individual with a creative, bold vision to spark global change). By leveraging the TED community’s resources and investing $1 million powerful idea, each year the TED Prize supports one wish to inspire the world. Award for 2015 goes to Dave Isay of StoryCorps. Listen to Charmian Gooch of Global Witness (TEDblog, 3-5-14) on global corruption’s hidden players: global corruption "is driven by our international banking system, by the problem of anonymous shell companies, by the secrecy that we have afforded big oil, gas and mining operations and, most of all, by the failure of our politicians to back up their rhetoric.”

Telly Awards (honoring the very best film & video productions, groundbreaking online video content, and outstanding local, regional, & cable TV commercials and programs)

Theatre Book Prize ( £400 to the author, from the Society for Theatre Research for a book in English, of original research into any aspect of the history and technique of the British theatre, but not restricted only to authors of British nationality nor to books solely from British publishers.

Third Coast Festival, sponsored by the Richard H Driehaus Foundation . Awards (described here) include:
---Best Documentary Awards ($4,000; $3,000; $2,000; and up to 2 honorable mentions ($1,000).
---Best Director Award ($1,000)
---Best News Feature ($1,000)
---Best New Artist Award ($1,000)
---Radio Impact Awards ($1,000)
---The Little Mermaid (new, created by Ira Glass, $1,000) recognizes a single documentary or story that is FUN in subject matter and style. (Length eligibility 3-60 minutes)
See Entry guidelines and Frequently asked questions.

Third Coast Audio Festival -- Best of the Best Short Docs (2014 winners) Great listening!

Thoth Awards (Public Relations Society of America, National Capital Chapter, recognizes outstanding public relations in the capital area, in 50 categories)

Thurber Prize for American Humor ("recognition of the art of humor writing in the United States")

The Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting , awarded annually (along with $5,000) by the S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University for the best national or local political reporting of the previous year in any medium or on any platform – print, broadcast or online.

To the Lighthouse Poetry Prize (prize $1000 plus publication by Red Hen Press, awarded for the best unpublished poetry collection by a woman)

UK Writing Competitions (Prizemagic)

The U.S.A. Songwriting Competition ($50,000 in cash and merchandise, honoring songwriters, composers, bands, and recording artists everywhere, regardless of nationality or country origin)

VCU Cabell First Novelist Award ($5,000 for an annual prize for a first novel published during the previous year, and attendance of author, editor, and agent at Virginia Commonwealth University event)

Veterans Writing Award (Syracuse University Press, Institute for Veterans and Military Families). A new award, open to open to U.S. veterans and active duty personnel in any branch of the U.S. military and their immediate family members -- who submit unpublished full-length novels or short story collections in manuscript form. "Although work submitted for the contest need not be about direct military experience, we seek original voices and fresh perspectives that will expand and challenge readers' understanding of the lives of veterans and their families."

Wag's Review (awards of $1,000 to $100 for top prizes, plus publication, weighed against $20 entry fee per item of poetry, essay, or fiction).

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Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Television Political Journalism (USC Annenberg)

Washington Book Publishers Book Design and Effectiveness Competition (recognizes, celebrates, and encourages excellence in bookmaking across the greater Washington, D.C., book publishing community--publisher must be located in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, or West Virginia)

The Wattys (WattPad, for genre fiction). The Originals (for the trailblazers who changed the game, defied genres and categories, broke the rules, experimented with form, and created one-of-a-kind stories on Wattpad), The Breakthroughs (for the up-and-comers in storytelling), The Storysmiths (stories that wowed us with their commitment to the craft and mastery of style, plot, and character development), The Hidden Gems (emerging writers with potential), The Heartbreakers (masters of tugging on heartstrings), The Worldbuilders (imaginative storytellers who constructed thrilling new places and transported readers to them), The Heroes, The Change Makers (stories from underrepresented points of views), The Contemporaries, The Revisionists, The Wild Cards, and The Poets.

The Webby Awards, an international award honoring excellence on the Internet -- for over 100+ Website, Interactive Advertising, Online Film & Video, and Mobile & App categories -- presented by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Two honors are presented in every category: The Webby Award and The People's Voice Award. This is different from the next listing:

Weblog awards for 2011 (Bloggies) and for 2012 the URL is

Carole Weinstein Poetry Prize ($10,000 annual prize to a poet with strong connections to central Virginia).

Wellcome Trust Book Prize (£25 000 award each year for the finest fiction or nonfiction book centered on medicine, and published by a U.K publisher)

Western Writers of America (Literature of the West for the world)
Spur Awards categories: Best Western traditional, contemporary, first, nonfiction-historical (to 1940), nonfiction-historical (1940 and after), nonfiction-biography, short fiction, short nonfiction, juvenile fiction, juvenile nonfiction, drama script (fiction), documentary script (nonfiction), storyteller (for best children’s picture book less than 3,000 words), poem, or song. Plus the Lariat award to honor a company or individual who has shown exceptional support for WWA and for the literature of the West.
The Owen Wister Award, for Lifetime Achievement in Western history and literature. The Saddleman award, also a lifetime achievement award, may go to a writer or nonwriter (such as John Wayne, Clint Eastwood).

Whitbread Book Awards, now Costa Book Awards. See entry there.

Whiting Foundation awards:
Whiting Awards ($50,000 each, given annually to ten emerging writers in fiction, nonfiction, poetry and plays, based on accomplishment and promise). Sponsored by the Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation. See Wikipedia's list of prizewinners.
Whiting Creative Nonfiction Grant ($40,000 awarded to writers in the process of completing a book of deeply researched and imaginatively composed nonfiction)
Whiting Literary Magazine Prizes awards grants in amounts ranging from $3,000 to $20,000 for literary magazines in print (medium-size, smaller, or in development) or primarily online.
Keynotes from the annual Whiting Awards ceremonies (transcripts of speeches from "an extraordinary roster of authors" from three decades of awards ceremonies--worth checking out!).

Willa Awards (for outstanding literature featuring women's stories set in the West: contemporary fiction, historical fiction, creative nonfiction, scholarly nonfiction, poetry, original softcover fiction (trade or mass market), and children's and young adult fiction and nonfiction)

William E. Colby Award goes to a first work of fiction or nonfiction that makes a significant contribution to the public’s understanding of intelligence operations, military history, or international affairs. A $5,000 honorarium, currently administered by the Tawani Foundation in Chicago, is presented at the annual William E. Colby Military Writers' Symposium hosted by Norwich University.

William Saroyan International Prize for Writing (cosponsored by the Stanford University Libraries and the William Saroyan Foundation). Every other year two prizes of $5,000 each are given for works of fiction and creative nonfiction--awards “intended to encourage new or emerging writers and honor the Saroyan legacy of originality, vitality, and stylistic innovation.”

Windham Campbell Prizes in Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry and Drama. An unrestricted grant of $150,000 and a certificate, awarded by Yale University, to give writers the opportunity to focus on their work independent of financial concerns. Administered by the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, the award is open to English-language writers from anywhere in the world, at all stages of their careers , so long as they have one published book or one professionally produced play to their credit. Up to nine prizes awarded annually. Writers can be nominated for a body of significant work or for outstanding promise. The award's endowment is from the estate of writer Donald Windham. Sandy Campbell was his companion of 45 years. See A Writer’s Estate to Yield $150,000 Literary Prizes (Charles McGrath, NY Times, 6-17-11)

PROSE Awards (American Publishers Awards for Professional and Scholarly Excellence) recognize achievement in professional and scholarly publishing, with awards for distinguished books, journals, and electronic content in over 40 categories. Sponsored by the Professional and Scholarly Publishing (PSP) Division of the Association of American Publishers (AAP). See Behind the scenes of the PROSE Awards judging (Kate Kolendo, Elsevier, 1-29-13).

