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Writers and Editors (RSS feed)

All-star pages

This is for me. These are website pages that I and others refer to often (especially during the pandemic)

Updated 6-9-23
Addictive and wonderful TV and cable shows
A+ blogs and e-letters
Awards, grants, fellowships and competitions (for writers and editors)
Black Lives Matter: An anti-racism reading and resource list
Books to help you get started writing your own (or someone else's) life story)
The boy in the plastic bubble
Central issues of our time
Cool science sites for kids
Coping with chronic, rare, and invisible diseases and disorders
Copyright, work for hire, and other rights issues
Coronavirus: The good, the bad, and the practical
Covering the COVID-19 pandemic: Resources for journalists
Conferences, workshops, and other learning places
The difference between a preface, a foreword, and an introduction
Fair use: A primer
Family history, family trees, genealogy, timelines, archives, and other historical resources
Fiction writing and editing
• ***Great and unusual online shopping
Great interview questions and guides
Great memoirs
Great search links
Helping a dying friend (what to say and not say to someone who is dying)
How to do a virtual book launch
Hospice care and palliative care
Investigative reporting
Memoirs, memoir writing, and autobiography
Music for funerals, wakes, and memorial services (comfort.dying.com site)
Narrative nonfiction
Prayers, poems, and meditations (on the comfortdying.com site)
Self-publishing and print on demand (POD)
Social media superpowers under the microscope
• ***Telling your story
The differences between mysteries, cozies, suspense novels, and thrillers
Timelines, genealogy, archives, family history, and other historical resources
21 frequently asked questions about personal histories and personal historians
What is an ethical will? (Pat McNees site)
Where journalists get their medical news and information
Zooming through the pandemic: How to and why

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