Site map

• Acquiring, selling, and swapping books
• Adding images, sound, story, humor, animation (maps, graphs, cartoons, audio and visual storytelling, songs--visualizing data)
• Agents and book proposals
• Authors' rights and publishers' rights grabs
• Amazon versus book publishers (Do writers win or lose?)
• The art of the pitch
• Arts and poetry organizations
• Awards, grants, and fellowships (plus contests and other sources of funding)

• Banned books
• Blog roll
• Blogs, news roundups, and watchdogs for writers and editors
• Book fairs, festivals, conferences, and colonies
• Book news, reviews, and author interviews
• Book proposals
• Books for book groups

• Clearing rights and finding rights holders
• Collaboration agreements
• Collaboration and ghost writing
• Conferences, workshops, and other learning places for writers
• Content curation
• Content marketing and custom publishing
• Contract terms for books (including reversion of rights and indemnity clauses)
• Copyright: How, why, and when to register it
• Copyright issues, documents, FAQs, and explanations
• Copyright, work for hire, and authors' rights issues
• Corporate and organizational histories (commissioned histories)
• Corporate and technical communications
• Communicating and marketing online (Web 2.0 and social media)
• Conferences, workshops, and other learning places (including book fairs, writers colonies, residencies, retreats)
• Crowdfunding and other creative sources of funding

• Defamation, libel, and slander
• The difference between a preface, a foreword, and an introduction
• The differences between mysteries, suspense novels, and thrillers

• Ebook basics
• Ebook prices and price wars
• Ebook devices and platforms (publishing services)
• Ebook subscription services
• Editing checklists
• Editors and publishing professionals (resources and organizations for)
• Errors and error rates in editing
• Essays, personal
• Ethics, libel, and freedom of the press
• Fact-checking sites
• Fair use: what it is, how it works
• Fees for freelancing (how much to charge for various functions, products)
• Fiction writing
• Films, plays, and documentaries
• Food writing
• Freelancing, contracting, telecommuting (creative entrepreneurs)

• Getting published (starting out)
• Ghostwriters: how much and how they charge
• Ghostwriting and collaboration (books
• Ghostwriting (fiction)
• Ghostwriting (medical)
• Grant funding and grant proposal writing
• Great brick and mortar bookstores
• Great search links

• Health insurance and disability insurance
• HIPAA, electronic health records, medical privacy laws, and patient rights
• Historical novels, about
• How much to charge (for various functions and types of product)
• How much editors and other publishing professionals charge
• How to calculate your effective hourly rate (EHR)
• How to deal with warranty and indemnification clauses
• How to set your prices as a freelancer or consultant

• Income tax, home office deductions, and IRS how-to's
• Indemnification clauses, how to deal with
• Indexing: why and how
• Indexing, books and sites on
• Interviewing (journalistic, artful)

• Job banks and publishing marketplaces
• Journalism and journalists
• Liability and property insurance
• Library sites and portals
• Local and regional writers organizations

• Macro tools and editing software for editors and proofreaders
• Macros etc. for references, citations, footnotes and endnotes
• Major writers organizations (see also Organization for specific types of writers)
• Marketing, publicity, and promotion
• Marketing your editing and proofreading services
• Mastering multimedia
• Media perils and liability insurance
• Media pros and allied professionals (translators, indexers, designers, photographers, artists, illustrators, animators, cartoonists, image professionals, composers)
• Medical ghostwriting and ethical issues in medical publishing
• Memoir, biography, and corporate history (and various forms of life writing)
• Memoirs (great reading lists)
• MFA literary fiction vs. NYC
• Microsoft Word macros and shortcuts

• Narrative nonfiction and long-form journalism, sites and resources
• Nonfiction (including essays and scholarly publishing)

• Organizations and sites for biographers, memoirists, personal historians, and other life story writers
• Organizations for corporate, government, and technical communicators
• Organizations for editors, proofreaders, and indexers
• Organizations for fiction writers and fans
• Organizations for ghostwriters and collaborators
• Organizations for journalists
• Organizations for media pros and allied professionals (translators, indexers, designers, photographers, artists, illustrators, animators, cartoonists, image professionals, composers)
• Organizations for medical and science writers
• Organizations for publishers and booksellers
• Organizations for screenwriters, playwrights, documentary filmmakers, and critics
• Organizations for sports journalists and editors
• Organizations for translators and interpreters
• Organizations for travel writers

• Other storytelling venues

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Organizations for Writers, Editors,
and Other Media Professionals

• Agents (where to find them)
• Corporate, government, and technical communicators
• Editors, indexers, and other publishing professionals
• Fiction writers and fans
• Freelancers
• Job banks and publishing marketplaces
• Journalism and journalists
• Local and regional writers organizations
• Major writers organizations (fighting for creators' rights, interests, and ethical behavior)
• Media pros and other allied professionals (translators, indexers, designers, photographers, artists, illustrators, animators, cartoonists, image professionals, composers)
• Medical, health, and science writers and editors
• Online writers groups, critique groups, and communities (connect with other writers and editors)
• Poets and literary writers
• Publishers and booksellers
• Thoughtful radio and TV talk shows
• Rights holders (licensing organizations and rights clearinghouses; organizations for clearing rights in visual arts, music and sound, books, scripts, and screenplays)
• Screenwriters, playwrights, documentary filmmakers, and critics
• Other specialties and niches (groups for writers who specialize in animals, autos, bowling, children's books,food, gardens, family history, jazz, résumés, sports, travel, Web writing, wine, etc.)
• Screenwriters, playwrights, independent and documentary filmmakers, radio and television professionals, and critics
• Social networking for readers
• Translators and interpreters
• Writers workshops, conferences, and other learning places

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Think of this next part as an appendix, essential for the Authors Guild's original structuring but duplicating the more detailed site map above.

Book collaboration, ghostwriting
Being paid to help others write their books

Freelancing, contracting, telecommuting
practical tips for the creative entrepreneur

Narrative nonfiction
(creative or literary nonfiction)

Style, grammar, diction
Style guides and references, punctuation, right and wrong words, & other resources