Witter Byner Foundation for Poetry. Grants from $1000 to $10,000 for organizations and, though Poet Laureate and Library of Congress, for individual poets.

Wodehouse Prize for Comic Fiction (now officially the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize for Comic Fiction - the UK's only literary prize for comic writing). In 2011 an American captured the prize: Gary Shteyngart (Washington Post profile by Neely Tucker).

Wolfson History Prizes, worth £25,000 (about $39,000), given annually for two or three exceptional works published during the year, with an occasional oeuvre prize (a general award for an individual's distinguished contribution to the writing of history). Awarded to a book published in the United Kingdom within the current calendar year by an author who is a British subject at the time the award is made and who normally resides in the UK. (Presented by Britain’s Wolfson Foundation.)

Women's Prize for Fiction (formerly the Orange Prize, and then Bailey's Women's Prize for Fiction). This annual UK award, for fiction by women writing in English, for books published in the UK and submitted by UK publisher, celebrates excellence, originality and accessibility in women’s writing from throughout the world. The winner receives a cheque for £30,000 and a limited edition bronze known as a ‘Bessie’, created by the artist Grizel Niven. Both are anonymously endowed.

WonderMark Awards are given for documents that are the opposite of plain language, that are hard to understand, much less use. This is "your chance to tell the world what’s not plain. Forms, signage, websites. Disclaimers, instructions, legal documents. All the things you encounter in daily life." Nominate them! The winner for 2010: the I-94 Form, the document visitors from other countries must fill out when they come to the U.S. Here's How to submit a WonderMark nomination.

Writers' Conferences & Centers (a searchable, member-based international directory, for which listings are available to the public, apparently run by the Association of Writers and Writing Programs) You can also search for Writing Programs.

Writer's Digest writing competitions:
Annual Writer's Digest Competition in ten categories: Inspirational Writing (Spiritual/Religious), Memoirs/Personal Essay, Magazine Feature Article, Genre Short Story (Mystery, Romance, etc.), Mainstream/Literary Short Story, Rhyming Poetry, Non-rhyming Poetry, Stage Play, Television/Movie Script, Children's/Young Adult Fiction
Poetry Awards
Self-Published Book Awards
Short Short Story Competition
Your Story (a short story of 750 words or few, based on a writing prompt--every other month--see Your Story winners here

The Writers Guild Awards (Adapted and Original Screenplay, Drama, Comedy and New TV Series, TV-Radio Writing Award Script, Paul Selvin Award, Documentary Screenplay Award, New Media Writing Awards, Videogame Writing Award)

Writers' Trust of Canada presents 10 annual prizes to writers at various stages of their careers working in the categories of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and children's literature. In total, winners receive $196,000, finalists receive $43,000, and an additional $60,150 is given to jurors. Awards (in Canadian dollars) include
---Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Prize for Nonfiction (winner, $60,000; finalists, $5,000).
---Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize (winner, $25,000; finalists, $2,500)
---Writers’ Trust Engel/Findley Award (Winner, $25,000)
---Vicky Metcalf Award for Literature for Young People (winner, $20,000)
---Matt Cohen Award: In Celebration of a Writing Life (winner, $20,000)
---Writers’ Trust of Canada/McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize (winner, $10,000; finalists, $1,000)
---Writers’ Trust Distinguished Contribution Award
---Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing (winner, $25,000; finalists, $2,500)
---RBC Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers (winners, $5,000; finalists, $1,000)
---Dayne Ogilvie Prize for LGBT Emerging Writers (winner, $4,000)

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Short story prizes

A Guide to Short Story Contests in 2019 (Aerogramme Writers' Studio, 12-28-18) For updates, deadlines, and news about the contests, follow Aerogramme on Facebook or Twitter.
Agatha Awards (includes Malice Domestic's aware for mystery short stories)
American Short Fiction contest
Association of Writers & Writing Programs, AWP Award Series includes the Grace Paley Prize for Short Fiction ($5,500). See Guidelines.
BBC National Short Story Award . Prestigious award for the very best short stories from British writers--worth £15,000 for the winner for a single short story, £3,000 for the runner-up, and £500 each for three further shortlisted authors.
Best American Short Stories (anthology published annually by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
Commonwealth Short Story Prize (unearths, develops and promotes the best new fiction from across the British Commonwealth--writers from Nigeria, Canada, India, Pakistan, the UK,m and other parts of the Commonwealth). Regional winners of the Commonwealth Book Prize receive £2,500 and the overall winner receives £10,000. Regional winners of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize receive £1,000 and the overall winner receives £5,000. In 2014 the organization will stop offering a book prize and concentrate on the short story--see eligibility and entry rules.
Drue Heinz Literature Prize ($15,000 and publication by the University of Pittsburgh Press for a collection of short fiction)
Gemini Magazine short story contest (award of $1,000 and publication in Gemini Magazine)
Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award (€25,000, the world's most lucrative award for a single short-story collection -- see Frank O'Connor short story award pits UK authors against international stars (Alison Flood, The Guardian, 5-31-13). See also Submission Guidelines.
Giller Prize. Scotiabank's Giller Prize is Canada's largest literary prize: $50,000 to the author of the best Canadian novel or short story collection published in English and $5,000 to each of the four other finalists.
• Glimmer Train Press holds contests for fiction, in these categories: Fiction Open, Family Matters, Very Short Fiction Award, Short Story award for new writers. Check the list of 25 winners and finalists for all Glimmer Train contests.
Hackney Literary Awards ($5,000 in prizes for poetry and short fiction--$2,500 national and $2,500 state levels: 1st place, $600; 2nd, $400; 3rd, $250).
Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition, $1500 for first place winner, $500 each for second and third place. See Guidelines.
Macavity Award for Best Mystery Short Story (Mystery Readers International)
Nelligan Prize for Short Fiction ($1500 and publication in Colorado Review, for a short story).
Orlando Prizes (AROHO, A Room of Her Own Foundation), for four Orlando prizes of $1,000 each and publication in The Los Angeles Review awarded twice yearly for a poem, a short story, a short short story, and an essay by women writers.
PEN/Malamud Award ($5,000). To honor excellence in the art of the short story.
PEN Robert W. Bingham Prize awards a cash stipend of $25,000 to an exceptionally talented fiction writer whose debut work -- a first novel or collection of short stories published in the award year -- represents distinguished literary achievement and suggests great promise.
Poets & Writers excellent links to LOTS of short story contests and awards
Posen Foundation's international fellowship in Jewish fiction writing and scholarship. To be eligible for this new $40,000 fellowship, writers must be at work on a Jewish-themed novel or short story collection, and should not yet have published their first book.
Raymond Carver Short Story Contest ($1500, from Carve Magazine). See Q&As with winners.
Rea Award for the Short Story ($30,000 to a living American or Canadian writer whose work has made a “significant contribution to the discipline of the short story form.” Sponsored by the Dungannon Foundation.
The Story Prize (an annual book award, including $20,000, for the best short story collections written in English and published in the U.S. during a calendar year). Here's the Story Prize website.
The Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award (UK). The largest award for a single short story in the world: £30,000 for the winning story, £1,000 for five other shortlisted writers. Poets & Writers reports that U.S. writer wins big for Detroit story. American author Jonathan Doerr won for his second collection, Memory Wall (see Q&A with Doerr on Amazon site.
Tennesee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival, $1,500 for a work of fiction of less than 7,000 words, from a writer who has not yet published a book of fiction.
Writer's Digest Short Short Story Competition (in less than 1,500 words), worth $3,000, publication in Writer's Digest, and a trip to its conference.
Zoetrope All-Story Short Fiction Contest
David Nathan Meyerson Prize for Fiction ($1,000 for a book of fiction, either a novel or collection of stories, with publication in Southwest Review, sponsor of the competition).
Deadlines for writing competitions, by month (, fiction writing)
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Grants and awards for translation

NEA grants for literary translation ( for $12,500 or $25,000, National Endowment for the Arts). See, for example, story about NEA Literary Translation Fellowships for 2015 ($275,000 in recommended grants to 20 translators to support the new translation of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry from 11 different languages into English).
Prizes and awards. PEN America lists many excellent awards from many sources. Only a few are listed below.
The International Booker Prize is awarded annually for a single book, translated into English and published in the UK or Ireland, with the prize money (£50,000) divided equally between the author and translator.
PEN Award for Poetry in Translation ($3,000) Recognizes book-length translations of poetry from any language into English published during the current year.
PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grants ($2,000-$4,000)
The Harold Morton Landon Translation Award (Academy of American Poets)
Raiziss/de Palchi Translation Awards (Academy of American Poets), for outstanding translations into English of modern Italian poetry through a $10,000 book prize (+ 5 week residency at the American Academy in Rome) and a $25,000 fellowship, given in alternating years
French-American Foundation, Translation Prize ($10,000 for the best translation of a work from French into English published in the United States in the current year.
PEN Award for Poetry in Translation ($3,000) Recognizes book-length translations of poetry from any language into English published during the current year.
Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize for Arabic Literary Translation (published translations in English of full-length works of imaginative and creative writing of literary merit and general interest, published in the original Arabic after, or during, the year 1967 and first published in English during the prize year). Winner receives £3,000 (about $4,300 USD).
National Translation Award in Prose (American Literary Translators Association, or ALTA), $5,000, the longest-standing prize for a work of literary translation, and the only national award for translated fiction, poetry, and literary nonfiction that includes a rigorous examination of the source text and its relation to the finished English work. Usually given to translations of previously untranslated contemporary works or first-time translations of older works, but important re-translations have also been honored.
Lucien Stryk Asian Translation Prize , $5,000, for the best translation into English of book-length texts of Asian poetry or Zen Buddhism.

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Writers colonies (aka residencies, communities, retreats)

Artist Residency Programs (Beltway Poetry Quarterly) This list includes three distinct types of residency program, explained here:
---Artist in Residence (AIR) programs
---Artist colonies
Poets & Writers Conferences and Residencies Database (details about over two hundred writing conferences, writers residencies, and literary festivals).
Alliance of Artists Communities
Residencies (Alliance of Artists Communities) "Two weeks in the south of France to edit a book of poetry. Three months in a mill building in Massachusetts to work on a film. A year in the mountains to sculpt. A semester in Taiwan to compose. With 100s of residency programs worldwide, the choice is up to you."
Res artis (worldwide network of artist residencies)
27 Amazing Writing Residencies You Should Apply for This Year (The Write Life, 4-14-17).
30+ Awesome Workshops & Retreats for Fiction Writers in 2018 (Kotobee, 12-20-17)
All About Writers Colonies (Nova Ren Suma, Distraction No. 99, 3-15-10). Various writers thoughts on and descriptions of Anderson Center, Atlantic Center for the Arts, Blue Mountain Center, Chateau de Lavigny, Djerassi, Gibraltar Point, Hedgebrook, Ledig House, MacDowell Colony, Millay Colony, Santa Fe Art Institute, Vermont Studio Center, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Yaddo. And here's a bit about Week 3 "There are no mochas at writers colonies… at least none that I’ve been to. They care for you like you’re not cared for in real life, but it’s not like you get assigned a bedroom, a studio, and a barista."
Writers' Colonies, directory of (with links)
Directory of Writers' Colonies John Hewitt, PoeWar) Names, addresses, and phone numbers--no URLs or email addresses.
25 Incredible Writing Retreats to Attend in 2016 (Susan Shain, The Write Life, 12-22-15)
Writing residencies and conferences (Meghan Ward, Writerland) Good overview.
20 Amazing Writing Residencies You Should Apply for This Year by Alexis Grant (The Write Life, 9-8-14)
Writers' Residences and Colonies (
Colonist (Allison Amend, Media Bistro, 10-1-03, on what goes on and why you get work done at colonies)
Colonies, Conferences, & Festivals (Poetry Society of America's extensive links)
Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity conferences
Bread Loaf Writers' Conference(s) (Middlbebury)
MacDowell Colony residencies
Whidbey Island Writers Conference (Facebook group)

What I Did at Summer Writers’ Camp (Rachel Donadio, NY Times Book Review, 8-20-08)
6 Insider Tips for Finding and Applying to Writers’ Colonies (Brian Klems, Writer's Digest 1-14-14)
All About Writers Colonies (Nova Ren Suma)
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Getting funded: Fellowships and Grants

Specific fellowships and grants
Guides to grants and fellowships
Getting funded
Grant proposal writing and editing
Grant funding resources
Books on fundraising and grant proposal writing


Specific fellowships and grants

ABE Fellowship Program for Journalists (stipend of up to $23,500, including airfare) supporting U.S. and Japan-based researchers focusing on contemporary issues)
Above the Fray Fellowship (NPR and the John Alexander Project, $24,000), a 3-month international reporting fellowship designed to give a promising radio journalist the opportunity to cover important but under-reported stories internationally. Any topic area.
ABSW Investigative Science Journalism Fellowship (Association of British Science Writers, UK) to encourage investigative science journalism within the UK and to enable a journalist experienced in investigative journalism to carry out a detailed investigation.

Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting (an international screenwriting competition established to identify and encourage talented new screenwriters)
ACES Education Fund (American Copy Editors Society awards five scholarships to attend ACES’ skill-building national conference)
ACLS Competitions and Deadlines (American Council of Learned Societies
AHCJ health journalism fellowships, internships, training, and grants (Association of Health Care Journalists)
AHCJ Reporting Fellowships on Health Care Performance
AHCJ/CDC Health Journalism Fellowships for journalistic training sessions on epidemiology, global disease prevention efforts, pandemic flu preparedness, climate change, vaccine safety, obesity, autism and more).

AHCJ professional development fellowships (Association of Health Care Journalists). Among fellowships available:
---National Cancer Reporting Fellowships (AHCJ and National Cancer Institute)
---AHCJ Reporting Fellowships on Health Care Performance
---AHCJ Fellowship on Comparative Effectiveness Research (AHCJ and Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute)
---AHCJ International Health Study Fellowships (six months, supported by the Commonwealth Fund) to support highly-experienced journalists who have projects in mind to compare a segment, process or program of the American health care system to that of another country’s system. For 2019, the focus will be on developed European countries in comparison with the United States’ health care system.
---AHCJ Journalism Fellowships on Women’s Health (new, with support of the Office on Women’s Health, part of the Department of Health and Human Services)
---AHCJ-NLM Health Journalism Fellowships (AHCJ and the National Library of Medicine) AHCJ selects journalists to spend a week on the campus of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD.
---Full list of AHCJ fellowships here.
Alicia Patterson fellowships (grants of $40,000 for 12 months, $20,000 for 6 months) open only to U.S. citizens who are fulltime print journalists, or to non-U.S. citizens who work fulltime for U.S. print publications, either in America or abroad. Includes Cissy Patterson Fellowship for Science and Environmental Journalists.
American Mosaic Journalism Prize (Heising-Simons Foundation, for cxcellence in long-form, narrative, or deep reporting. The prize recognizes journalism’s critical ability to foster greater understanding and empathy, and aims to recognize and empower freelance journalists with an unrestricted cash award of $100,000.)
AP-NORC Journalism Fellowship Program ($80,000 plus benefits, with funding from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation), designed to address the need for more journalists with the skills required to do research-based enterprise reporting. AP-NORC fellows have focused on a range of topics, including long-term care and disaster recovery and community resilience. The 2018-2019 Journalism Fellow will focus on the economics of Americans working longer.
The American Prospect Writing Fellowship ($33,000 for two years), for journalists at the beginning of their career, the opportunity to spend two full years at the magazine in Washington, D.C., developing their journalistic skills.
The AP-NORC Journalism Fellowship ($80,000 stipend, travel expenses, plus benefits) to encourage research-based enterprise reporting. Past fellows have focused on a range of topics, including long-term care, disaster recovery, and community resilience. The 2018-2019 Journalism Fellow will focus on the economics of Americans working longer.
Bakeless Camargo Residency Fellowship (provides eight former Bread Loaf conference attendees with a month-long working residency at The Camargo Foundation in the picturesque seaside town of Cassis, France)
Bringing Home the World: International Reporting Fellowship Program for Minority Journalists (International Center for Journalists) sends U.S. minority journalists overseas to cover stories that resonate with their local communities.
California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowships (USC Annenberg). See Reporting on Health

Arthur F. Burns Fellowship (an exchange program of the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ): each year 20 outstanding media professionals from the United States and Germany are funded to report from and travel in each other's countries)
Artists' Fellowships (New York Foundation for the Arts). $7,000 cash awards made to individual originating artists living and working in the state of New York, with awards granted in 15 disciplines)
Artist Trust Fellowship Awards 10+ merit-based awards providing $7,500 to practicing professional artists of exceptional talent and ability. The award is given to artists working in all artistic disciplines.
Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy provides a seasoned Canadian journalist with the financial means to pursue a year-long investigation into a current policy issue -- a generous fellowship for a Canadian journalist who has achieved distinction in reporting on policy issues.
Australian American Health Policy Fellowship This very generous fellowship for a stay of 6 to 10 months in Australia conducting research and working with Australian health policy experts on issues relevant to both countries is suspended for 2018-19, as it undergoes a formal review.
Boston Public Library Writer-in-Residence Program ($20,000 & office space at the BPL's Central Library) For children’s book writers who have not published more than 3 books
California Documentary Project (CDP), a competitive grant program that supports the research and development and production stages of film, audio, and digital media projects that seek to document California in all its complexity. CDP Next Gen grants up to $15,000; R&D grants up to $10,000; proeudtion grants up to $50,000.
David Carr Fellowship. The New York Times is sponsoring a fellowship that will bring an outside journalist to The Times to pursue the kind of work that made David’s career so exceptional. Candidates should have at least three years of experience and be eager to experiment with creative ways of storytelling.
Rosalynn Carter Fellowships For Mental Health Journalism ($10,000 and journalists are not required to leave their current employment)
Center for Jewish History fellowship programs
Congressional Fellowship Program The American Political Science Association Congressional Fellowship Program is a highly selective, nonpartisan program devoted to expanding knowledge and awareness of Congress; $50,000 stipend and travel costs for 9 months practical experience on congressional staff. See answers to FAQs.
Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY (City University of New York)
---The Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Program supports ambitious and in-depth reporting projects
---Resilience Fellowship Program for mid-career journaloists. Focuses on the science of climate change and resilience — a system’s capacity to absorb disturbance and still retain its basic function and structure. Award: a week-long immersion in resilience science in New York, several all-expenses-paid weeklong and weekend boot camps, a three-year project for working journalists interested in strengthening their coverage of climate change and other environmental issues.
---The McGraw Fellowship for Business Journalism (stipends of up to $15,000 for ambitious reporting on U.S business and the global economy--$5,000 a month to report in-depth business and economic stories)
CUNY Urban Reporting Grants Program ($5,000 to $15,000 to assist in the reporting and writing of investigative stories that take aim at important social, political or economic problems in the New York metropolitan area).
Cullman Center Fellowships. Up to 15 fellowships a year are awarded to outstanding scholars and writers –- academics, independent scholars, journalists, and creative writers -- whose work will benefit directly from access to the collections at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. Fellows received a stipend of up to $70,000, an office, a computer, and full access to the Library's physical and electronic resources.
Daniel Pearl Investigative Journalism Initiative ($5,000, Moment Magaine, with Judea and Ruth Pearl and other journalists) An investigative journalism project that encourages young reporters (22 to 38) to cover modern manifestations of anti-Semitism and other deeply ingrained prejudices.
Dart Asia Fellowships offer senior journalists and their editors in Asia an opportunity to improve coverage of tragic events. Seeks applications from teams: a senior journalist and an editor applying from one organization together. (Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma, Columbia University)
Dart Center Ochberg Fellowships give senior and mid-career journalists the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of trauma and improve coverage of violence, conflict and tragedy. The annual Dart Center Academic Fellowships, offered each summer, provide in-depth training to journalism educators. (Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma, Columbia University)
Data & Society Fellows Program ($25,000, New York City-based two days a week for 10 months, projects that work toward a future in which the values that shape technology are visible and intentionally chosen with respect for human dignity. Study the website to decide if you qualify for one of the four categories addressed.
Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) fellowships in three formats: residential ($10,000 a month, 8 months, and a one-time $10,000 to relocate); nonresidential ($20 stipend, paid over 8 months) ; and institutional ($20,000 to the company or institution). RJI "invites proposals from people and organizations who wish to partner with us on innovative projects that strengthen democracy through better journalism."
Equal Voice Journalism Fellowships and Scholarships (Casey Journalism Center on Children and Families, deepening media coverage on issues that affect children, youth and families, particularly the disadvantaged).
Fellowships in Global Journalism C$10,000 (about half of tuition) toward 8 months mentoring for your first year covering your specialty in major media, for 20 "outstanding professionals, scholars, and specialized freelancers from around the world" -- Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto)
Fellowship in Investigative Journalism (American University and the Center for Public Integrity) $24,000 stipend for U.S. citizen or permanent resident, Master's degree awarded.
FIRE newsroom grants. Freelance Investigative Reporters and Editors (FIRE) grants exclusively serve freelance investigative journalists reporting for English-language outlets, offering two programs to investigative freelancers—a Virtual Newsroom and an Editorial Consultancy. The Virtual Newsroom offers a range of services, from open-records coaching and trained research assistance to legal review. In some cases, Virtual Newsroom recipients also receive a stipend from $2,500 to $10,000 each. The Editorial Consultancy is like having a one-hour meeting with a friendly editor.
Alfred Friendly Press Partners (this 30-year-old program places international journalists from developing countries and emerging markets in U.S. newsrooms for six months)
Fulbright Scholar Program (research and teaching opportunities for U.S. scholars and professionals and visiting scholars, sponsored by the U.S. State Department).
Fund for Investigative Journalism grants, supporting investigative reporting projects around the world (supported by Scripps Howard Foundation).
Furthermore grants in publishing. Grants from $500 to roughly $15,000 for nonfiction book publishing about the city; natural and historic resources; art, architecture, and design; cultural history; and civil liberties and other public issues of the day. "In geographical reach we are drawn— but in no way limited— to New York City and to New York State and its Hudson Valley." Grants apply to writing, research, editing, design, indexing, photography, illustration, and printing and binding. Individual writers may not apply; applicants must be 501(c)3 organizations.
German Exchange Programs and Fellowships for Journalists. At least six institutions and organizations offer opportunities for American journalists to work and/or study in Germany: - American Council on Germany; Arthur F. Burns Fellowship; Fulbright Commission; German Marshall Fund, Rias Commission, Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program.
Global Investigative Journalism Network guide to grants and fellowships (Go there for details on Nieman Fellowships at Harvard, John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship at Stanford, American Council on Germany Journalism Fellowships, Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship, The Fulbright Program, The Knight-Wallace Fellowships, Fellowships in Global Journalism through the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs, Investigative Reporting Fellowship through American University and the Center for Public Integrity, The Reporting Award from the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute of New York University, UC Berkeley’s Investigative Reporting Program, Yale World Fellows, The Logan Nonfiction Program, and Banff Investigative Journalism Intensive. Plus a number of international and specialty fellowships.)
Kaiser Media Fellowships in Health Reporting ((for journalists in all media to study health policy issues)
Gilder Lehrman Institute of History (short-term fellowships for post-doc research in New York City in American history)
Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Mini-Fellowships for Global Health Reporting ($10,000 to journalists to research and report on global health issues, especially those related to HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria -- currently on hiatus)
LaSalle Storyteller Award n unrestricted grant of $10,000 given to a Washington State artist engaged in storytelling through their artistic discipline. The 2018 Award will recognize an outstanding literary artist working in fiction.
Library of Congress Scholars in Residence. The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress offers residential fellowships to scholars and practitioners from all fields and all levels to make use of the Library's vast collections and digital resources.
The Lizzie Grossman Grant for Environmental Health Reporting (Society of Environmental Journalists, up to $5,000 to cover eligible expenses)
Marguerite and Lamar Fellowship for Writers and Musicians ($5,000 + residency in an apartment in Carson McCullers’s childhood home)
New America Fellows Program invests in thinkers—journalists, scholars, filmmakers, and public policy analysts—who offer inventive perspectives on the major challenges facing our society.
The Pen Parentis Writing Fellowship For New Parents ($1,000, and a full year of promotion and the publication of the winning story by Brain, Child magazine,to encourage writers to produce new works of quality fiction at the very busiest point in their parenting journey--for a parent of at least one child under 10 years of age)
Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowships Among the largest awards offered to young poets in the United States, the $25,800 prize is intended to encourage the further study and writing of poetry and is open to all U.S. poets between 21 and 31 years of age.
• Shakespeare’s Sister Fellowship, $10,000 from ARHO (A Room of Her Own Foundation for Women : Writers : Artists)
Grants for works in progress (UK authors) Grants to assist writers with research costs or to 'buy time' are awarded twice a year through the Authors' Foundation and the K Blundell Trust. From 2015 grants totalling £230,000 will be awarded each year.
Guggenheim Fellowships. The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation awards up to 220 fellowships a year to "men and women who have already demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts.” These American fellowship grants are awarded through two annual competitions, one for U.S. and Canadian citizens and permanent residents (deadline September 15) and one for citizens and permanent residents of Latin America and the Caribbean (deadline December 1). The performing arts are excluded, but composers, film directors, and choreographers are eligible. Applicants: Learn more here. The average amount for grants in 2008,says Wikipedia, was about $43,200. Wikipedia lists Guggenheim fellows by year.
Hodson Trust-John Carter Brown Fellowship (supports work by academics, independent scholars, writers, filmmakers, novelists, or creative and performing artists working on significant projects relating to the literature, history, culture, or art of the Americas before 1830)
Hubert H. Humphrey Program (a program for young and mid-career non-U.S. journalists with limited or no prior experience in the United States, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State)
Huntington Library Fellowships
The International Reporting Project (IRP) fellowships (offers IRP Fellowships for U.S. journalists to cover neglected, “under-reported” health stories of global importance (on topics such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, water-related diseases, maternal and child health or new scientific research aimed at reducing the impact of global diseases). IRP also offers nine-month International Reporting Project (IRP) Fellowships to report on religious issues.
International Writers Fellowship at Brown University awards a one-year fellowship to Brown's Program in Literary Arts for an international writer or poet who faces personal danger and threats to their livelihood. Fellowships cover the costs of relocation and the writer's expenses in the U.S., and provide an office on the campus of Brown University for ten months. Deeply practical in nature and intention, the International Writers Fellowships will allow persecuted writers to establish a new environment in which to pursue their work.
IRE, Esri partner to offer fellowships for mapping training (Investigative Reporters and Editors)
James Jones Fellowship for a First Novel. Annual fellowship of $10,000 for a work-in-progress of fiction (novella, or collection of closely linked stories) by a U.S. writer who has not yet published a novel
James Reston Reporting Fellowships (Northeastern University) Four undergraduate college students nationwide win this prestigious fellowship each year. They work in The New York Times newsroom, reporting stories and learning from some of the world’s best journalists.
The Journalists in Aging Fellows Program , sponsored by The Gerontological Society of America (GSA) and New America Media (NAM), for journalists who wish to cover aging issues and/or who work for ethnic media outlets serving U.S. communities.
Kiplinger Fellowship Digital media training fellowships at Ohio State University, with short-term fellowships from the Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism for journalists who want to use social media to build a stronger following, develop new sources and better cover their beats.
Knight-Bagehot Fellowship in Economics and Business Journalism (a comprehensive business journalism fellowship, for an academic year at Columbia University)
Knight International Journalism Fellowships (sponsored by the International Center for Journalists, designed to create lasting, tangible improvements in the way journalism is practiced around the world).
Knight Science Journalism Fellowships for self-motivated journalists who hope to improve their coverage of science, technology, medicine or the environment. Each year 10 to 12 journalists devise their own plan of study, auditing courses at MIT and Harvard, attending lectures and colloquia, and interviewing faculty members. (See fellowship website.))Fellows receive a stipend of $65,000 plus tuition and benefits (rising to $70,000 in 2015-16). Update for 2015-16 (11-17-14). See MIT stories, Advancing the Field, Engaging the Public (in which you can read profiles of fellows, by clicking on link by their name); Knight Fellowship has made its mark on science journalism (MIT News, 2-26-13)
Knight Visiting Nieman Fellowships, short-term research opportunities to individuals interested in working on special projects designed to advance journalism in some new way. Candidates need not be practicing journalists, but must demonstrate the ways in which their work at Harvard and the Nieman Foundation may improve the prospects for journalism’s future.
John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships at Stanford (for professional journalists, $60,000) 20 fellows from around the world are selected and brought together for 10 months at Stanford University, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Immersed in the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the region, they are inspired to let go of old assumptions and learn new ways of thinking and working.
Knight-Wallace Fellowships at the University of Michigan exceptional journalists from the U.S. and abroad share a life-changing experience: devise a personalized study plan, with a year of study, including twice-weekly seminars, at the University of Michigan, plus news tours to Argentina, Brazil, and Turkey. $70,000 stipend.
Kyoto Prize Journalism Fellowship. Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) awards spring and fall fellowships to working journalists who want to advance their knowledge in technology, sciences, and the arts. Fellows interview the latest Kyoto Prize laureates and interact with top journalism students at Point Loma Nazarene University.
Leon Levy Biography Fellowships ($60,000 stipend). Fellows must participate in monthly seminars and other programs at the Leon Levy Center for Biography at The Graduate Center, CUNY. There are also Biography Dissertation Fellowships for PhD candidates.
Ira A. Lipman Fellowship in Journalism and Civil and Human Rights ($10,000
MacDowell Colony residency fellowships (for residencies year-round, on a 450-acre estate in Peterborough, New Hampshire, of up to two months for emerging and professional artists in fields of architecture, film/video arts, interdisciplinary arts, literature, music composition, theatre, and visual arts). See answers to frequently asked questions . The Edward MacDowell Medal has been presented annually since 1960 by the MacDowell Colony to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the arts.
Marine Biological Laboratory fellows and MBL funding opportunities.
Mayborn Fellowship in Biography
Mayo Clinic-Cronkite Fellowship Overview Up to 15 experienced medical journalists a week of interactive discussions, hands-on learning and experiential activities at the Mayo Clinic and the Cronkite school, designed to bolster the knowledge and skills that top professional journalists need to cover medicine (Phoenix, May).
McCloy Fellowships in Journalism (travel & stipend for U.S. journalists to explore Europe-based stories of their own design, sponsored by the American Council on Germany)
Medicine in the Media (NIH's free but selective annual training opportunity to help develop journalists' and editors’ ability to evaluate and report on medical research--geared to staffers, not freelancers)
Ellen Meloy Fund for Desert Writers, one $3,000 award each spring for literary or creative nonfiction proposals only (no poetry or fiction).
Metcalf Fellowships. The Metcalf Institute for Marine & Environmental Reporting offers an Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists(at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography). Fellowships include
---Environmental Reporting Fellowships, diversity fellowships for early-career minority journalists (provide traditionally underrepresented racial and ethnic minority journalists with an opportunity to learn basic science, gain environmental research and reporting skills, and apply new knowledge and skills in an environmental reporting assignment)
---Metcalf-Yale Forum Fellowship for Climate Change and Business Reporting.
MetLife Foundation Journalists in Aging Fellowship (for journalists who cover issues in aging and/or who work for ethnic media outlets). Administered by the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) and New America Media (NAM); underwritten by the MetLife Foundation (awards $100K for year two of media fellowships). Here's a list of recent fellows.
Jenny McKean Moore fellowship and workshop (a creative writing fellowship for a poet or novelist, who teaches a free community workshop for local adults, at George Washington). Explained in A Daughter Remembers Jenny Moore
Edward R. Murrow Press Fellowship (Council on Foreign Relations) A 9-month fellowship with a stipend of $65,000 and a modest travel grant--recipient must have distinguished credentials in journalism and must have covered international news as a working journalist for print, broadcast, or online media widely available in the United States.
National Arts Journalism Fellowship for mid-career journalists (temporarily suspended)

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National Cancer Reporting Fellowships
National Coalition of Independent Scholars (NCIS) grants and prizes (including the Elizabeth Eisenstein Essay Prize for the best academic journal article or book chapter published by a member of NCIS).
National Endowment for the Arts grants
National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowships $25,000 grants in prose (fiction and creative nonfiction) and poetry to published creative writers that enable recipients to set aside time for writing, research, travel, and general career advancement. See also NEA grants for organizations, Translation projects ($12,500 to $25,000, supporting projects for the translation of specific works of prose, poetry, or drama from other languages into English; and partnership agreements (for state arts agencies, or SAAs, and regional arts organizations, or RAOs).
• Check out NEA Writers' Corner for all kinds of articles and other resources, including notices about awards and fellowships.
NEA Lifetime Honors (National Heritage Fellowships, Jazz Masters Fellowships, and National Medal of Arts)

National Endowment for the Humanities fellowships. See also How to Get a Grant from NEH (Meredith Hindley, 2008) and A few hints for writing a
successful grant application
NEH Public Scholar Program AwardsThis program is designed to help those writing books for a general (not scholarly) audience; the money may be used for researching and/or writing in the humanities. “Even if it’s research funding at the writing stage, we want a sample of what you’re going to do” to reach a public audience," Geoff Burrows, a senior NEH program officer, told a Biographers International conference audience. They also want to know what research you've done when you apply. Your writing sample should show that you can write for the public.
National Endowment for the Humanities “Common Heritage” grant program New community-based program will save treasures of family and local history
Newberry Library Fellowships
New Horizons Travel Fellowships (Council for the Advancement of Science Writing) Travel fellowships to cover the cost of attending the annual New Horizons in Science briefings for journalists (max. reimbursement $1200)
Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scientists established this international screenwriting competition to identify and encourage talented new screenwriters. Up to five $35,000 fellowships (plus meetings with studios, producers, ad agents) are awarded annually, to screenwriters who have not earned more than $5,000 writing fictional work for film or television.
Nieman Fellowships, fellowship to study at Harvard for an academic year, for experienced print, broadcast and online reporters, editors, photographers, producers, editorial writers and cartoonists -- $65,000 stipend, books, tuition, housing, health care, travel expenses and childcare. Shorter-term Nieman Visiting Fellowships also available.
Open Society Grants, Scholarships, and Fellowships support individuals (journalists, activists, academics and practitioners) seeking innovative and unconventional approaches to fundamental challenges in an open society. Many excellent opportunities--explore the website to find them all. You might start here:
---Open Society programs
---Open Society fellowship
---Grants, scholarships, and fellowships
---Open Society announces new fund to support new nonprofit leaders
---Can Investigative Journalism Flourish in the Arab World? (one of many stories from Open Society projects)
The Oxford American Jeff Baskin Writers Fellowship ($10,000 for a nine-month residency in Central Arkansas to work on a book of debut creative nonfiction-- e.g., literary journalism, memoir, reportage, criticism, and the lyric essay.)

Alicia Patterson Fellowship. Prestigious, highly competitive fellowship award, established to improve the quality of U.S. print journalism. Open only to U.S. citizens who are fulltime print journalists, or to non-U.S. citizens who work fulltime for U.S. print publications, either in America or abroad. One-year grants of $40,000 and six-month grants of $20,000 are awarded to working print journalists and photographers, to pursue independent projects of significant interest. "We are not in the business of underwriting book advances. It has to be a passion project." See application instructions.
Pulliam Fellowship for Editorial Writing ($75,000 to enable a mid-career editorial writer or columnist to have time away from daily responsibilities for study and research)

The Reporting Award supports a work of journalism in any medium on significant underreported subjects in the public interest (Sponsored by the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, NYU)
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism fellowships (about 25 journalists from around the globe study in Oxford each year on fellowships of either three, six or nine months, covering one, two or all three terms of the academic year)
Scholarships in technical communication (Society for Technical Communication, or STC)
Scripps Fellowships in Environmental Writing , open to all full-time U.S. print or broadcast journalists interested in deepening and broadening their knowledge of environmental issues. A nine-month academic program, covering tuition and fees, plus a $50,000 stipend, from the Center for Environmental Journalism at the University of Colorado at Boulder.''
Sundance/Sloan Commissioning Grant & Fellowship ($20,000 cash grant for support writing; $5,000 stipend for science advisor and research for the commissioning grant; $10,000 cash grant for fellowship recipient, and attendance at a Sundance Lab, stipend of $5,000 for science advisor, support for the feature film). Basically to support the development of screenplays with science or technology themes.
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Grants In selecting projects for funding, the Foundation seeks proposals for original initiatives led by outstanding individuals or teams. We are interested in projects that have a high expected return to society, exhibit a high degree of methodological rigor, and for which funding from the private sector, government, or other foundations is not yet widely available.
Soros Justice Fellowships (advocacy fellowships and media fellowships, also from the Open Society Foundation.
Spencer Fellowship for Education Journalism (three fellowships supporting long-form journalism that deepens and enhances the public’s understanding of the American education system)
Starr Center Fellowships at Washington College from the C.V. Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience include the
---Patrick Henry Writing Fellowship (a $45,000 stipend, health benefits, faculty privileges, a book allowance, and a nine-month residency) for a significant book-length project about the era or legacy of the American Revolution and the nation’s founding ideas (a full-time residential fellowship, and the
---Hodson Trust-John Carter Brown Fellowship, worth $20,000, for academics, independent scholars and writers working on significant projects relating to the literature, history, culture,or art of the Americas before 1830.
Taylor/Blakeslee University Fellowships (CASW, Council for the Advancement of Sciene Writing) Fellowships of $5,000 to working journalists and students of outstanding ability who have been accepted for enrollment in graduate-level programs in science writing. Science writing includes writing about science, medicine, health, technology and the environment for the general public. Fellowships are not available to those intending to pursue careers in technical writing.
Templeton-Cambridge Journalism Fellowships in Science and Religion (for print, broadcast, or online journalists and editors)
The UC Berkeley - 11th Hour Food and Farming Journalism Fellowship (ten $10,000 fellowships, funding for ten fellows working on ten separate stories). See FAQ. I learned of this through this story about Roxanne Khamsi's story about a Darwinian approach to treating cancer.
USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism National Fellowship Each year, they bring 20 or more competitively selected professional journalists from print, broadcast, ethnic and online media outlets around the US to the University of Southern California campus for the all-expenses-paid National Fellowship, five days of intensive and stimulating discussions, workshop and field trips on important health issues in underserved communities.
Wharton Seminars for Business Journalists at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Each year the National Press Foundation offers two all-expenses-paid fellowships for this annual seminar. U.S.-based journalists whose work represents the highest standards of business journalism are eligible to apply.
White Creative Nonfiction Grant ($40,000 awarded to writers in the process of completing a book of deeply researched and imaginatively composed nonfiction)
Women Arts Funding Lists
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars fellowships . The Wilson Center welcomes outstanding and award-winning scholars, practitioners, journalists and public intellectuals to take part in its nonpartisan dialogue. Each year, the Center hosts about 160 scholars who conduct independent research on national and/or international issues addressing key public policy challenges.
Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing Fellowships. Typically there are two fiction fellowships (the James C. McCreight Fiction Fellowship and the Carol Houck Smith Fiction Fellowship), two poetry fellowships (the Jay C. and Ruth Halls Fellowship and now the Ron Wallace Poetry Fellowship), and one fellowship in either fiction or poetry for a graduate of the University's MFA Program in Creative Writing (the Halls Emerging Artist Fellowship). Fellows receive a stipend of $30,000 ($27,000 plus a $3,000 "welcome" prize paid in August), health benefits, and a one-course-per-semester teaching assignment (in Madison, Wisconsin).
Witter Bynner Fellowships (The Poetry and Literature Center at the Library of Congress) $10,000 awarded annually to poets to be chosen by the Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry in conjunction with the Library. the fellows are recognized at a reading in the nation’s capital and go on to organize a local poetry reading in their own communities.
The Women’s International Study Center (WISC) at Acequia Madre House for women and men who wish to pursue work in WISC’s five focus areas of women in the arts, sciences, cultural preservation, business, and philanthropy. Fellows live onsite for an average two to six weeks.
World Press Institute fellowships brings 10 journalists each year from around the world to the United States to experience the complexities of U.S. life through the prism of a reporter working under First Amendment conditions. See answers to frequently asked questions.
Writers Boot Camp Fellowship (three $995 Basic Training scholarships every month, in this top-notch workshop in screenwriting for Hollywood and television--held in LA and NY). A first-hand account by Lisa Marks, in The Guardian "LA diary 4: Writers' Boot Camp."
Yale World Fellows for four months, brings together mid-career thinkers and doers ("rising stars" in technology, art, finance, politics, social entrepreneurship, journalism, advocacy and more, from across disciplines and borders) for an intense and unpredictable mash-up of ideas, world views and experiences -- in a learning lab to develop leadership in the brightest and most creative minds working on the big issues of our time.
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Guides to fellowships and grants

Links change often; if a link doesn't work, try searching for the fellowship under the name given.
Paying for It: Getting Grants and Fellowships (Geoffrey Giller, The Open Notebook, 2-24-15)
Awards and Grants (New York Foundation for the Arts)
Award, Fellowship & Residency Database (Creative Writing, University of Minnesota--mostly post MFA, most include teaching)
East-West Center guide to journalism fellowships and exchanges for working American and Asia Pacific journalists to understand the complexities of --and develop a network of contacts in -- the Asia Pacific region through study tours, intensive dialogue with colleagues, government officials, business executives and community leaders
E&P Journalism Awards and Fellowship Directory (free PDF download). This comprehensive list, from Editor & Publisher, lists more than 500 awards, grants, scholarships and contests -- national and international, as of 2010 -- available to journalists and other newspaper professionals. With a subject index to make locating specific awards easier.
Fellowships (creative writing) (Post-MFA Resources Directory|MFA in Creative Writing, University of Wyoming)
Funding sources for science writers (National Association of Science Writers, for NASW members only, and very helpful)
Free Funds for Writers newsletter, a free newsletter. See its archive. On the same page you can find "Total Funds for Writers, $18.75 for 26 biweekly issues. " Each issue contains 70+ grants, competitions, markets, jobs, publishers and agents seeking your work."
Funds for Writers (grants, fellowships, residencies)
Get Paid to Write: 14 Great Grants for Writers (Kristen Pope, The Write Life, 9-18-15
Grants and Fellowships for Journalists (Global Investigative Journalism Network's excellent info about general, international, and specialty fellowships;, reporting, documentary, and other grants)
Grants for Artists (New York Artists Online) Thanks to Mary Breakstone and Hannah for the links to NYC grants.
Grants for Artists and Grants for Organizations (Cultural Development Fund) (NYC Cultural Affairs)
Grants for Film (Inside Philanthropy)
Journalism Grants (, links to organizations, institutions and funds that hand out research grants for investigative journalism)
Literary grants for individuals (Women Arts)
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
Newslab links to journalism fellowships
Radio/Media Fellowships and Grants Directory (AIR wiki, Association of Independents in Radio)
Contests & Grants (The Loft). Scroll down for community notices of Contests & Grants.
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Getting Funded

Grant proposal writing and editing
Grant funding resources
Books on fundraising and grant proposal writing

Grant proposal writing and editing

Proposal Writing Short Course (Online, Foundation Center) -- excellent quicky guide; the Foundation Center offers a number of online training courses to help you learn to write grant proposals. Printable version.
Crafting a Winning Fellowship Proposal (The Open Notebook, 2-20-18) What are the essentials of a strong proposal for a journalism fellowship?
Paying for It: Getting Grants and Fellowships (Geoffrey Giller, The Open Notebook, 2-24-15)
Research Funding Toolkit (helps academics write better research grant applications)
Getting Your First Freelance Grant Writing Assignment (Waddy Thompson). See links along right side to helpful articles about grant writing, including Writing a Proposal They Will Want to Read and Thompson's blog, Tips for Successful Grant Writing
"Keep calm and let a writer handle it" sweatshirt (T-shirt also available)
Writing Your Application for NIH Research Grants
Communicating Research Intent and Value in NIH Applications (NIH). Three before-and-after examples. See also Plain Language at NIH.
Common proposal forms (Foundation Center)
Paying for It: Getting Grants and Fellowships (Geoffrey Giller, The Open Notebook, 2-24-15)
American Grant Writers' Association (AGWA) (offers a grant-writing workshop, review, and exam for certification and online courses)
Associated Grant Makers Common Proposal Form
Foundation Directory Online
Grant Proposal Writing Tips (Corporation for Public Broadcasting)
Grant Writing Tips Sheets (NIH Office of Extramural Research), includes podcasts
Grant-writing tools for nonprofit organizations (Non-profit guides)
NIH Forms & Applications
NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts. Information about Requests for Applications (RFAs), Program Announcements (PAs), Recent Notices, Inactive and Active Announcements
Proposal Preparation Checklist (Deborah Kluge, Proposal Writing, Government Contracting)
Resources for Writing and Editing Grant Proposals (Katharine O'Moore-Klopf, KOK Edit, 1-26-11)
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine's excellent Tools for Grant Writing, in a section on Funding
What Grantmakers Want Applicants to Know (Guidestar, July 2003)
Proposals and bids: Put the price on page one. In bold. (Walt Kania, The Freelancery, 3-27-12, p. 127)
Non-profit guides (grant-writing tools for non-profit organizations)
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Grant funding resources

Paying for It: Getting Grants and Fellowships (Geoffrey Giller, The Open Notebook, 2-24-15) Invaluable.
Radio/Media Fellowships and Grants Directory (AIR wiki, Association of Independents in Radio)
Grants (links to many unusual and specialized grants, on Funds for Writers, C. Hope Clark's fund of information. Her newsletters provide a regular stream of info on contests, grants, freelance markets, jobs, and publishers/agents.
Foundation Center. A key source of information about philanthropy and private funding sources worldwide, with a comprehensive database on U.S. and, increasingly, global grantmakers and their grants — a robust, accessible knowledge bank for the sector). Library/learning centers in five locations (New York City; Washington, DC; Atlanta; Cleveland; and San Francisco) offer free access to information resources and educational programs. Online database includes specialized data collections, such as Services to People with Disabilities (a lending library and a list of resources) and full-day classroom courses on proposal writing.
Grantseeking for Individuals and Foundation Grants to Individuals Online(Foundation Center). (overview of grant process, find and apply for federal grants, track federal grants you've applied for)
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (a government-wide compendium of federal programs, projects, services, and activities--including an exhaustive range of federal grant sources).
Grants Information for Constituents (CRS Report for Congress, Congressional Research Service, 1-3-05, PDF)
NYFA SourceNew York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA),an extensive national directory of awards, services, and publications for artists, with listings for over 4,500 arts organizations, 3,600 award programs, 4,700 service programs, and 900 publications for individual artists across the country.
Grants & Awards. The PEN guide, formerly a book, is now an online database to which you can subscribe ($10 for members, $12 for non-members)
Newswise Journalism Grants & Fellowships Calendar (you may have to sign in)
Newswise Guide to Journalism Grants and Fellowships (2006-2007)
Grant Resources and Tutorials (Karen Chase, with entries geared to professional storytelling)
Rural Health Services Funding (National Agricultural Library)
Capital Assistance Funding (probably irrelevant, but scan for clues...)
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All About Grants (helpful tutorials from the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases)
About the Center for Scientific Review (helpful information about CSR, the portal for NIH grant applications and their review for scientific merit)
Annotated Grant Proposal (Barbara Gaste, for AuthorAID, provides a grant application/proposal with notes on it that identify various strengths, for developing country researchers, PDF)
Associated Grant Makers resources page
Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)
The Chronicle of Philanthropy (type "grant seeking" into the search window and you'll find helpful articles)
The Foundation Center (site map for an invaluable resource--see, for example, webinars and online training about grantseeking etc.)
Glossary & Acronym List for NIH grants
Grant Professionals Association (GPA, formerly American Association of Grant Professionals)
Resources For Individual Grantseekers: A Bibliography (compiled by Katrina Brown, on site of Foundation Center)
Grant Professionals Association (GPA) (formerly American Association of Grant Professionals, AAGP)
American Grant Writers' Association, Inc. (for professional grant writers and grant administrators)
Women Arts Funding Lists

Books on grant proposal writing and fundraising

If you make a purchase after clicking on one of these Amazon links, we get a small commission, which helps support the cost of maintaining the site. I have not evaluated these titles personally.
The Foundation Center's Guide to Proposal Writing by Jane C. Geever
Fundraising for Social Change ed. Kim Klein
How to Write Successful Fundraising Appeals by Mal Warwick
Winning Grants Step by Step: The Complete Workbook for Planning, Developing and Writing Successful Proposals by by Tori O'Neal-McElrath
Storytelling for Grantseekers: A Guide to Creative Nonprofit Fundraising by Cheryl A. Clarke
Getting Funded: The Complete Guide to Writing Grant Proposals by Mary S. Hall and Susan Howlett
Directory of Grants in the Humanities, ed. by Ed.S. Louis S. Schafer.
Grant Seeking in an Electronic Age by Victoria Mikelonis, Signe T. Betsinger, and Constance E. Kampf
Grantwriting Beyond the Basics: Proven Strategies Professionals Use to Make Their Proposals Work, Book 1 by Michael K. Wells
Grant Writing For Dummies by Beverly A. Browning
Grassroots Grants: An Activist's Guide to Grantseeking
The Only Grant-Writing Book You'll Ever Need: Top Grant Writers and Grant Givers Share Their Secrets by Ellen Karsh and Arlen Sue Fox
Storytelling for Grantseekers: The Guide to Creative Nonprofit Fundraising by Cheryl A. Clarke
Winning Grants Step by Step by Mim Carlson, Tori O'Neal-McElrath, and the Alliance for Nonprofit Management
Writing for a Good Cause: The Complete Guide to Crafting Proposals and Other Persuasive Pieces for Nonprofits by Joseph Barbato and Danielle Furlich
Writing the NIH Grant Proposal: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Grants and awards for translation

NEA grants for literary translation ( for $12,500 or $25,000, National Endowment for the Arts). See News, Publications.

Grants/Awards/Residencies. PEN America list, strong on awards for literary translations. PEN no longer offers hard copies of its Grants & Awards listings.
PEN Award for Poetry in Translation ($3,000) Recognizes book-length translations of poetry from any language into English published during the current year.
PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grants ($2,000-$4,000)
The Harold Morton Landon Translation Award (Academy of American Poets)
Raiziss/de Palchi Translation Awards (Academy of American Poets), for outstanding translations into English of modern Italian poetry through a $10,000 book prize and a $25,000 fellowship, given in alternating years
French-American Foundation, Translation Prize ($10,000 for the best translation of a work from French into English published in the United States in the current year.

Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize for Arabic Literary Translation (published translations in English of full-length works of imaginative and creative writing of literary merit and general interest, published in the original Arabic after, or during, the year 1967 and first published in English during the prize year). Winner receives £3,000 (about $4,300 USD).
National Translation Award in Prose (American Literary Translators Association, or ALTA), $5,000, the longest-standing prize for a work of literary translation, and the only national award for translated fiction, poetry, and literary nonfiction that includes a rigorous examination of the source text and its relation to the finished English work. Usually given to translations of previously untranslated contemporary works or first-time translations of older works, but important re-translations have also been honored.
Lucien Stryk Asian Translation Prize , $5,000, for the best translation into English of book-length texts of Asian poetry or Zen Buddhism.

Grants and fellowships, sites listing them
Grant proposal writing and fundraising (tips, guides, books, workshops)
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